$3.00/1 – Garnier Herbashine Color Creme – (redplum.com)

Here’s a high-value coupon just released today for Garnier Herbashine. These redplum coupons disappear quickly, so print and save for a great sale, or if you need it now, you can get it for a low price at Walmart:

Garnier Herbashine Color Creme Hair Color $6.47, Regular Price
Use $3.00/1 – Garnier Herbashine Color Creme – (redplum.com) no longer available to print
Final Price: $3.47

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11 thoughts on “Gone! Save $3.00 on Garnier Herbashine, only $3.47 at Walmart!”

I have got Hair dye (my color) for .50 – .25 each org. price like 8-12 each marked down for $2.25 and after coupons .50 -.25 look at marked downs it’s a good deal!

what zip code is it under??

Hi Nicole – I just enter 90210 as a default zip and then try my own if it doesn’t come up. However, as we predicted, this was a popular coupon that went quickly and it does appear to be gone now :(

CVS has this Garnier Herbashine Color Creme for 5.99 this week!

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DISCLAIMER: I’ve never posted a comment/brag, even though I almost always score deals that surpass what gets posted here at KCL, only because I shop at a very regional supercenter, Meijer. But since I’ve noticed several IN/OH commenters lately, I figured I’d share some of my amazing steals to help out my fellow midwesteners. I hope this doesn’t offend anybody who can’t get in on this Meijer Madness! :)

I LOVE Garnier dye, and found my fave shade on clearance for $3.69 early this morning at Wags.  I bought it, the last of ANY shade on clearance, for $0.69 with the rp q, thinking it was a great deal…until I went to Meijer immediately afterwards!  Of course my trusty Meijer had several shades on clearance for $1.74, with a $3 mperks (digital store coupon) to boot!  They don’t allow for overage, so by NOT stacking my rp q with my mperks q, I got two boxes free!  Although I could’ve gotten them all free by going to Meijer first, I am still beyond happy that I ended up with 3 boxes of my fave hair dye, $28 worth, for $0.69 total!  Now excuse me while I go whip my (freshly and gorgeously dyed) hair back and forth… 😀

 Great finds. Thanks for sharing!

rite aid has these this week 2.99 after q not a super great deal but hey

I saw these at Big Lots today  for $4. With this coupon it would only be $1!!

 That would be fabulous if Big Lots accepted coupons! However, if it’s in their ad, Walmart can match the price :)

 Oh! i didn’t realize they didn’t take coupons. Thanks!