This week at CVS when you combine coupons and Extra Bucks, you can get both an Olay Facial Cleanser and a Body Wash for just $1.99! Keep in mind that this purchase will also count towards the P&G Rebate of Spend $50, Get a $15 Rebate Gift Card found HERE.

Olay Age Defying Daily Renewal Cleanser, 6.78 oz reg $6.79, sale $3.99
Buy Olay Facial Cleanser, Get Body Wash Free from PG 3/4

Olay Foaming Face Wash, 6.78 oz reg $4.49, sale $3.99
Buy Olay Facial Cleanser, Get Body Wash Free from PG 3/4

Olay Age Defying Body Wash, 23.6 oz, reg $8.99, sale $6.99
Buy 1 Olay Body Wash, Receive $2.00 Extra Bucks, Limit 1, thru 3/10

Olay Total Effects Body Wash, 15.2 oz, reg $10.49, sale $6.99
Buy 1 Olay Body Wash, Receive $2.00 Extra Bucks, Limit 1, thru 3/10

Buy 1 Olay Facial Cleanser 6.78-7oz $3.99, Sale Price
Buy 1 Olay Body Wash 23.6oz or Total Effects Body Wash 15.2oz $6.99, Sale Price
Buy 1 Olay Body Wash, Receive $2.00 Extra Bucks, Limit 1, thru 3/10
Use Buy Olay Facial Cleanser, Get Body Wash Free from PG 3/4
Pay $3.99, Receive $2.00 Extra Bucks
Final Price: $0.99 each 

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169 thoughts on “Olay Cleanser & Body Wash $0.99 each at CVS!”

Did exactly how you said, got the items last night. My mom loves that stuff. Thanks so much ladies!:)


Got the cleansing cloths and the body wash ($6.99). Used $1/1 Olay CVS cpn and a B1G1 mfr cpn. and realized after I got to my car that the B1G1 cpn took off $7.39. So I paid $.59 for the two items. Wish I had thought about the $2/1 but still got a good deal. I will go back and do the 2 face cleansers/1 body wash for $5 after cpns for gift baskets

So?  The deals didnt work for me…I went  to CVS this past Thursdays and this deals were not onsale…the Olay and the revlon nail polish were on reg price…I live in ATL…are the sales the sames or diffrent in other states….

 I did’t find any of the sales fro the Olay this week I went to CVS this past thursdays an the nail polish and the body washes were not onsale…. I live in ATL Ga….whtat happen?

I went to CVS and tried to buy 2 cleansers and 2 body washes with a $3/2 coupon on cleansers and 2-B1G1 Q and they said that I can only use 1 B1G1 coupon because the coupon states limit 1 coupon per purchase. I pointed out that it also says limit 4 LIKE coupons in the same shopping trip, but they said that they just changed their coupon policy today when I presented them with the CVS coupon policy. Really?! I read the discussions here and I presumed that I was using them correctly, but before I call CVS corporate about the poor customer service by the cashiers and the manager, I wanted to know if they were correct in their interpretation.

all coupons says limit one per purchase or item. that means that if you want to buy 3 you can use 3 coupons if the coupon is for 1. but you can only up to 4 Like coupons. and you are using them the right way. I used the same coupons. I got 3 body washes and 4 cleansers. and used 3 B1G1 because I only had 3.. wish i had 4 and used 2 $3/2. I think even if they change their policy because your coupon didn’t exceed to the number of your items. their interpretation were wrong. 

they where wrong about limiting you to only one coupon. i went to my local cvs and i use 3 coupons and they accepted them with no problem at all. you should call customer service and let them know the problem you had. 

Does anyone know if the free item counts toward the $15 rebate?


I was extra lucky and when I went into CVS to buy this deal, I got a $1.00 off coupon for an Olay product from the magic coupon machine!!!  It made a good deal even better!

I can totally realte to your story mommyakc.  When I lived in WA, I would go to Walmart all the time and price match and use coupons.  Never had a problem.  Then I moved here in SoCal and I get a headache every time I go to Walmart.  I’ve encountered many cashiers who gave me a problem with my coupons (they seem unfamiliar or maybe not coupon friendly) and the managers they call would give me the same problem.  Now I don’t go there anymore even though they may offer the best deal.  I feel like I’m using too much time and energy going there.

