Eighteen months ago I was introduced to the Max Perks Reward program offered by Office Max. Their ad stated that if you purchased a particular printer for $129, you would receive $129 back in Max Perks. This sounded too good to be true! Could I really get a printer for free?

I was in the market for a new printer anyway, so I figured I had nothing to lose. I went to their website and read all of the rules and regulations and signed up for my Max Perks account. I plugged in my new Max Perks account number when I purchased my printer, and it was delivered to my house a few days later.

This system of rewards is quarterly, so at the end of the quarter, I received an e-mail stating I had $129 in reward points that I could use again. Hooray, it worked! But would it work again? I re-read all of the rules and regulations and confirmed that you were allowed to use your rewards points to purchase other items that would again yield Max Perks Rewards. So, I tried it again. I found items I needed or wanted that promised “100% back in Max Perks Rewards.” At the end of that quarter, my points were returned to me!

You can keep track of your rewards here where they provide an electronic rewards certificate that you can use for online purchases, or you can print it out and use it in stores. Your account updates purchases and points very quickly.

The items that are free or almost free vary greatly, and there are quite a few repeats. In my 18 months using this program the “free” items I have purchased include two Ful brand backpacks, a case of paper, numerous pens, pencils, markers, water colors, batteries, a laptop sleeve, Avery labels, and,we can’t forget, the printer!

There is typically a limit of 1-2 per item and sometimes the selection of “free” products will sell out. The catch is that the reward points expire 90 days after they are issued, so you will need to “use them or lose them.” My other little trick is to always make purchases of $50 or more so I can get free shipping. With my initial investment of $129, this has been easy to do. I only have small out of pocket expenses, typically for tax, and I am able to keep my points rolling.

Overall this is a fantastic program and very easy to use.

This has been a guest post by Tamra from Fruitland, ID
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5 thoughts on “Max Perks Rewards: How I Score Free Office Supplies!”

This has been a great enhancer to my savings plan this year.  I do everything you described above plus I deposit 20 used ink cartridges per month which gives me $60 to spend in the store or online every month.  These can accumulate and I try to use them combined with coupons and sales to make their value even greater.  I have bought items for my classroom, items for our home office and also cleaning products.  Try combining 
these two strategies for some really great free stuff!!!


Great way to utilize the rewards since you were planning on buying the printer anyway. People need to know it isn’t a rebate check. Like you said, if you don’t use, you’ll lose it. I love MR.


Usually in Florida, we lose on things like doubling coupons and such, but for some strange reason (that I definitely won’t argue with) the MaxPerks last for a year in FL, but 3 mo everywhere else.  I’m saving up for a computer!  


Hi, I didn’t think OfficeMax rewards “roll”.  I thought after you got your reward money and bought another item 100% back in rewards it wouldn’t count if you used reward money to purchase it with.  


Office max rewards definitely roll into the next transaction. That’s what makes them better than Staples!