Extreme Couponing Tip: Use Coupons Within Expiration Dates

Here at KCL, we encourage all couponers to play by the rules and to be ethical in using and redeeming coupons. Part of this is using coupons within their expiration date!

All coupons are valid for a specific period of time up until and including the expiration date listed.  In rare cases a coupon will state “No Expiration Date.”

The great majority of stores say in their coupon policy that they will only accept coupons within their expiration dates. Very few locations accept coupons past their date. If the latter is the case, make sure to verify this with the manager before redeeming. Be aware that many modern bar codes have the expiration date built in; therefore, expired coupons will not scan through. Also, know that stores will not accept coupons which have had the expiration date cut off in an attempt to prolong the redemption time.

If you have difficulty remembering to use your coupons in time, try keeping those soon to expire in a prominent location, such as the front of your coupon binder, in a designated envelope, or on a list/spreadsheet. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t use all or most of your coupons before the expiration date! Remember that most coupons come in cycles, and you’ll likely see the same or similar one again in the near future. If you don’t use some of your coupons before the expiration date, donate them to military families overseas who can use them up to 6 months past their expiration date! Find out the details HERE.

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14 thoughts on “Extreme Couponing Tip: Use Coupons Within Expiration Dates”

why can’t I find coupons on line

If you have diffrent coupons for the same item make sure you use the coupon with the closest ex. date first.  My kids love yogert and I have so many coupons for them from online, the paper, and the peelies off of the ones I buy.  I always make sure I double check the coupons to make sure I am using the right now.  I didnt do that before and i was so mad at myself when a ton of the coupons expired and I didnt have any to use that day.  I wont make that mistake twice.

I’m still new at this but having a blast find great deals with my coupons.  Want to know if any one could clue me in on how to find the coupons for FREE laundry soap and TP?  Every site I have visited sends me off to areas that I’m a little scared to click on.

is there a sale somewhere for woolite i dont want to miss this $3.00 off coupon ex on 3/18

My mom gave my coupons that are so old they don’t have expiration dates.  I have been afraid to use them.  Any advice???  

Use them, all they ca say is NO

Those are the most valuable, use your other ones first but use the ones that don’t expire when you need them.

Frame them as wall art?

 They still have to honor them! I would use ones with expiration dates first, but I saw this on an episode of “that show”. lol

Our local Walmart takes them up to 6 months past the expiration date, recently changed from 8 months.  It still varies from cashier to cashier and manager to manager if they’ll accept them from what I’ve heard though.  The Walmart 20 miles away won’t take them at all though.  Weird.

I’m glad that you posted this.  One of the customer service managers was giving me a hard time the other day for using coupons on their expiration date (like, using the one that expired on 3/10 actually on 3/10).  I felt a little crazy because she actually asked the person behind me whether they were valid on their expiration date, and he looked at both of us like we were crazy before changing to another lane. lol. 

Am fortunate to have a Cub Foods nearby which takes coupons 30 days past their due date :)

The CVS I shop at honors expired CVS and manufacture coupons!

 I almost jumped over the counter and hugged the girl that told me they do. I had accidently used a coupon that had expired the day before and she said it’s fine we take them no matter what the date.  Yet another reason why CVS is my favorite!!!

Lol, that would have been great to see if you had acted on that impulse!