$1.00/1 – Planters Peanut Butter – (walmart.com)

Wow! Peanut butter coupons don’t usually last very long but we just double-checked this coupon and it is still kickin’! Go grab yours, if you haven’t already, and save at Walmart with this great deal:

Planters Peanut Butter $2.96, Regular Price
Use $1.00/1 – Planters Peanut Butter – (walmart.com)
Final Price: $1.96

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11 thoughts on “Still Available! Save $1.00 on Planters Peanut Butter, $1.96 at Walmart!”

no more coupons.

How is Planters Peanut Butter compared to Jif’s Peanut Butter? I’m pretty brand loyal when it comes to that, but I’ve noticed Planters popping up everywhere lately.

I usually get JIF or Skippy, but I was out of PB last week and had a ton of these coupons.
So, I got 3 jars of it. I’m a bit disappointed. When I opened it up, I had to
drain the oil from the top. And the taste…the best way I can describe it would
be that it tastes like liquified peanuts that still had that red shell on it. I
didn’t like it at all. Maybe I can use it to make cookies or something.

Oh, yuck! Maybe it was just a fluke thing? (Hopefully). Ick. I don’t like peanuts to begin with, but loveeeee PB.

That’s pretty disappointing that it wasn’t too good. If i ever see a good deal for it, I still might try it…

Hopefully you’ll be able to make cookies with it and they will taste good.

My family actually all likes it! Peanut butter is like mayo, everyone has their favorite!! I would at least get some…right now, because of the increase in peanuts, PB has gone up ALOT in price! If you know its a staple it’s worth laying some in at that price!! Hope this helps!

I have a bunch of Jif stockpiled because of this. But, sometimes I like to try new things and I’ve seen this lately. I’m not a fan of Skippy or PeterPan or whatever that kind is. Soo, I only really have this left. Unfortunately, this certainly isn’t the price at walmart. :/ But, I’ll eventually get around to trying it…

Thank you for your input, though. :)

Pizzaz went to the store to buy Peanut Butter, but couldn’t decide between ‘Creamy’ & ‘Crunchy’, so I just gave up.

You can get it for $1.50 after q at winn dixie it’s on sale.

Is this a manufaturer’s coupon or a store coupon?

Walmart doesn’t have “store” coupons. So, this would be a manufacturer’s coupon.

I love this peanut butter coupon!  I love to save my coupons for the Commissary.  I always get the best deals, this is only $0.69 after the coupon.