Wow! Here is a great deal on Pampers diapers next week at Rite Aid! Pampers Jumbo Pack Diapers will be on sale for $9.99, and when you spend $30, you will receive a $10 +Up Reward. Not bad! BUT there is also a month-long promotion going where, when you spend $25, you’ll receive a $5 +Up Reward. Add a coupon and we have ourself diapers for as low as $0.08 each!

Buy 3 Pampers Jumbo Pack Diapers $9.99, On Sale thru 3/10
Spend $30.00, Receive $10.00 +Up Reward , thru 3/10
Spend $25.00, Receive $5.00 +Up Reward, thru 3/6
Use 3 $1.50/1 – Pampers Cruisers or Baby Dry Diapers, excluding trial/travel sizes – (
Or 3 $1.50/1 – Pampers Swaddlers or Swaddlers Sensitive Diapers, excluding trial/travel sizes – ( 
Pay $ 25.47, Receive $10.00 +Up Reward and $5.00 +Up Reward
Final Price: $3.49 each when you buy 3 

Note: You’ll have to do this deal early in the week to get the above price. The monthly promotion expires on Wednesday, 3/6.

Thanks, KCL Reader Barstow Mom

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122 thoughts on “Pampers Jumbo Pack Diapers Only $3.49 at Rite Aid, Starting 3/4!”

I did it on Monday and it worked! I also had 3/$2 Q from the last box of diapers that I opened so I spent $25. and got $15 back. I went today for the Playtex cups and used my $15.00 for that and formula. SUCH a great deal.

Don’t forget today’s the last day to take advantage of the $5.00 up reward monthly deal for the Pampers. Tomorrow (March 7) the new March monthly up reward deals start.

Sorry I am confused.  It says “The monthly promotion expires on Wednesday, 3/6” So does it expire on 3/6 Tuesday or on Wednesday 3/7? TIA!

looks like a typo above on the dates. The deal runs through March 6 so on Wednesday March 7 the monthly deal will be over.

This sounds like a great deal, but I have a question. And I don’t think I saw it asked. I’m also planning on doing the buy $20 of Dr. Scholl’s get $10 +up. If I do the Dr. Scholls transaction first, can I turn around and use the  $10 +up to pay for the Pampers deal, and then still have the +up printed with that offer?


i atemtpted to do this at my local rite aid in fresno. however the would not accept my printed coupon. they have a printed policy stating that there will be these coupons for trial however it also states that the pampers coupons are only for pampers. i got very confused because my coupon looks different from the one that they are rejecting. however they are both 1.50 off. so i did not continue with my purchase because you only get the rewards once and id rather have it be as cheap as possible the first time around.. 

Buying 3 packs for 29.97 doesn’t get me over the $30 requirement, will I still get the $10 UP Reward or do I need to buy another PG product?

I just went to my local Rite Aid in NJ and got 9 packs of diapers and 1 pack of wipes and spent $42 (using 2 wellness cards and $35 in UP rewards)

I am new to couponing :O). I went to Rite Aid today and did this deal and got my $15 +Up Rewards. Now, can I turn around and do the deal again with the Pampers $9.99 each + 3 x $1.50 coupons =  $25.47 – my $15 +Up Rewards = $10 out of pocket and $10 +Up Rewards back for a total of FREE? Or is the $10 +Up Rewards when you buy $30 worth of Pampers only allowed once a month? Thanks for the help! :O)

$10.00 up reward when you spend $30.00 can only be done once.

Are Up rewards the same as walgreen’s register rewards?  Mine say $10 p&g baby product and the $5 says something about that too.  How are they reimbursed when i use them on my next purchase?

Just did this at my local Rite Aid in Ohio and they rounded up the $.03, got my $5 +Up and my $10 +Up! :)

Does anyone know what else is include in the spend $25 get $5 up baby? My RA did not even know about but I did get it. Just wanted to see if I could come up with any other deals to get an other $5 up.

I just did this deal exactly as suggested above and I got both the $5.00 and $10.00 UPs..there was a lady in the parking lot when i arrived at my rite aid and i looked at her cart saw she had the papmers too and asked her if it worked..she smiled and said yup just got both my rewards..:)

Can you also use this purchase toward the P&G rebate?  On the rebate, it doesn’t state Pampers but it is a P&G item.

I’d like to know this as well!

How can i get around the print limit =[,printed 2 of the pampers coupons and it said it was reached.

 You have to have more than one computer.

Perfect timing Sarah! Makes for an even better deal!

