Extreme Couponing Tip: Subscribe to Different Sunday Newspapers

Sunday newspapers are one of the biggest resources for a Krazy Couponer’s coupon stockpile. Coupons vary by region, so diversify your binder by subscribing to more than one edition of the Sunday paper!

If you live in an area that sells more than one paper, try out the various editions. Every Sunday I receive newspapers from two different areas–the two major cities adjoining my suburb. It’s amazing that even within 30 miles, there can be a such a wide variation in the coupons that come in the inserts! Coupons can contrast in value amounts, product size restrictions, and number of products required. Or they can even be totally separate coupons. When you subscribe or buy more than one area’s newspaper, you can get more variety and sometimes higher value coupons, allowing for better final prices and a more diverse stockpile.

To save money on Sunday newspapers, make sure to inquire about weekend or Sunday only options and discounts for subscribing to multiple copies. As a Krazy Couponer, we suggest subscribing to at least one paper per person in your household, or 4-6 Sunday papers. This way you can have extra coupons, allowing you to stock up when prices are rock bottom. Other ways to get papers for cheap: if you have a Dollar Tree store nearby, ask if they carry Sunday papers. Most locations do, and the price is just $1.00. Also look into a Sunday Advance edition option for a possible discount.

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15 thoughts on “Extreme Couponing Tip: Subscribe to Different Sunday Newspapers”

Does anyone kno number for sundaynewspaper with coupon in hinesville ga

Google something like “coupon codes for LA Times Sunday Edition.”  I get 4 Sunday papers a week for $.18 each!!!!!

I would love to be able to do this.  But I have a problem, and I hope someone may have a solution.  I live in an area where most of the newspaper arrive in the mailbox, not a newspaper delivery person.  There are 3 different papers in my area, propblems is if you order a subscription they will arrive without coupon or ads to save on postal shipping costs.  ANY IDEAS

Any suggestions for my problem.  It seems in my area we have 3 different newspapers with coupons.  The problem is if you order them they come through the mail, not a newspaper delivery person.  This being said they seem arrive without coupons inside

I don’t know what it is about my area, but it seems like the newspapers discourage couponing. We do not get good coupons in the paper, a Sunday subscription costs more than buying it at the store ($2 delivered rather than $1.50 at store), and if you are subscribed they leave out the coupon inserts. 
I have found that it is just easier to purchase my coupons online. 

as crazy as this may seem, after reading
 Extreme Couponing Tip: Subscribe to Different Sunday Newspapers
I opened my daily newspaper and right before me lay an article that read “EXTREME COUPONERS YOU CAN BUY 10 SUNDAY PAPERS (MONDAY – FRIDAY) FOR $10.00” now how awesome is that? So now every Monday I will go down to my newspaper office and buy 10 of the Sunday paper for only $10.00……..wow what a score!  

that’s the same as going to the dollar store and getting them for a buck a piece…

I subscribe to two Sunday papers, the LA Times and the OC Register. For Sunday delivery only, can’t beat the price of $1.00 per. Don’t have to run to the dollar store for that extra paper anymore! well, unless I want MORE cpns then I’ll go…just depends what cpns are in the paper that wk.

You need to Google “Coupon Codes for LA Times Sunday Paper.”  I order my subscirption online and get them for something like $.18 a piece! 

Really? btw, my last name is Glas! haha, first time coming across another “Glas” or “Glass”

My hometown is small. I only have two options for papers and neither offers a discount. I do purchase my papers at Rite Aid because I receive 20% off the price with my Wellness card. It’s not much savings but it does add up when I buy 5+ each week.

I get 2 different saturday papers and 2 free papers. Sunday paper is $4, but the 2 city papers cost me $1.25. I get all my coupons and can buy more if there are really good coupons1

In my area they wouldnt reduse the cost of an additonal subscription, infact it cost more. j  They give a deal on the first one, but much higher for a second…

Any suggestions as to websites that offer significant discounts on newspaper subscriptions?

Great suggestion! The only problem with buying different papers and getting different coupons is clipping them. They become very tedious to cut because you have to cut them individually rather than as a group with all the papers.