$2.00/1 – Angel Soft Bath Tissue, 36 ct double roll – (coupons.com)
Available under zip code 75034

I love finding good deals on toilet paper – because it’s obviously something you have to have!  There is a high-value $2.00 off Angel Soft coupon available.  Be sure to print this off right way. It’s sure to go quickly!  You can save it for a sale, or use it Walmart to purchase the following deal:

Angel Soft Double Roll Toilet Paper, 36 ct. $16.97, Regular Price
Use $2.00/1 – Angel Soft Bath Tissue, 36 ct double roll – (coupons.com)
Final Price: $14.97 

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8 thoughts on “Save $2.00 on Angel Soft Toilet Paper, Only $14.97 at Walmart!”

my husband always wondered where all the free toilet paper came from when he saw  the shows, but since I have picked up doing couponing and started (you might say) so much of certain items, toilet paper being one of them, he’s so quiet, lol…trust me house of 5 here , you can never have enough…;)

Does anyone know the difference between a ‘big roll’ and a ‘double roll’? My  Family Dollar has Angel Soft packages of 12 ‘big rolls’ on sale for $5. If they are equal to, or even nearly equal to a double roll, then this is a good deal, especially considering the store is also running a $5 off $25 coupon this week as well, which, if I got 5 packages, would mean getting each package for $4. I’ll be checking the sheets per roll once I get there, and determine the actual savings. I’ll likely be getting it regardless, but it really annoys me when they use such confusing terms. 

Either way, though, it’s still a better deal than this one w/the $2 coupon…

I wonder if this can be combined with the target coupon I have??

yes it can :) you can use 1 store coupon, and 1 manufacture coupon on 1 item.

I’m curious…..as a per unit break down….how much per roll of tpaper or ptowels is a good deal? 

I haven’t found any deals on toilet paper that sound so great since I started couponing. A few months ago 12 dbl rolls of Angel Soft were regular price 5.97 at my Walmart. I don’t know what the price of 36 ct are here, but for me it’s not worth saving 2.00 or .06 cents per roll because it takes so much space to store them. We are a household of 3 and don’t use that much so I just don’t see the benefit in stockpiling toilet paper. They will have to do a lot better than that to take up my small space! lol

I hear ya. I have a family of 4 and currently have two Charmin 12 pk dbl rolls neatly placed (squeezed) in my tiny hall closet. I think it was 48cents a roll when I bought i t(I just remember it being under 50 cents and feeling all fancy about it)  ( :

If it was BOGO I bet I could make room…lol