So I’m definitely new at this stuff, when you get register rewards from Walgreens can you use it towards your purchase right then or is it for another time. Oh and do you have to sign up for it or is it automatic for anyone? Also for Rite Aid when you get +Up rewards can you use them on your purchase right then or another time? Please help, sorry I’m coupon dumb!

Samantha, at both Walgreens and Rite Aid you have to wait to use your rewards until your NEXT purchase. So, if you buy something that gives a reward, you may use it on your next transaction which can be right after the first transaction. Hope that helps. We also have a few videos on the main site that help show you how to shop Rite Aid and Walgreens =)

Thank You I’ll definitely check them out…! Oh ya do you have to sign up at Walgreens? I know Rite Aid you do.

You don’t have to sign up at Walgreens, but at Walgreens if you use a register reward from an item to buy the exact same item again, it will not print a new reward.  Make sure you do not, for instance, buy a box of Belvita for $1.99, get a $2 register reward, then turn around and buy another box of Belvita pay for it with the register rward you just got expecting another register reward.  You would have to use that reward for something different, or it won’t print another one.  At Rite Aid, you can use your +UP rewards for any item, and as long as you haven’t gone past the number of rewards you can get per household, it will print another one.  At Walgreens there are no limits on how many deals you can do, but you have to make them separate transactions.  Sometimes at Walgreens, I just do my separate transactions and save the rewards for another time so I don’t confuse myself!  :)

doesnt CVS make u wait to use yur rewards until next purchase as well??


I received  letter from RA saying I am a silver member and have 10 % discount every day of the year. I’ve made couple purchases recently but didn’t receive any discount. Does anybody know how this works and if I need to register my card to get this discounts? Thank you!

Jasmine2012, it should automatically come off. You can call customer service if it still isn’t working yet =)

I guess I will be going to Rite Aid next week for the baby items. Just found out I’m going to be a first time grandmother! It’s been a long time since I’ve bought diapers and I never got them at that price!

Congrtulations Alaine!

I can’t wait for this sale! Just found out I’m going to a first time Grandmother!

im crossing my fingers that i can get 6 cases of these for my best friend and her family. we have 4 Rite Aids in a very short distance so I should be ok…even if I get 3 thats better then none! I’ve been couponing since August and have yet to get her any good deals on diapers…but this is the one!!  I have a ton of ups saved so we won’t have to put a dime out of pocket!!!  wish me luck guys!!

btw they have 4 children under the age of 5! only two are in diapers but the youngest one has transposition of the great artery (as a result of mommy being prescribed an anti depressant while she was pregnant…you know the big lawsuits all over tv :( ??) so they def deserve the help and thats why Im so determined on this one…normally I figured if I miss out…ah someone else needed it more then I did…

Hope it works out Jen!

 If your friend goes with you and she has her own card and you happen to have 6-8 coupons then you should be able to get the 6-8 you wanted. 3-4 on your card with you coupons and ups and 3-4 on her card with her coupons.  So if you have enough ups to get your order for $0 ” out of pocket” and only spend the $25.47-$33.96 on her order, then you both would each get $15 in rewards for a total of $30. It would still work out in the end and with just counting the ” out of pocket ” ( $25.47- $33.96) then deduct the ups that you both get ( $30 ) put the two together and you kinda only spent $3.96 for 8 packs of diapers or GOT BACK $4.53 for 6 packs of diapers.  I think I did that correct. ?? LOL

Yah! Worked for me. I’m in the San Diego area.  Thank you BarstowMom. 

Woot! Glad it worked for you Voxon!

I’m confused, I’ve never couponed at Rite Aid. But, if you’re using the coupons to make the price under $30, then is it still gonna give you the deal for spending $30??

 Yes.  It goes by the sale price, not what  you actually pay.  WOOHOO!

That’s right Jamie, woohoo and thanks!

Danielle, they use the total before your coupons. Yay!

Thanks for the heads up. I’ll be stopping on Sunday and using some up rewards I have left from this past week when I did the Colgate and the coke deal.

Should work nicely Alona =)

I believe CVS is also going to have a similar deal the following week if you dont have a rite aid nearby.

How did you find that out?

Thanks for the info Casey =)

I’m going to do 2 packs of diapers and 2 packs of the wipes = $31.96  and use (2) 1.50 diaper coupons and (2) .75 wipe coupons. 

That will work out great as well =)

Don’t forget – if you get 20% off like I do for having all your points last year, they take 20% off the $9.99 price (most likely), so you have to buy 4 any way.

I have the 20% off and it did not come off.  $9.99 is about 25% off regular retail, so they give you the $9.99 instead.  You shouldn’t have to buy 4, but call your Rite Aid to check.  It seems some aren’t rounding.

