I have this air freshening system and I really like it! The refills last a pretty long time and they have some really great fragrances–my favorite is Paradise Breeze-Tahiti!  I was so excited to find that I can get these free, after submitting a mail in rebate, at Rite Aid.

Renuzit Crystal Elements Air Freshening Crystals Refill, 18 oz $5.49, Regular Price
Submit FREE Renuzit Crystal Elements Refill, up to $5.60  Mail in Rebate
Final Price: Free 

Thanks, Hip2Save

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18 thoughts on “Free Renuzit Crystal Elements Refill at Rite Aid!”

This rebate can be submitted more than once? I know a lot of rebates say one per household, but I don’t see that on this one. 

It says one offer per Name/household/address near the bottom.

Thanks Amyhb!

It is a one timer LHamilton =)

Hello!  So I read your book in ONE DAY (Sunday) and went out to buy the Sunday Paper.  The next day, I made my binder (organizing by category).  Third day I got my feet wet by taking advantage of the drug store deals and did my grocery shopping this week at Giant (never used to shop there because of the prices).  I only bought what was on sale and I had a coupon for.  Since I just started, I didn’t have multiple coupons yet (getting my first batch of multiple papers this weekend). All told, for being a coupon virgin, I didn’t do half bad.  Still have a TON to learn but I’m sooooo excited!

Total Retail for all trips:  $195
Total Paid for all trips:  $87

Yay!!  Thanks so much and can’t wait to keep it going!

Mary Beth 

I am so happy you are having fun, that’s great Mary Beth! You will get better with time, and we are always here to help=)

Make sure to make copies of your paperwork.  I sent in for crystals rebate and they only sent me $1.  I paid $4.  I called two different 800 numbers and they wouldn’t do anything without copies.  They said i must have circled something on the receipt that was $1.  Hmmm, I wonder if i had circled something that was $10, would they have sent me $10?  Anyway, I contacted Renuzit and said they will mail me some coupons.  We’ll see.  I will not do another Renuzit rebate.  

Aww, that’s a shame Sophie. Sometimes Mail In Rebates can be tricky for that very reason. Thank you for the tip on making copies, always smart =)

is this the same one that has been out for a while or a new one?

 Wonder if you can use a coupon on these – a different rebate form I have from Renuzit says if you use a coupon, that amount is deducted.  This isn’t just a RiteAid deal, is it?  Do they have these at WalMart?

That’s what I was wondering. I don’t HAVE to get it at Rite Aid, right?

 I’m saying no – the rebate form does not say that at all – so I’ll grab it at WalMart.  Sure is a short expiration date – or else its been around and I just didn’t see it.

If Walmart carries these it will work there too =)

Nope, Lyndsey21. I put it on here because I am already at Rite Aid so much, may as well pick it up there. You can use it anywhere it is less than $5.60 and still get it for free =)

DeeRaeG, you can use the rebate anywhere but I don’t know if Walmart carries the crystals or not. The fine print on this one says it will refund the purchase price up to $5.60. No mention of whether that will include coupons or not. Hope that helps =)

Lynn, this one has been out for awhile now. There is also a new one that is for the Fresh Accents Air Freshener, up to $2.29. There is a post on the main page detailing how you can get that free at Walmart if you’re interested =)

Awesome! Thanks for posting!

Of course and thank you Jamie!