I have yet to try this cleanser, and I now have the perfect opportunity! This normally retails for $8.29 but is on sale this week for $4.39! If you watched the March adperk for L’Oreal Youth Code, you can get the L’Oreal Youth Code Gel Facial Cleanser for free!

L’Oreal Youth Code Gel Facial Cleanser, 8 oz $4.39, On Sale thru 3/17
Use $5.00/1 – L’Oreal Youth Code – (adperk.com)
Or $3.00/1 L’Oreal Youth Code product from RP 1/22 (exp 3/18) 
Final Price: Free 

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112 thoughts on “Free L’Oreal Youth Code Facial Cleanser at Rite Aid!”

Need some help. I got the raincheck for this. Went this morning and the cashier would not let me use the $5 coupon. She said the register said exceeds price and wouldn’t budge. She wouldn’t adjust the coupon down or let me buy something (gum) to cover the overage. What can I do?

Bring the coupon policy and show the part where it says they’ll adjust the coupon.

I ask my husband to get me this deal today…He got 2 cleansers for .89 cents….I gave him the 3$ coupon and 5$ from adperk. So happy that he actually listened and follow my instructions lol 

we were denied the purchase today because the coupon exceeded the amount of the cleaner. Any info on this? 

it worked the first 2 days this was posted, then i guess ppl at Riteaid or Loreal found out came out free , so they modify the coupon to excludes the cleansers, oh well early bird gets the worm

I just printed the AdPerk, it says “Excluding Youth Code Cleansers” !!!

I printed my adperk last sunday and it says ANY YOUTH CODE

Apparently they have figured this out because when I went to re-print my coupon (printer was acting up & had to have them re-set my coupon). The coupon now says EXCLUDING YOUTH CODE CLEANSERS! :-(


The family code and value code are set up arbitrarily by the UPC coordinator for the manufacturer. It must be done that way because a coupon will often be usable for a whole family of products. For example, a coupon might be good for four different kinds of soap made by the same manufacturer. In the same way, the value code represents the value of the coupon arbitrarily. The manufacturer sends the retailer the data that tells the retailer’s computer exactly which products fit the family code, and exactly how much to take off. When the coupon is scanned, the POS computer:Decodes the family codeChecks to make sure the customer purchased an item from the familyDecodes the value codeSends the discount back to the cash register

This deal isn’t legit. The coupon says EXCLUDING CLEANSER. All of the other Youth Code products are $20+ at Rite-Aid. 

you can also if needed print a $2 off coupon at the L’Oreal web site

this is wrong !!! ….. the coupon states “excluding youth code cleansers”….how you are going to get this free, when it excludes exactly this one, I don’t think this deal was verified ….but just copied from somewhere else   :o(. Needs to be corrected .

The coupon was modified yesterday to say excluding cleansers but when this deal was posted a few days ago the coupon had no restrictions on it.

this is wrong !!! ….. the coupon states “excluding youth code cleansers”….how you are going to get this free, when it excludes exactly this one, I don’t think this deal was veryfied ….but just copied from somewhere else   :o(. Needs to be corrected .

They changed the ad perk mid week. My coupon had no exclusion but I printed it late last week. Read above there is a guy who works for rite aid explaining.

I’m not finding this anywhere!  Does RiteAid do rainchecks?

Yes, got raincheck for two

Ok Guys, the coupon states $5 off ANY L’Oreal Youth Code Item but  “Excluding Youth Code Cleanser…” And then??? Can we use that?? Im lost.

Ok, no one can use this printable coupon right??

Those of us who printed it previously can. Rite aid changed it recently since we all were getting free cleansers. Not fair. Sorry.

So glad I got mine yesterday!!!

The coupon specifically says “excluding youth code cleansers” 
Does it really work?