That’s a good idea Elizarrae!

Couponqt2, the regular price of these is $12.99 and the sale price is $9.99. With the discount they would be $10.39. So the sale price is the better deal, that is what you should get when they ring up =)

You would think that, but I’ve often noticed they still take 20% off the sale price.  It’s normally on the Buy One Get One 50% Off where they compare the 2 prices.  I will make sure to look & let you know after I go.

Yes, let us know =)

So, what you said was right.  I bought 3 totaling $29.97, and it gave me both $10 & $5 +UPs. 

Is there a limit per card on the rewards on this deal? Can it be done more than once? Thanks to BarstowMom for the heads up!

Usually there is a limit, it will tell you on the tag on the shelf how many +Up rewards are allowed per household.

Thanks Mollie, always check the tags =)

Limit 1

It is a limit of 1 Dani =)

SWEET!! I have my 20% discount from getting 1,000 pts last year.  I did the calculations and even if I have to buy 4 packs to come above the $30 mark because my RiteAid does not round up, I can use 4 $1.50 coupons, get the $15 rewards, the 20% is about $7.99 and I end up paying only $2.74 per pack! Anybody else have their 20% discount??

 I don’t think your discount will kick in if the Pampers are on sale. You get either your discount or the sale price, but not both unfortunately.

You’re probably right! BUMMER! Thanks for bursting my bubble. lol

Ok now I really need to find something else that’s a little cheaper that is included in the $30 promotion because my silly RiteAid doesn’t round up even if I’m only 3 cents below :( Maybe wipes…

Wipes would be great or the toothpaste paired with a coupon should only be a couple bucks more :)

I have WAY too much toothpaste, don’t really want to get anymore at this point.  We do have another baby,, #3, due in September so I think I’m going for 3 packs diapers, 1 pack wipes. 😀

You can try 3 packs first and if that doesn’t trigger the reward, then add the wipes.

Great idea Airnay!

It will still be a great deal =) I say stock up on the wipes too!

It gets confusing huh Jodi? But the discount is still really nice =)

I have the 20% discount too, but it didn’t apply to it because $9.99 price for Pampers is not the retail price.

 20% discount only applies to regular prices.  The sale price $9.99 may already be more than 20% off.

It is Melissa =)

I also have 20% off but you’ll get the price of $9.99 since it’s a cheaper price than getting 20% off the regular price of $12.99.

Good to know my theories work (usually)! Thank you!

Mollie, you get the better of either the discount price or the sale price. In this case 20% off of the $12.99 regular price is $10.39 and the sale price is $9.99. So that is what should ring up. You don’t have to buy 4 unless you want to =)

the rite aids in idaho have not started the rounding up thing………ugh, so mad!  But to get the deal, I would buy a pkg of wipes just to be sure I go over $30……looks like I will have to get there early Sunday b/c diapers have not been on sale for awhile……

 Angela you can never have too many wipes!


Double Thanks!

Okay, So this deal will be running on 3/4 on the east coast?  So how exactly does it work?  You ring up all three then both the $10 reward off $30 and the $5 reward off $25 gets printed, then you use them and the $1.50 off each and you only spend $3.49 each pack for a total of $10.47?  also if that’s the case could I use my $2.50 off instead of the $1.50 off to bring then down to $2.49 each with a total of only $7.49 ???  ( As you can tell I’m new at this. LOL)

Purchase the 3 packs… (Possibly 4 if your RiteAid does NOT round up to $30 if your total is only $29.97, which unfortunately is how mine is in the Cali-Bay area)  Use your 3 $1.50 coupons, or higher value coupons if you have them.  Pay the total price and the Rewards will print AFTER you make the purchase so you can use your rewards on something else. So the $3.49 price is figuring in the rewards bucks discounted off the total purchase price.

 Okay thanks. That was the other half of the example/question I forgot to type out. LOL Still a great deal! I’ll be sure to hit Rite Aid on Sunday. Works for me!  I’m sure I’ll find something that I need to use the $15 in rewards on.

I usually always use my Rewards on Toilet paper because I never get good coupons for TP and in a household of 4 girls and 1 guy, we use a lot of it!  However, I don’t think I’ve bought TP at full price in over a year thanks to rewards :-)

Great explanation Mollie, thanks for the help!

Im in Fremont CA…Where are you?  Do ours RA not round up?  

We are in Napa. My RiteAid claims that they do not round up, however, a lot of people on here seem to think that if one does, they all do. I think I will just try it out with three and if it doesn’t give me my rewards, I will do the 4th pack with a coupon in a separate transaction and hopefully get the rewards after that one.