Thanks for the heads up on the cleanser and body wash. I was able to grab one cleanser, one body wash and still do the Garnier styler products 3/$10.00 and jelly beans and pay $13.98 total out of pocket and still have $5.99 in ECB’s. :)

Ok I’m so confused. I get that you can’t use the $2/1 with the BOGO coupon, but can you use the $3/2 face wash coupon  with the BOGO? Doesn’t the BOGO attach itself to the body wash AND the face wash?

Yes you can use the $3/2 face washes. I did it this morning and with the 4/$20 and the fact he put in the regular price versus sale mine were all free!

no you can’t use a coupon for the face wash, you will be using two manufacturer coupons for the same product. The BOGO coupon covers both items not just the body wash. if you had a store coupon for the face wash then that will be a different story

For the P & G rebate, do you have to reach $50 altogether or is that the total that needs to be spent prior to the use of coupons?

 same question….. is the rebate  $50 before q’s or after.  I want to use the rebate with these great olay deal, but didn’t want p & g to deny my claim.

It’s your total before coupons….I read this on their FB page…hope it helps!

“Ok…not to sound dumb but I need confirmation. I just called Olay customer service on this exact question regarding if the $50 rebate. I was told it had to be what you actually spent and NOT actual retail before coupon value. I’ve seen quite a few questions regarding this and now seen or heard several different answers. Please clarify for me.”P&G beauty Hi Brigette! I have confirmed with my rebate correspondent that it is okay for the $50 to be spent before you use coupons. Does this clear up your confusion? Let me know!

This is my first time doing a rebate form. Do we list down the sale price ot the after coupon price?

Nevermind, read more down that it’s pre-coupon price you put down.

This post has been very educational in spite of the negative comments that it has generated.  I learned that when you use a BOGO coupon, you CANNOT use any other coupons for the BOGO items (correct me if I’m wrong).  Thanks KCL and my fellow couponers.   

if you are using a BOGO coupon, you CANNOT use another coupon on your FREE item, but you CAN use another coupon on the item you needed to BUY…however i am waiting to for KCL to reply about a possibility to use a CVS (or a store specific) coupon on the free item…typically most stores allow a store coupon and a manufacture coupon to be combined on 1 item, but not sure if this applies to an item that becomes free after using a manufacture coupon…hope so because the CVS kiosk printed $1/1 olay bodywash store coupon making a transaction of 2 facial cleansers+2 bodywashes=$3.98, get 2EBs, like paying $1.98 for those 4 Olay products

no the bogo coupon covers both items the cleanser and the body wash you can not use two manufacturer coupons for the same item. Some people thing the bogo coupon is for the body wash only. but it states clearly that you have to buy a cleanser to get the body wash. If you had a store coupon for the cleanser then that would be a different story. 

OK, serious newbie here. So if I have the coupon for buy one cleanser get one body wash free, I am buying the cleanser for $3.99 and getting the $6.99 body wash free if I use my coupon and then on top of that getting $2.00 extra bucks?

yes jilly1086, you r correct! that’s y it’s like paying $1.99 for both or $0.98 each!!

OMG!  I was thinking about this all last night and couldn’t sleep.  I was thinking in my head that I am out of facial cleanser and this purchase is needed!  I can’t believe my husband moved us in a nice neighborhood that has WalMart, CVS, Walgreens right next to each other and only 1 mile away from my house and right near the school!  Here’s how it went in the DFW:

Bought 4 Olay Facial Cleansers $3.99 each (they were listed as $6.79, when I scanned them, they rang up $3.99! Use those scanners =)
Used 2 $3/2 Olay Facial Cleanser coupon
Total…..$$2.49 each

Bought 4 Olay Body Wash $6.99 each
Used 4 BOGO coupons

Used my 10% off CVS Beauty Club coupon (exp. 3/7/12)
Used $10 Cash Card
Paid nothing out of pocket!

I got back $2 in ECBs, and this goes towards my beauty club rewards so I maxed it out, so I got $5 ECBs =).  Also I am going to use this rebate….YEAH!

I love KCL!  You guys rock and I couldn’t do it without you guys!

Oh my seriously!