Not anymore they originally had it on there with no exclusion but everyone was getting it free so they changed it…not fair at all to you guys :(

lucky i snaged them but they changed it to no cleanser, kinda lame

I just did this, but on the coupon it says (Excluding Youth Code Cleansers).

boo my Rite Aid doesn’t carry this item :(

first store didnt have it so, i went another Rite Aid and they had a lot but cashier said this price is 4.39 so, under the 5$ so, he said i cant buy it… this is ridiculous..
so, i have to something at the walmart,,, wal mart had this and it was 6.96$ so, i used this 5$ coupon so it was 1.96$ anyway i still saved a lot… and Aquafresh Extreme Clean, 0.8oz Travel Size $0.97 so, i printed 1.00$ so, it was free….
wal mart take anything even if under the price… Rite Aid is sucks…. anyway i saved 10$ over today…

Show them their coupon policy next time…it’s clearly stated that they have to adjust it down to the item’s selling price:)

I think you could’ve price-matched at Walmart and still uses the coupon to get overages…haven’t PM before though, I’m such a wuss when it comes to doing that

Nvm, I found it lol thank you anyway! :)

Now the video is back on with the exclusion of the cleansers, it was obviously changed today

Hmmm…I’m confused. The Youth Code Adperk that I printed out said “Excluding Youth Code Cleansers”. How is everyone getting their free cleansers?

I work with AdPerk and wanted to clear up any confusion around the
L’Oreal Youth Code coupon. Unfortunately, the L’Oreal Youth Code coupon
has been modified and the $5 offer is no longer valid on cleansers.
Thanks for participating in Rite Aid Video Values. Hope to see you back soon!

What if we printed our coupon BEFORE it was modified? Will Rite Aid still honor it?

 They should. My friend got a couple today no issues.

Well unfortunately I’m boycotting Rite Aid until they send me my UP’s rewards that they owe me! If I get them before the sale is over I will go if not oh well.

 I used mine today without any problem.

mine doesn’t say that and i printed it yesterday. but went to 5 rite aids and i wonder if they took them off the shelves

I see the video but to the right of it, it says it’s Excluding Youth Code cleansers.  I’m confused.  Did they change it?

hi couponers, i have a dumb question but i just want to make sure it is correct…so, i plan on redeeming my $ 2 off on any garnier moisturizer and i just want to know if i can use it on the Garnier Nutritioniste Moisture Rescue Refreshing Gel-Cream…i

Worked fine for me :)

has anyone noticed that the adperk video is no longer there

for some reason i cannot find this coupon on the march video values. have they taken it down? it lists three other loreal coupons, but none for youth code and none for more than $2/1.

They just put it back up

The Rite Aids near me (Cape Cod) do not carry this product :(

Went to my Rite Aid today and got the last one!!! Also got a Rimmel nail polish for free! It was 3.99 originally but they were 75% off, making it 99 cents. Then I had a $1 off Rimmel coupon! Also got Joy dish soap for 49 cents. And two Cadbury Cream eggs for free!

how did you get the cadburys for free? ive been waiting for a deal on the eggs for easter but they are kinda expensive for the little eggs!

I agree! My husband loves them though so I try to use coupons whenever I can on them. Rite Aid had an adperk coupon on their website for 50 cents off 2 cadbury eggs. Then they were buy one get one free. So it technically was 49 cents for the two, but I used my overage from the cleanser to cover that so I didn’t have to pay anything.

Just picked mine up today, yeah :)  Used the overage to get my son some hot wheels!

someone posted that she used 4 adperk coupons…I thought the site only lets you print them once….

that’s crazy cause i printed only one time… so how could she do that??

they only allowed to print you one. she might have gotten someone else adperks. cause its imposible to get another one 

Do you check your spam mail? It could be in there.

This deal seems awesome! Except I’m a little sad becasue there are no rite aids in my area….

Since they were out of cleanser a I ended up buying the Youth code kit, used the $5 manufacturer coupon and $5 video values coupon, received $10 in up rewards and submitted for the $10 rebate.

How did you get $10 in up rewards? I was also wondering where you found the rebate because I looked in the rite aid rebates and couldn’t find one ?? thank you :)

afitch the rebate is on loreals website…you can print it from there..