I’m in the Bay Area also (San Jose, Ca) and my UP+ have always printed within a few cents so I never worry about being pennies short. The cashiers don’t really do the promotions so they only know to state what is printed on the ads. I like your idea, do 3 packs, and if it doesn’t print, try a 4th. It tracks your spending on the receipt anyway. Good luck!

My RiteAid doesn’t round up :(  Any ideas on cheap things included in the buy $30 get $10 back? If I had to buy another pack and had a 4th $1.50 coupon, it would still end up being $4.74/pack which is not bad but definitely worse than $3.49!

Your specific RiteAid can’t decide if they round up or not.  All of their computers work the same so if one store is rounding up, everyone’s is.  I believe they all started doing it with the Winter Rewards.  If you’re concerned, there’s Colgate toothpaste in the deal and I believe there was a $1/1 coupon too.

That’s what I wold think as well Elizarae. 

Wipes would be less expensive to purchase but I think another pack of diapers would be the better value if you have an extra coupon =)

Can’t wait to this on Sunday – I have a girlfriend expecting, so I will stock up for the baby shower!  THANKS KCL!!! Can’t do it without you!!!

We are happy to help! Thanks to BarstowMom and have fun!

okay I’m confused on how if this doesn’t start till 3/4 how did you all already try it out?  was it a typo and the deal is going on now?

 The Rite Aid weekly ad runs from Friday – Thursday in Southern California.

 I want to know this too.. I just called my Rite Aid and they said this deal isn’t going on.

Melissa, the spend $30, receive $10 does not start until 3/4, next weeks’ circular. The spend $25, receive $5 is a monthly promotion that runs through 3/6 but is not advertised except for on the tags under the product =)

Mushaface, some people in So Cal have their sales start early so they have been able to confirm that the deal will work with both the weekly and monthly rewards! It starts 3/4 for everybody else =)

I LOVE how I don’t have to think, you guys do that for me!! I have one potty trained, one still in diapers (trying to get her out) and one on theway! So this deal is sweet! Thanks so much

Grats on the coming one KennyandNichole!

Can you do this deal more than once?  And if so, if I use the rewards from the 1st transaction on the 2nd, will the rewards still print out for the second?  I usually only do CVS and Wags as Rite Aid is kind of far for me so I’m not too familiar with their coupon policy.  I have a few baby showers to shop for though and I can’t pass this up!

The P&G $10 +Up is limit 1 per household, so it wouldn’t print again.  The $5 might print again, but you’d have to try to find out for sure.

The monthly $5 up reward is a limit of 2 and the weekly $10 up rewward is a limit of 1

The $2 Q from the P&G Have you tried this yet? booklet sweetens the deal!!

 ???….What coupon are you referring to?

I think she is refering to the P&G brand Sampler booklet that you can sign up for quarterly. This quarter’s booklet has a $2/1 Pampers Diapers or Pants. I just got my booklet in todays mail and I think I signed up for it in January.

I used this coupon when I did the deal today!!!  Makes it even better!

Ooh that one is a gem Joanna!

how will you get the $10 one cause your total didnt get to $30 you would have to buy 4

Agreed- you can’t be within 3 cents, it won’t print if it’s even a penny under $30. You would either have to add one more package of diapers or something else that was super cheap and within the promotion.

Actually, the rewards will print!…Here at my Rite Aid the system will round up the price of $29.97 to $30 and you will get the reward.

My RiteAid doesn’t round up… I was hoping to find some ideas for cheap items included in the same promotion to reach $30

 Seems like a $.25 pack of gum would do it.

The gum would have to be included in the “buy $30, get $10” promotion…

The reward will print.  I just did this deal (Southern CA Rite Aid sales start on Fridays) and it printed.  All Rite Aids are on one computer system and they all WILL round up. 

I just called my RiteAid and asked if they round up and she clearly said “No, you must reach the $30 before taxes, and it will not round up”

She probably just didn’t want to tell you it would round.. It seems like a lot of people have been succesful with this deal!

I did this deal this morning ( At least 10 of us in SoCal also did this deal with the same results) and it rounded the total to $30.00. In the past if I was a few cents off my up reward wouldn’t print but Rite Aid started rounding recently. They even round the totals on the bottom of the receipt if something is tracking for a particular deal. I’m so glad Rite Aid started rounding it helps a lot in these scenarios.

I thought it said starting date 03/04, how did you get the deal today? I live in central California, wanna if i can get the deal today also?

Rite Aid deals start on Thursdays here in So Cal

Jennifer, the total comes to $29.97. Rite tracking rounds this up to $30.00 =)