 I live in NY and got the 20% off regular items ad. I guess NY is on the test market as well.  But even though we don’t got the deals as everyone else, I used the Olay BOGO and got the bodywash for free. Here how my purchase was:

1 Olay cleanser    $4.49
1 Olay Bodywash $7.79
                        Total: 12.28 plus tax   (  20% of $12.28 =$2.46)

First I handle the cashier the 20% off ad coupon of entire purchase (since the items are not on sale I could use this coupon).

came to a new total of $ 9.82 then gave 1 Olay Bogo Coupon which took of $ 7.79 price of the bodywash.

End up paying: $2.03 plus tax oop…not bad for both items. And I think the amount before coupons ($12.28) goes toward the beauty club reward :).

i didnt know that if you hit your limit  (1) even you had 5 BOGO coupons i will not get the 2ECB

How come at my CVS nothing is marked down like these prices here. Not in their ad either. I’m a newbie in coupons. And of course i didn’t get any ECB. Got 4 cleansers and 3 body washes since i only have 3 BOGO coupons and 2 $3/2 for my cleansers. my total went up to 50s b4 coupons. used my $5 off reward from beauty club. Now, is it still a good deal after rebate or should I return them?

 What was your total after the coupons?

My total $13.61 with tax. I figured it out after all. I just wished that my $5 reward was enough to pay for this deal. I thought my deal will be like the others when i check out but it didn’t. So, I’m jealous. Thanks for trying to help birdy39. It will still come out free, right?

With the $15 rebate, that’s a money maker!

Actually, I think that might be a better deal than the rest of us are getting.  I didn’t have — and couldn’t have used — a 20% off coupon, because the items were on sale, and the deal only allows for one $2 EB.

I agree with you. I wasn’t even able to use my 20% off with this because I left them at home.. stupid me. The best thing was the $5 reward from beauty club printed out when i walked in and used my $10 rebate from Pfizer from my (3) participating Pfizer products which I paid for $0.99 ea. Pro-nutrients Vitamins. You’re right, my rebate is a money maker! 

I’m confused . . . how is everyone using an extra coupon on the face wash?  My coupon says that you can only use one coupon for the products featured.  Doesn’t that mean you can’t use an additional coupon on the face wash?

 The exact wording on the coupon is LIMIT ONE COUPON PER PURCHASE OF PRODUCTS AND QUANTITIES STATED.  To me, that seems to say that the $3/2 mq shouldn’t be used.  Am I missing something??

people are confusing this deal with a similar scenario example 2/$7 in this case you can use two manufacturer coupon for each item cause they are 3.50 each but in this olay deal  one is free and  you can’t use a manufacturer coupon on a free item. so you can only use one coupon the B1G1 free coupon.  

no you cant use two manufacturer coupons on one item. anyone using two manufacturer coupons on this deal is doing it wrong. and its not ethical. you can only use the b1g1 free coupon on these deal. 

you can’t use two manufacturer coupons here because one of them is free. and you cant use manufacturer coupons on a free item. at least not on cvs.

Yes, I agree. People should not use B1G1 free coupon and use 3/2 cleaners. It is unethical. If we have to cheat in order to get free stuff, I am not sure how good the couponing is.. gain the whole world the stuff but lose your soul…

yes you can as long as your another manufacturer coupon is not against the free item. Example with the cleanser and body wash. If you use $3/2 and BOGO coupons, you have to have 2 cleansers and 1 body wash. you have to follow the number of items stated in the coupon. 

I think you CAN use 2 coupons on this as long as it’s the $3/2 cleanser, because you buy the cleanser then get the body wash free. Meaning the b1g1 was for free body wash, not face wash. So you’re still really using 1 coupon on the face wash. Plus everytime someone posts their deals, KCL only corrects them on the $2/1, not the $3/2…

you can, but you have to grab another cleanser because the coupon is $3/2. so, 2 cleansers and 1 body wash for the 2 manufacturer’s coupons.

i have gone to a lot of cvs to get the softsoap but no luck. they all tell me they dont carry the bars just the body wash

i just came back from cvs and use my b1g1 coupon and just paid 3.99 plus tax for the cleanser the body wash i got for free came with a free moisture lotion 1.7 fl oz plus my 2 buckrewards  im in souther california. also i bought 2 welch juice wich they have on sale for B1G1 free and used two 1off  coupons and paid just 2.99 for both. 