The $10 in up rewards was from the Loreal Youth Code and Revitalift deal, spend $15 and receive a $5 up reward and since I spent over $30 for the Youth code kit I ended up getting 2 of the $5 up rewards. 3 posts above this one Coupon Turtle posted the link to the $10 Loreal rebate.

BarstowMom..where did you get the $5 manu Q?

The $5 off Loreal Youth Code Kit coupon was in the 2/19 Red Plum

I did this deal today and I used both coupons and got 3.61 overage. My local Rite Aid has a lot. I also bouth 1 Garnier towelettes and 2 Garnier the expert exfoliator..That help with my overage they are buy 1 get 1 50% off and when you buy 3 you get $10 Up Reward. I used 3 1off Garnier coupons. Paid 11.41 with tax and got $10 Up Reward… Can’t complain

rocio28, that sounds amazing. What items did you buy and what coupons did u use? i’m planning to go to my rideaid this week…and would appreciate the savings…

Ashtrid there are many scenarios for the Garnier. They’re BOGO 50% off with $10 up reward wyb 3. You can use the $1/1 Garnier product coupon from RP 2/5 or the $2/1 Garnier moisturizer coupon from 1/8 RP and there’s a few printable coupon out there. The face wipes are around $6 and the moisturizer is around $8. You can buy the wipes at $6 for the 1st, $3 for the 2nd (this one is 50% off), and $6 for the 3rd (if you have 10% or 20% discount the 3rd item will be discounted). Use 3 of the $1 off coupon and pay $12 and receive back a $10 up reward. 

Thanks so much for the tip BarstowMom…i appreciate it…I’m still new to the couponing world…so getting help from pros is really helpful for me… :)

yeah that’s right! at my local rite aid they were 6.5 and you get one item at 50% off so my total before tax was $9.61. Happy couponing

BarstowMom~ You ROCK!

It flew off the shelves :(

I have been wanting to try this. What a great deal. I applied the overage to my other purchases. Also got my Centrum Omega-3 supplements for $3.99 each. Very happy girl today!

no more at my store but was able to use the $5.00 on L’Oreal Skin Expertise Go 360 Clean…my carefree cashier didnt care and had an overage too. awesome

could you buy $15 worth of these (4 of them) and get the additional $5+Up rewards?  (sale is Spend $15 of these products get $5+UP…..)

These are $7.99 @ most stores. But buy 4 of them, and use 4 $5/1 adperk coupons! Pay $12.01, and get back 2 $5 Up+Rewards, and then sumbit for a Try me Free rebate on their website! :) If you have 4 $2/1 Youth Code coupons from the sunday paper a while ago, it would be an even bigger money maker!

This week the Cleansers are on sale for $4.39 but they are excluded from the $5.00 up reward when you spend $15.00. In the ad it says excludes cleansers under the Loreal Youth and Revitalift Clinical  up reward deal. I know at my store they wouldn’t allow for that many of the same adperk’s to be used in one transacion.

 how do you get 4 adperk coupons…I can only print them out once

they must have someone else cause the system only lets you print one

I tried this today and the cashier would not allow me to buy this because according to him i would have to buy a ” Youth Code” item that was more than $5. I asked him if he could just adjust the coupon down but he would not do that either so i left. Went to a differene Rite Aid after and they were all out of stock so i got a rain check, i was so upset because the first store had plenty left and they would not let me get one..

I went and couldn’t find it on the self, Might check another rite aid but by then i’d be all gone. :(

I went to three Rite Aid looking for this and the Hotwheels.  Finally found them in the third store.  Woohoo.  FREE Cleanser and 14 Hotwheels for .39 each.  Mission accomplished :)

is the 4.39 price advertised in your weekly flyers? it isnt in my boston ma flyers. the price said 7.99 with nbo sale tag. there was no product left…..what do i do? i cant get a raincheck if it isnt advertised! anyone else have this sitch?

i promptly take that back. its just hidden in the circular a bit. What is the raincheck policy at rite aid?

