I have trouble keeping lip pencils in my cosmetic bag.  Don’t you?  They often get mistaken for colored pencils in the hands of children. This week at Rite Aid, we have a good opportunity to grab a few lip or eye pencils for under a dollar each! By using the In Ad Coupon for $3 off Prestige Cosmetics, you can grab these $3.95 liners for only $0.95!

Prestige Cosmetics Classic Lip or Eye Pencil $3.95, Regular Price
Use $3.00/1 – In Ad Coupon, valid thru 3/10
Final Price: $0.95

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22 thoughts on “Prestige Lip Pencils and Eyeliner $0.95 at Rite Aid!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    It was a really small section in my store Majunee, maybe ask a manager? That’s what I always do or I make myself crazy looking around =)

  2. Anonymous says:

    My rang up 5.49 guess I got the wrong one girl not very helpful will have to go to another. No soft lips eith gone might be there friday.I also scored some inserts in a shopping cart in the parking lot go me :)

    • Anonymous says:

      Nice find on the inserts Harley69d! Remember, the +Up monthly deal for the Softlips ended on 3/6. Hope you find another store with the $3.49 Prestige Lip pencils =)

    • I couldn’t find the single packs of the Soft lips anywhere either..BUT I went to a Rite Aid that is ‘out of the way’ and found it in the CLEARANCE.  Every Rite Aid has a Clearance section so if you can’t find it be sure to ask…they had TONS of stuff there that I had coupons for. 

  3. I got these but not after some confusion at my local R.A.   They were tagged $3.95 but when I got to the counter it was $5.25.  Now I for one know how things get put back in the wrong place, etc.  I checked the writting on the pencils and it matched the tagged name..anyway, they gave it to me for the price tagged but took the tag off so no one else could get that price.  And it is only one coupon per person.  I went to another R.A. and they were marked $3.95 and rang up $3.95 for the same ones..and it went thru on my rewards card too…so it must be a one per visit rule.

  4. Anonymous says:

    How many of the in ad coupons are we allowed to use?  For example, could I purchase two of these pencils and use two in ad coupons?

    • depends on the cashier…some only let you purchase one per visit but it let me go to another store and it worked with my card..I just used one of each coupon and several stores..

    • i got the deal and i didnt have any problem. i even have 2 rewad card with me. u could try to apply for another card with different names and address i did it like that and there is no problem. good luck

    • Anonymous says:

      Smichae2, the coupon is limit one per customer. But, some stores may allow you to use more, it just depends. Plus, it never hurts to ask =)

  5. Anonymous says:

    There are more deals at Rite Aid that  bought today using the In Ad coupons.
    I bought Samy twist spray on clearance 2.49
    I used $3 In Ad coupon …51 overage 
    Bought Soft lips beewax 1.79 ( only one left :(
    Used $3 In Ad coupon  ..1.29 overage
    Bought Sally Hansen toe clipper 4.67 and nail board 1.16
    Used 2/$3  In Ad coupons  .17 overage
    Bought 2 Prestige pencils 3.55 each
    Used  2/$3  In Ad coupons  paid .55 cents each
    Bought 2 packs of Rite Aid cotton swabs 500 ct.. 2.69 each
    Used 2/$ In Ad coupon.. paid .69 cents each
    bought 2 Playtex baby pacifiers 4.49 each
    Used 2/$4  In Ad coupons… paid .49 cents each
    Total 31.57-30.00  In Ad coupon = $1.57 OOP  

    All this prices have a 10% off discount but if  you have the 20% off is even better.
    This are only few deals I found today. I noticed that there are some Video Value coupons that can be combine with some In Ad coupons.
    Colgate Sensitive toothbrush Video Value coupon $3, In Ad coupon $2.00 and Manufacture coupon .75 cents. That is $5.75 on coupons for the toothbrush. I don’t know that price yet, but I think It will be a great deal. This is only one deal of ten I found tonight.  I’ll post tomorrow what I got.  Have a great shopping.  ;) 

    • Anonymous says:

       Where do you get the 10% or 20% off?

      • Anonymous says:

        Iluv2shop, you can receive the 10% and 20% discounts after you earn 500 and 1000 points on your wellness card, respectively. You earn one point for every dollar you spend (the total before coupons counts towards this).

    • Anonymous says:

      Nice trip Almagon22!

  6. Anonymous says:

    anyone out there tried this brand? I cant seem to find a decent one that will not slide off my face.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I wonder if my 20% would come off first – making it only $.16 per liner?!?!?!  I’ll check it out!