Is this promotion regional? I live in NY…and today I went to CVS  and the cleanser nor body wash were not on sale price. Also I didn’t get the CVS Ad in my newspaper…only got a huge 20% flyer  :(.

Ana, I called Extra care on Sunday after going to my local CVS in brooklyn . I bought a revlone eyeshadow and got no ECB back. THey explained they are testing the area (test market ad)  The only extrabucks they are offering this week in our region is “3 ecb after $10 covergirl purchase”

@ JennyyyGirl: Thank you for the update :). at least we got the 20% off cvs coupon..I hope I can used it with the BOGO olay coupon since the items are not on sale and get the body wash for free.

SO, Im not alone. Me too, lives in NY. I still bought these items and used my coupons and sending in my rebate form to make them free. I was frustrated though when I walked out CVS. And guess what? I forgot to bring with me my 20% off coupon/flyer that could’ve made my deal better even with out ECB. 

 I used the Olay BOGO and got the bodywash for free. Here how my purchase was:

1 Olay cleanser    $4.49
1 Olay Bodywash $7.79
                        Total: 12.28 plus tax   (  20% of $12.28 =$2.46)

First I handle the cashier the 20% off ad coupon of entire purchase (since the items are not on sale I could use this coupon).

came to a new total of $ 9.82 then gave 1 Olay Bogo Coupon which took of $ 7.79 price of the bodywash.

End up paying: $2.03 plus tax oop…not bad for both items. And I think the amount before coupons ($12.28) goes toward the beauty club reward :).

I in ATL, GA.. I went to 3 different CVS and the olay facial wash is not on sale.. : (

I am going today and I am near Augusta–hope they have it here…but then did u see the post about going to target from elizabeth962? Maybe u could try there…

 live in NY and I didn’t get this great deal neither…Olay Cleanser price @ $4.79 (6.78oz bottle) and got a  23.6 oz bottle @$ 7.79  the body wash for free.I used the BOGO coupon  and the cashier manually enter the body wash value  ($7.79) instead of the maximum value of the coupon ($8.99) and I didn’t get the 2ECBs.

that’s where I made the right choice when I grabbed the $8.99 worth body wash instead of the $7.79 ones. I also didn’t get this great deal because they were all in regular price with no ECBs.

 Mine didn’t generate the ECBs either so I pointed it out in the ad to the cashier and they had to manually print out the ECBs. 

I just got back from CVS & they had no idea what I was talking about….the body wash was $6.99 but the facial cleansers were $6.49 and NO extra bucks to be found….  :(

I had the same prices at the CVS i got to. Reg. prices with no ECBs. Now the only thing I’m excited about is my rebate. So, don’t feel bad, you’re not alone :)

 Did you scan the items?I went to 2 different CVS stores in Houston, TX.  One had the $3.99 price but they were completely sold out, the other one only had one cleanser left with no sign and I scanned it and it came up as $3.99.

what a deal!!! so glad i went to cvs! bought 1 cleanser and some cleansing wipes 2 body washes..
used 2/b1g1 bodywash and 2/2.00 of bodywash had a 4.00 ecb, for everything i paid 3.50 and got back 4.00 in ecb’s !! what a deal! going back tomorrow for more can never have to much facial cleanser and body wash especially if its olay!!!!

not the correct way to use the coupons.  you shouldn’t have used a 2nd MQ for the body wash  KCL says so all over this post

why wouldnt i use it?

because you are using a coupon to get the body wash free, then using a 2nd coupon, $2 off on that 1 item.  CVS and and the coupon states only 1 MQ per item. Scroll down a couple comments and see where KCL herself said you cannot use a 2nd coupon on a made free by coupon item.

 im sorry samantha ramirez! that i post this on  your comment but u have to visit more often kcl to get the information  you need to know on how to use coupons, because by making these mistakes every body would have to pay the conscuency, then no one can uses the coupons anymore.  the stores could change their policy and make it harder then it is. so please try to use them in the correct way we woul appreciate. dont get offended it on a good way.

first i dont mean it in a bad way either but learn how to spell!!! second ive been couponing for 3 years now..and i dont think that by making 1 mistake cvs corp. is going to change there whole coupon policy beacause SAMANTHA RAMIREZ misused a coupon i visit kcl everyday i dont need this website to teach me how to use my coupons i use it to look at all the deals that are coming up…thanks :)

I did the 2 Body wash@ 6.99  2 cleansers @ 3.99 
2 body wash free and she took off 8.99 instead of 6.99 I even told her so I guess I she just did not know. 
3/2 cleansers. 