I had to buy a small item to absorb the overage, otherwise the coupon wouldn’t scan because the amount was under $5.

I couldnt find it:( Helpful to check back and see that its for the 8 oz. and regularly priced $8.29 one. I will check a few more rite aids in my area and/or call around tomorrow! Great to donate!

Went to two Rite Aid’s today, but neither had this in stock. Boo!

I have the coupon but NO Rite Aid in my town! It’s such a travesty!

Couldn’t find this in either of the two Rite Aids in my area.

I went to my Rite Aid and they were all out too. The price on the shelf was marked $7.99. Is this item on sale so that I can get a rain check? 

 Yes it is on sale, they just havent gotten the new price tags out.  that happined to me.  Just snag a add, and look, you will see the sale price

I’d do a price check since the shelf tag is higher than expected….just to be sure

Gonna go get mine today :)

went to 4 different rite aids… ALL OUT ! One store didn’t even carry it! 

Reese, whenever that happens to me I check what day is their stock up day and then go back that day to see if they get anymore in =) Sorry your stores did not have any!

Does anyone know if there is a limit to how many times the adperk videos can be watched overall, such as nationally or locally? I’ve tried to watch several videos and they all say it’s not available at this time. I’m thinking there’s a set amount of coupons they have available and if you’re not one of x number of people to watch it, you’re out of luck. 

I had this problem before and it was because of an AD-BLOCKER setting I had on my internet browser.. If you have anything like that, it views the ‘video’ as an advertisement and wont allow it to be shown. 

Thanks for sharing Alicia =)

Cassandra, I have heard of that happening to others before but usually they say they are able to access the videos later. I think sometimes it’s the website having problems. Let us know if you are able to watch them!

It wouldn’t work for me in firefox, I kept getting the same error message. So I switched to internet explorer and have been saving happily! :-)

1 time

Went to two stores and neither had any in stock :-(

After you watch video for ad perk you should see a tab that says rewards push it then print your coupon.

Thanks Rmendel!

My Rite aid doesn’t know anything about this product. What’s thedeal with that?

Can you stack these two coupons and get overage at rite aid?

Depends on your RiteAid, try it but make sure you have something else to absorb the overage. Or check out the coupon policy on the top, if there are no specifications than I suggest trying it. Couldn’t hurt right?!

I watched the video; how do you get the coupon?  I don’t get it.

Wondering40, there is a section labeled “All Rewards as a tab i th top left hand corner of the page where all of the videos you have been watched may be printed =)

It depends on the store but my Rite Aid will let me keep overage towards other items if it’s a store coupon like an adperk or in ad coupon. They never give cash back. With just the adperk you’ll already be getting $0.61 overage, if you’re store allows it.

and then if you buy $15 worth of these (buy 4 of these) get $5 +UP rewards back…..   print 4 coupons, purchase 4 seperate times on the same card get the $5 +UP????

Unfortunately the cleansers are excluded from the up reward deal, it says in small print in the sales ad..

Hey Sue, I am new to Rite Aid couponing so I was wondering if you break this down to me…lol I thought you could only print one coupon? I am sorry Im just lost and have been trying since decemeber to get this cleanser and moisterizer. Thanks in advance :0)

Hi Barstow Mom, I am in the high desert and the adperk coupon I printed states “Excluding Youth Code Cleansers” Doesn’t that mean we can not use this adperk coupon for the youth code cleanser? Please help. Maybe I printed a different Q.

The coupon when it first came out had no exclusions. Just recently ,maybe a few days ago, the coupon was modified to say Excluding Cleansers. If you printed the coupon after the modification and it says “excludes cleansers” then it won’t be able to be used on the cleansers. When KCL first put up this post about the free Youth Code Cleansers the coupons were reading $5 off any Youth Code Product so it was free for a little while until the coupon was changed.

Thanks, I should of printed it when I first saw the post. 😉 I need to be on top of things…like you! 😉