Extreme Couponing Tip: Paper Clip Your Coupons to Your Shopping List

Ever get to the store and realize you have your shopping list but no coupons? Or coupons but no list? Keep them together to prevent having to run back home!

After writing out a shopping list of the hottest deals and match-ups for the week, take the corresponding manufacturer coupons from your binder and the clipped store in-ad coupons, and paper clip them to the shopping list. This way you have everything together when you go to the store. For extra safety, paper clip in two places.

A popular method among Krazy Couponers is having envelopes with store names on them to keep each week’s coupons in place by location. If you’ll just be running in to a store and don’t want to take your whole binder, simply paper clip the envelope to the shopping list and take in those two. Remember to paper clip the opening-side of the envelope to avoid leaving a trail of coupons behind you!

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16 thoughts on “Extreme Couponing Tip: Paper Clip Your Coupons to Your Shopping List”

That is a great idea, you can see all of the coupons for that shopping trip at a glance.

I use 4 clear pencil pouches I brought for a penny at Office Depot during the back to school sale.  I  use 2 color construction papers and a labeler.  I use one side of the pouch for Target and the other side for Walmart, since you can use the coupons for both stores.  The Dollar General and Family Dollar are together, and the Walgreens are paired up with the rainchecks and rr. I use paper clips to clip multiple coupons to store in the pouches. As a bonus I can zip the pouches up and I store the store receipts inbetween the construction paper in  the center so I wont have loose receipts when I go to mulitiple stores.  I brought a plastic Mead folder from Walmarts clearance of course to store the pouches, scissors, calcaulator, pens, and of the coupon policy.   I found a cute little bag to carry it in from the Dollar Store. I use this bag when I go in stores for a few items, or when I dont wont to carry my binder and bag.

I use clips for stores I dont shop that much, but for each of the major drug stores, such as CVS, Rite-Aid, and Walgreens I have a clear pencil pouch for each that I bought last year after the school supplies were marked WAY down.

I hardly ever take my binder in the stores, but I always take it in Target because you never know what you might find in there and its a long way back to the car. I wish there was a more compact size that would hold everything but still fit in a purse. No such animal I guess!

I made my own first binder, which is more like a large coupon envelope style purse with files 5 months ago when I first started couponing.  Outgrew it in a week, but it is now for this purpose. I find it works well for this.  I don’t usually write down anything.  I usually remember what I am looking for at each store. 

I use a standard coupon caddy (the kind with the plastic dividers inside) to sort by store instead of trying to keep track of a bunch of envelopes.

That’s a great idea! And then they’re all in one place :)

I don’t ever carry a binder because I only cut out the coupons that I am using for each shopping trip. I have colored plastic envelopes from Office Depot for each store and clip each one to a clipboard with my shopping list before going inside. The clipboard stays upright in my cart to easily see my list. My envelpes have each ‘set’ of coupons paper clipped together inside, along with my store card and rainchecks which always stay in the envelope. When I am ready to check out I take all of the coupons I am actually using at the register and put them in the outside handy pocket of the envelope and leave the others on the inside (sometimes I don’t find everything I need or don’t buy everything in the same trip).

I use the plastic envelopes as well and use dividers inside to separate the Qs for current trip, rain checks, catalinas, shopping list, store coupon policy, etc. I also keep a pen in each pouch along with store cards and I label each envelope although with store cards, I can quickly see which store they are for. I tried paper envelopes first but found that they weren’t big enough and I wore them out much too quickly. I love love love the clipboard idea!! I always am juggling my list, pen, Qs, etc. A clipboard for the list would certainly help! Staples has these on sale for $1 periodically – I’ll pick one up next time and give it a try. Thanks for the tip!

Thanks Donna! I usually keep the clipboard in my car and if I’m hitting a couple of stores in the same trip I just clip the list and envelope to it when I go into the store, then at the next store I switch the list and envelope for that store. I usually put my purse and recyclable bags in the top of the basket and the clipboard on top of them. I cannot shop without it. Hope you like it.

 i have small pocket folders i bought at walmart marked with each store name. if i know the coupon i have is say for walmart, it goes straight to that folder. i keep a running list for each store i plan to shop.  when i get to that store my binder is in the car while i take all the coupons for that store only and list in . works well for me.

I saw a lady with the “extra big clips” at the Walmart.   She had different colors for each store …. I was hooked.  My binder is HUGE and I noticed my shoulder was hurting on one side, from carrying it in each store.  Great post.

i do this with envelopes for each store and put the lists for each store with the right envelope. I keep all of that is a big pencil pouch (a good thick heavy duty waterproof one i got from walmart years ago) and keep it in my purse. I also put coupons on there I don’t want to let expire without using. works very well for me considering I do not always get to bring my binder in the store. Much easier to deal with when i have my 2 year old nephew with me : ) 

I use envelopes too – recycled/used ones that were sent to my house  
 and I write my list right on them then put my coupons in the envelopes as to which store I’m using them in.  Love the idea of putting them in a pencil pouch – thanks for that idea!

I just envelopes as well. It makes it much easier to write on the envelope the name of store, and also take my binders with me.

 very good ideas on the pencil pouch and recycled envelopes – thanks ladies!!

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