If you have a Target anywhere close by, take this deal there! I scored 10 body washes and 10 face washes (all Olay) for just the tax, when you factor in three Target $5.00 GC, the $15.00 Olay MIR, the buy the face wash get the body wash free, and the $2.00 MQ for the body wash!!! Seriously. Respect the 4 like MQ rule, and you’re set! Zilcho!

 where did u find the 15 Olay MIR? I would love to use it :)

Elizabeth Do a breakdown of the target deal with prices for each and coupons used so I can understand it better. Thanks so much

3 x face wash $4.99 & use mq to get free body wash, but use $2 mq on each body wash, generates a $5 target GC. Repeat this on your next trip. On your third trip do same again but with four of each. I actually threw in a Olay regenerist for $5.99 and used target q for $1.00 off too.

10 face wash = $50.90 (- $1 target q). Total $49.90
Get 10 free body wash with pg coupon. Generates 3 x target GC = $15, and use 10 $2 pg mq = -$20
Olay MIR $15
49.90 – 20.00 – 15 – 15 = good times :)
Of course, you have to pay taxes on all products… But then you would anyway, depending on where you live.

i thought you cannot use a coupon on a made free by coupon item. 

 I thought so, too.

I took my 2 $3/2 coupons back with my reciept and they fixed that,since I didn’t take them originally. got me fixed up on the beauty rewards deal so with going to 2 stores today I got 5 bodywashes since I only had 5 coupons and 6 cleansers with 16.01 OOP. When I send in the $15.00 rebate and get my $5.00 ECB I will be getting paid to use these!!!

How many transactions did you do? Did Target take off reg price for the body wash or the $5 sale price? Thanks

I bought 2 cleansers and 2 bottles of body wash.  Used the “Buy cleanser, get a bodywash free” coupon.  The first coupon worked but the second coupon gave me the cleanser for free instead.  The cleanser is cheaper than the body wash so it was a bummer.  The cashier acted like she couldn’t fix it.  Also I wasn’t able to use the $2 off body wash.  The register wouldn’t take it even though to my knowledge, CVS allows coupons to be used on free stuff.  If you encounter the same problem, try the $3/2 cleanser instead.

 You couldn’t use the $2 off bodywash because that would be 2 coupons for the wash – the first one is making it free so you can’t use 2 coupons on one item. If the coupon would’ve been $2 off a cleanser, then I agree it should’ve been allowed.

If your CVS has self serve checkouts you can use the $2 off coupon – just scan it before the BOGO coupon

Why would I do that? The point in this whole conversation, as I, many others, and KCL have said is “You cannot use a coupon on an item made free by a coupon.”  That is fraudulent coupon use. Just because a cashier or a self checkout may accept it, it’s not the right use of coupons! I’m an honest person when it comes to my couponing!

 I think the ladies at KCL should probably delete this olay post. It’s starting to show how many people knowingly break the coupon rules. You are trying to use the $2 bodywash coupon on a free item from a coupon. CVS allows a free item from their sale. What do you guys not understand about that?

 They take coupons on free items on their sales not free from a coupon. That would be the use of 2 Q on one item.

You cannot use a coupon on an item made free by a coupon. The cashier needed to correct the amount for the body wash. 

 Thank you KCL – that’s what I was trying to say as well. Maybe I didn’t word it right :)

I received a coupon for $1 off any 1 Olay bodywash from the wonderful CVS kiosk, could i apply this coupon with this deal (even though i have the manufacture coupon making the bodywash free) because it is a store coupon? CVS policy allows a store coupon+manufacture coupon per item…really hoping so because that would make this deal one degree greater than its greatness already. 

