If you’re like me, you:

1. Use a Mac to print coupons.
2. Don’t have a black and white ONLY printer.
3. Print all your coupons in color.


When printing most coupons on my Mac, I’m not given the option to print in black and white, and there is no way to change it system-wide like there is on Microsoft Windows. So I went on a hunt to discover a way to print coupons in black and white with the least amount of effort.


Step 1: Pause or unplug your printer from the Mac. You can pause the printer by opening the Print & Scan pane in the System Preferences. Access this by clicking the Apple menu in the top left and clicking System Preferences. Once you have Print & Scan open, double click the printer you’re using and then click “Pause Printer” in the window that opens.

Step 2:  Now print as you normally do. You will notice a job will appear in the printer window. There should be a small arrow beside the job status. Click the arrow once and then click “Open with Preview” in the top right of the pop up. The coupon will now open in Preview and you can select “File” > “Print” from the menu or press Command + P.

Step 3: Adjust your settings to print as grayscale with the black print cartridge only, demonstrated in the picture below:

Step 4: Select PRINT.

Step 5: Return to the printer window and delete the original print job or it will print 2 copies of the same coupon. To delete the first print job, simply select it and click “Delete.” Once you’ve done this, you can click “Resume Printer” and your coupon will print in black and white.

*This should work on Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion). This was tested on Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) with a HP Officejet J3680 using the HP driver package found on Apple.com.

This has been a guest post by Scott from St. Louis, MO
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23 thoughts on “Troubleshooting: 5 Steps to Printing Black & White Coupons from a Mac”

i do not have a mac , i have windows vista… can you help me?

After I pause the printer, step 2 reads "Now print as you normally do". What do you mean? I’ve already started a print job that is paused. What am I printing "as I normally do" to get the print dialogue box to open?

When I open the coupon in Preview and try to hit control P, it doesn’t do anything.  Any thoughts?  I’m still printing in color and I really want to use black and white.  

help i cant figure this out….the coupons just print automatlically and i cant chance the settings before they print out..HELPPPP LADIES

Same thing happens for me as Michelle. Any updates on this?

I dont get the popup.  I simply get an image of the coupons – in full color.  The only thing in  the top right is a set of arrows opposing each other.

* Troubleshooting: 5 Steps to Printing Black & White Coupons from a Mac

I followed every step and worked, but coupons are a little bit smaller compared to the usual size (I compared with old ones) but, I was wondering if they will scan without a problem at the store?

I’m using an older PowerPC Mac running OSX 10.4 Tiger to print coupons. The following solution will probably work on newer Intel macs too. Open Safari web browser (this method works best with Safari) and type in http://localhost:631 and press return. This will open up the CUPS (Common Unix Printing System) control page. Click Printers, this will show a list of printers installed. For the printer you use, click the Configure printer button. You will be prompted for user id and password (this is your user id “shortname” and password). The next page you see will say Admin. Under the general tab select the color mode option desired, in my case Grayscale (black cartridge), then click continue. This will change the printer to make it print everything monochrome. If you need color in the future go back to the CUPS page from Safari and reenable color printing.

Attached is a photo to show what I am talking about. Hopefully this will solve everyones problem with monochrome coupon printing on the Macintosh. :)

hi, what username and pw do I use?

mine doesnt prompt the preview when i click the small arrow next to the status bar. it just gives the “quick preview” option. any other advice?

I have tried both Safari and Firefox and can not print coupons from either of my Macs. It is so frustrating. 

Try downloading the latest versions of the coupon printer software for the site you’re trying to print from. I can print from both Safari and Firefox. Sometimes I run into glitches but usually if I restart my browser or sometimes restart the computer the problem clears up.

This is a rather roundabout way to do it and one in which you have to do the work around each time you want to print a coupon. Better to simply one-time create a preset for printing in black and white.

The issue is that when you select the coupon for printing the coupon printer bypasses the print dialog, so you don’t have a chance to select your print options before the coupon is sent to the printer. You could make your default print option to be b&w printing (by creating a b&w preset as I mentioned). That way when you print coupons and the jobs go straight to the printer they’ll always print b&w. Be aware that if you do that setup when you want to print something in color you’ll need to select your color preset in the print dialog box that normally comes up when you print.

@Dana FYI, the problems people have printing coupons on a Mac are not Mac issues. It’s the coupon provider’s software issue, not fair to blame the hardware.

I have the same problem Sarah.  I have four macs and only one works…sometimes.  They have told me they have a known issue but they have done nothing to rectify it.  Maybe if more people write into their customer service they will take it seriously?  

Hi I updated my Mac to Lion and my coupons are printing small. Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

hey. had the same problem. i emailed them at support@coupons.com. tell em the mac platform u r running on, example: 10.6.8. and the kind of mac u have. they sen tme a script with easy instructions and mine print fine now! ALSO: make sure to tell em your printer model.

that’s ridiculous whaat mac users have to go through to print in black & white! another reason macs suck! (sorry if you’re a mac fan but I’ve always hated Apple. I do love my ipod and itunes though)

Do you have to do this every time you print a coupon or once you have done it, will the settings stay?

Can anyone help me print coupon.com coupons from my Mac?  For some reason, it doesn’t like the settings of my computer and the default instructions that coupons.com give you are  for a standard PC.

Two days ago my local stop&shop store refused taking my black and white coupons. They said I copied them :( it’s no a first time I used bw coupons at the store and I was surprised . They told me to come next day to speak to manager but my kids got sick so I didn’t go. But I was wondering is there a way to prove to store manager that my coupons are legit?

Not working for my Epson NX430 w/ Lion 10.7

I’ve always been able to print without even installing a color cartridge. It automatically prints everything in black from my Mac and I’ve never had an issue. Maybe try that first to save yourself all the trouble 😉