Worked for me today!  I got:

Olay cleanser for 3.99
Olay body wash for 6.99 (get 2 EB)
Revlon eyeshadow for 4.99 (Get 4 EB)
Almay eye makeup remover rounds 5.99

-6.99 BOGO Olay coupon
-2.00 Olay cleanser coupon
-3.00 Revlon makeup CVS coupon
-3.00 Almay CVS coupon

Paid 6.97 (used a 7 EB), got 6 back in EB, so 0.97 for all the items. :)

 Where did you get the Revlon and Almay CVS coupons?

The coupon machine at CVS printed them.

There was a $3.00/2 Cleanser coupon and a $2.00/1 Body wash coupon. Using the $2.00 in conjunction with the BOGO coupon is incorrect.

Redheadlady, please quit bragging about your fraudulent use of coupons. There are newbies on here that need to learn the right way to coupon for ALL our sakes. Just because it went through doesn’t mean you should have done it.

 not bragging. stating fact that they said i could use that coupon. and the 2 off olay is something you can use.

If the coupon is for the CREAMS not CLEANSERS, then it is NOT something you can use. And when someone pointed out to you that it was for creams your reply was ” yes but was still able to use on cleansers.” To me, that means you knew you weren’t supposed to use it but tried it anyway. Just because they accepted it doesn’t make it right.

 Don’t forget that this purchase should also be added to your $50 Beauty Club total. Once reaching $50 you earn $5 EB.

Does this go off before coupon total?

Yes, pre-coupon total!

SO i bought 2 olay body wash and 2 cleansing wipes. I used 2 BOGO coupons but forgot to use the 2/$3 off coupon for the cleansers. Can i somehow return it so I can use my $3 Q? I don’t have anymore of the BOGO Q… Any feedback is appreciated! Thanks 

Last time I shopped at CVS I forgot to use two coupons but realized it as I was looking over my receipt in the car.  I went back in and asked if I could return my items and repurchase with the coupons and the cashier said they can just do a coupon pay out.  She took my coupons and I got my $4 with no issues.

Cool I was also wondering about this because I did this, this morning without realizing I could use the $3/2

One time I got a $14.00 gift card from that. 

 thank you so much mommy! I will definitely do that soon. =D

That was nice of the cashier to do that.  This one time I went to CVS, the cashier, which was also the manager, scanned all my coupons but when I looked over my receipt, a couple of coupons were missing.  I went back to the store and asked him to look over it.  He gave me an annoyed look and just gave me back my coupon.  I was frustrated so I just left the store.

 No, you can’t.  The BOGO coupon expressly states that only one coupon is allowed for both the body wash and face wash.

Aaagh! Just ordered clipped coupons from Dede’s and didn’t add these!!!!

 Dede’s is a rip off…..I switched almost 8 months ago to ebay!

does anyone know if olay wipes count as facial cleansers?

Yes, the wipes count as long as they say cleanser.  I purchased the $3.00 wipes and the body wash (free with coupon).  I payed $3.00 and got my $2.00 back.

at my cvs the $3/2 coupon scanned for my olay facial cloths even though they didnt say ‘olay facial cleanser cloths’, I was surprised it did scan because my cvs was out of the cloths that stated “cleanser cloths”

ok  — I am new to this and trying to make heads or tails out of how to get it all for .99 (math is not a high point for me)…I have tried different ways & still not getting to the .99.  which ones do I need to buy first with what coupons…etc…thanks

There was a coupon in yesterdays P&G brandSaver that says when you buy a Olay facial cleanse get a Olay body wash free. The cleanser should be $3.99 and the body wash FREE so you pay $3.99 plus tax and receive a $2 Extracare Bucks off your next purchase when you buy the body wash so it like paying $1.99 or $0.99 each. Hope that’s helpful.

thank you so much…I’m sure one day I will figure all this out…everyone says it’s so simple…I guess I am thinking outside the box & making it arder than it is…lol

Does the PG rebate count for just purchases at CVS or does it also include my purchases at Rite Aid and Walgreens?  Also is the total before or after the coupons and ECB?

 Manufacturer’s rebates usually aren’t store specific. See the rebate for the exact details.

The $5 coupon is for creams not cleansers . 

how about cream cleansers? just asking because I only use those from other brands.. not sure if Olay has them

This deal didn’t work for me.  I purchased a 3.99 cleanser and 6.99 bodywash and presented my coupon.  The saleswoman said that they could only deduct the lower priced item with the BOGO coupon, even though the coupon specified the higher priced item.  So total ended up being 6.99 for both + 2 extra bucks, but not a great deal.

 My cashier at first wouldn’t do it, so I asked to speak with the cashier that normally rings me up. The first lady didn’t want to deduct the bodywash price since it was higher but after my the manager and other cashier came up, they both told her the coupon clearly states the bodywash is free, doesn’t matter if its cheaper. Even at normal prices the bodywash is more expensive.

 I would go back to the store and return the products you purchased.  The coupon clearly states Buy one cleanser and get the body wash for free.   

can’t delete this sorry, meant to hit reply 😛

Also if you’re lucky (most bogo coupons do this at cvs i’ve noticed) the register will take off the $8.99 up to price on the coupon. So you’ll get all free. When my cashier scanned my coupon the $8.99 came off not $6.99 so it made for a great deal! And like other people I’m using cvs for my rebate since their cleansers are only $3.99 and everywhere else I’ve looked they have been upwards of $6.00. :(

I was hoping that would happen for me, but the cashier had to type in the amount :( and she typed in the amount for the cleansers ($3.99), so watch out!

That is what happened to me and I had to correct her then she was very flustered….

 my cashier tried to do that to, but i always have problems w/ her.  she doesn’t like couponers.  i corrected her and she fixed it.

I am soo Bummed; neither do I have Olay BOGO coupon in MN, nor the SoftSoap. I know this is a super cold state, but we do take baths. Ggggrrrrrrr

Hey! just order some on ebay!!! that way you can get like 20 of them!!

newbie here, can you really order a particular coupon at ebay? how and how much, thank you:)

 you can also order coupons from  they are really fast and have about every coupon available.   most coupons range from $0.10-$0.40 each.

do you have to for the shipment on top that? how long does it take before you get the coupon?

Kay, I’m from MN and i got my P&G, but i only got one insert wish i looked for more.

That’s strange, coz I get my paper inserts, and a few other people give it to me too. None of them had it :(

Would it be too much to ask, which page or what products are located around this coupon. Can you temme this.

I am out of face wash, have to buy it anyway, so would be good to get body wash free with it.


I printed the rebate from the CVS website yesterday. Do all purchases have to be made at CVS to be eligible for the rebate or can the products be bought anywhere?


 Where in the CVS website did you find this Rebate you are talking about?

at my cvs i was able to use the 5.00 off olay cleanser plus the 2.00 off olay body wash. and then used b1g1 coupon. and still got the overage for other product. plus my got my eb making in all free.

Where did you find the $5 off olay cleanser?  Is that a CVS coupon?

 it was in the proctor and gamble coupons for the other cleanser stuff. and they let me use it.

  how werey ou able to use 3 coupons on 2 items? The coupons state “limit one coupon per pruchase of products and quantities stated” doesn’t that mean only the bogo can be used with the cleanser+ bodywash…..

Most of the time, cashiers really do not care. They are swiping without reading just to get the customer out of there. One time, I had 3 CVS machine coupons sitting in my basket that did not apply to anything I was purchasing. ( I was going to toss them when I left the store). The cashier ended up swiping all 3 coupons without either of us realizing it, and I saved $6 that I shouldn’t have. Woops. 

 store allowed it.

You shouldn’t have used the $2 coupon with the B1G1 because they are for the same product.  And it sounds like the $5 coupon you used wasn’t for the right product.  That’s not what couponing is about.  You can get free/cheap stuff without misusing coupons.

 yes you can. but if the coupon works then you use it

No you can’t…you’re not supposed to use two manufacturer coupons for the same product.  Both the $2 off coupon and the B1G1 coupon are for the bodywash…on the coupon itself it says ‘one coupon per purchase.’ 

Even if the coupon works and you know it’s not for the correct item, you shouldn’t use it.  This is why they are changing barcodes and cracking down on couponers…because people are misusing them.

 I totally agree! Just because it works doesn’t mean it’s right!

in my cvs I was able to use the 5.00 off coupon for cleanser plus the 2.00 off olay body wash. then the b1g1f coupon so got all free. plus the overage for other things

Isnt that $5 off coupon for creams ? The coupon does not say cleansers

 yes but was still able to use on cleansers.

 That don’t make it RIGHT but I guess good for you if the cashier did not catch it.

Really come on you know this isnt right at all so why do it? Just because it goes through doesnt make it right. You’re using all your coupons wrong and thats going to cost the rest of us. You arent allowed to use a 2 off olay body wash if youre using a BOGO free and that 5 dollar coupon is for a COMPLETE different product. Im not the coupon police but common this is just ridiculous…

 you are allowed to use 2 off olay and i asked bout other coupon before using it. they said yes i could use it.

Nope check this out KCL:”The B1G1 coupon goes toward the body wash. Using an additional coupon on it is incorrect because it is a second coupon on the same item. You CAN use the $3.00/2 coupon in addition to the B1G1 because it is valid on the cleanser.” coming from the pro herself…

your are able to use the 2.00 off body wash coupon you can use a coupon for  a free item…my cvs didnt say anything about it i wouldnt have used it if i knew that i was misusing the coupons…but i do agree with the rest of you guys that the 5.00 coupon is for the olay regenerist

does the amount qualifying for the P&G rebate have to be pre-coupons or post-coupons?


That’s good to know!  I was short $7!  But I remember buying Ivory yesterday and a few weeks back I bought Pantene.  So I am way over the $50.  It says buy products from 2/15/12, and I bought the Pantene on 2/17/12.  Good thing I save receipts!

I bought 2 face wash and 2 body wash
2 BOGO and 1 $3/2 olay face wash
paid $4.98 and got $2ECB.

I did the same thing except I got the wrong size bodywash, so I didn’t get the $2 ECB…going to return one today.

Good call – I will go back and get this deal (minus the $2 EB, since I got that yesterday on this deal).

where is the $3/2 face wash coupon located?

 I think it was RP 2/12

from RP 2/12 i only have $3/2

I did this exact same deal except I had a $4/20 coupon so I only paid .98 and got 2 EB back!! :)

Where were the 3.00/2 coupons found?

 Thank you! I just did this deal thanks to you!

Did the same earlier today? worked  fine question though. How much if any of this applies to the beauty spend $50 get $5. Is the amount applied amount out of pocket, the amount of items sell price, or amount of regularly price.
The only reason I ask is if it is, amount of items sell price, you do the deal above twice. Not worrying about the 2ECB on second transaction and using the 2ECB from the first on second. The amount applied to the beauty club is $43.92, just shy, equaling $7.96 OOP. If it is the regular price towards Beauty Club. The amount applied to the beauty club is $65.92, pushing over, equaling $7.96 OOP.w/ $5ECB left. so all four Items could be $2.96.

It’s the selling price before coupons. If an item is regularly $10 but is on sale for $6, you’ll only get $6 towards the rewards, regardless of the coupons of EBs you use.

Thank you so much. Is there a way to tell what product apply to beauty Club?

From CVS’s website: ”
Qualifying Beauty purchases include items from the following categories: Cosmetics, Ethnic Hair Care, Fragrances, Hair Accessories, Hair Appliances, Hair Care, Hair Color, Healthy Skin Care, Hosiery, Skin Care and Sun Care. Excludes items from Beauty 360, items from Trial & Travel, gift cards and prescriptions. “

Check your receipt.  It says I maxed out my Beauty Club Reward.  My total before coupons were $43.92.  But retail price it’s $55.52.  I signed up for the beauty club last week and I haven’t bought any beauty products since I signed up.  Today is the day I bought the olay products.

Beauty Club reward maxed out just means you are enrolled.  Every $50 you spend you get $5 – I have gotten about $20 ECB.  Only draw back is it takes about 48hrs before you receive ECB so dont count on using them right after you go over $50. 

I already knew that I wouldn’t get my ECB until two days after.  I already went to CVS twice this week and that is my limit, unless there is a deal I can’t pass up!  I believe the Glade Sense & Spray kit is on sale for $5 next week and we have $3.50/1 coupon!

I got this deal and used the $2/1 body wash coupon.  Even though I already hit my limit of 1 on the EB, I think I will go back today and get 2 face cleansers + a body wash, and use the $3/2 Olay Face Cleanser, making it $5 for all 3.