UPDATE: This coupon is no longer available. I hope you were able to print it!

Target issued some new printable coupons on their site this morning and there is one in particular that is super hot! Grab it now because it will go quickly. Under the “Beauty” category, look for the $5.00/2 Revlon Beauty tools. Some Targets will not carry all these products, but if yours does, you will be able to score some free to cheap beauty tools. And, as a bonus, some areas are reporting that an additional Catalina coupon prints at the register when you buy these items. Here are just a few prices for you to work with as you plan out your attack. Keep in mind that this coupon will be adjusted down at the register and no overage will be allowed:

Revlon Nail Clipper $1.97, Regular Price
Use $5.00/2 – Revlon Beauty Tools, Target Coupon – (target.com)
Final Price: Free when you buy 2

Revlon Small Nail Clipper $1.42, Regular Price
Use $5.00/2 – Revlon Beauty Tools, Target Coupon – (target.com)
Final Price: Free when you buy 2

Revlon Tweezers $2.24, Regular Price
Use $5.00/2 – Revlon Beauty Tools, Target Coupon – (target.com)
Final Price: Free when you buy 2

Revlon Emery Board Nail Files, 10 ct. $1.47, Regular Price
Use $5.00/2 – Revlon Beauty Tools, Target Coupon – (target.com)
Final Price: Free when you buy 2

Revlon Lash Curler $2.89, Regular Price
Use $5.00/2 – Revlon Beauty Tools, Target Coupon – (target.com)
Final Price: $0.39 each when you buy 2

If you head to Target and find more KRAZY deals, please leave a comment and let us know! To see what Revlon considers a “Beauty Tool”  look here. 

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120 thoughts on “Free Revlon Beauty Tools at Target!”

I have checked 2 different Target stores and they do not carry the Revlon beauty tools. Is this a regional item? Anyone in WI find these at a Target?

Didn’t think I would have any luck when I went to target today but I was able to score not free but very cheap(.40 ) Revlon beauty tools. I was able to get an emery file, small nail clippers, cuticle trimmer, 2 pk emery shapers, and 2 pk nail buffers. I can’t wait to make a little gift basket for my daughters bridal shower.!

Also I was at Target Wednesday afternoon and was browsing through the beauty tools section. None of the products listed above were there. One target employee was stocking things in the beauty section and I asked her if the items were available. she checked her cart and gave me a few. They had just come in. However I did not have my coupon then. So I came back the next day and by that time the shelves were empty again. I am just curious ??? Do people visit the store everyday to see if the products are stocked. The lady had a good number of items in her stocking cart so I am sure she would have restocked a lot. How come everything got sold out so soon ??? I was under the impression that since the discount coupon has been out for a while and since she ws restocking it that day, the products will be available at least for a day or two. Just curious on how people shop and if I am missing something.

I went to Target with 5 Target coupons and 5 manufacturers coupon to get the Revlon nail products. I also bought 4 Cleaning products. I asked for the check out to be in 4 separate transactions (1 cleaning product and 2 revlon product) just in case it doesnt let me use multiple coupons in a single transaction. When he did the first one the machine gave a $1/1 revlon beauty tool coupon. It did the same all the transactions. The cashier was a bit annoyed when the machine was dispensing  more coupons. He made a comment that why is the machine giving out more and more coupon. He made that comment couple of times. When he was done I thanked him and he made the same comment again – I am surprised you are getting more discount coupons for these nail items. I just left the store. Since there was a line behind me I did not check my recipts or coupons just made sure I had all the products. When I came home I realised he gave me only 2 MFC .. I don’t know what he did with the rest but I am sure I got coupons for all my transactions. I am so annoyed but I guess I should not complain since this was free. 

I was wondering if anyone has ever had an issue with Target telling you that they only allow 5 like coupons per household.  I was just told that when trying to use my coupons in the store today.  There’s a free newspaper in my area and I was able to pick up a good bit of them (without clearing them out of course), and I was denied using 10 of my coupons.  I checked their policy online and didn’t see anything about it.  I called back up to the store to complain because it was a supervisor who told me that.  Any advice will be much appreciated.

hope u left some for others!

Can’t wait to make some cute gift baskets full of these products and nail polishes and eye shadows for all the teenage girls in my extended family! Yay!

When I use Target coupons that are more than the item price, they are free and I don’t even have to pay tax!  Not sure why, but I’ll take it!

OK..so i just went to target in Mansfield TX a couple hours ago…not only are these tools WIPED out (all but 3) they store REMOVED the price tags from the shelf. Immediately im thinking that is very suspicious :)  I took the eyelash curler that in your photo above was 2.99..now i know prices range by location but it rang up as 5.99!!! and the little eyebrow scissor with the brush…8.99!!! wth!! I think this target has jacked up their prices! on purpose…because y are all the tags missing from the shelves?

I’ve noticed the target by me won’t stock the items up once they wipe out, until the coupon is expired. The shelves will be sitting empty for a month+.

Great deal, thanks KCL! I used 3 computers (work, home and laptop) – printed 5/5.00 off TQ – i bought 2 small nail clippers, 2 big toenail clippers, 2 eye lash curlers, 2 metal nail files, and 2 nail shapers. Cashier let me use all 5 coupons in the same transaction and actually was very helpful and cheery. That is why i love couponing at my local Target – cashiers always  very nice, polite and always encourage coupon use (even thought it says on TQ: “one coupon per customer per day” – my local Target allows to use few of the same kind). It is total opposite to my local Walgreens – i follow all the rules, bring store policy with me – but – it never fails – there is like 1 cashier, everyone else is on break, or walking around the store, scratching their …. Always cashiers make up their own coupon policy and end up calling store manager and i form like a mad line of 20 people behind me.

Can you use the Catalina that you get with the 5 dollar off coupon? Since it says manufaucatior on it, if the total is over 5$ or can you only use one? Thanks

The $5.00 off 2 Revlon products Target coupon was also in my 3/18 SmartSource coupon insert!!!  So off I go to Target today….=)

I got toe nail, finger nail clippers & two cuticle trimers!

I just now checked. There are 14 items under Beauty on Target.com but none that says $5 off Revlon Beauty Item. There is $2 off Revlon Cosmetics but that’s it.

I wasn’t able to use this coupon. :( Although it didn’t specify, the coupon I printed was only valid for the purchase of NEW Revlon items- the products in the picture on the coupon. These items, with coupon savings were still $3.77. I didn’t purchase them.

awww looked all over for it earlier today & couldn’t find it :( … but there was a $2 off revlon product i wonder if that will work on the beauty tools as well 

awesome scored 2 free eyelash curlers and nail clippers free

 A few months ago the KCL made a post about how to get free baby products and resources. Does anyone know where to find this post, or the links? Also i went to the target coupon page today and this coupon was not there, just the one for $2 off cosemetics.

The 3/18 SS has this Target coupon in it….and there is no limit written on it! 

So, this may have been answered and if so I apologize but today I went and bought 2 of the tweezers and used the $5 off coupon and received the $1 off Catalina. Can I use my $1 off Catalina & the $5 off coupon on 2 items?  

The Targets by my house near Sacramento, CA have a new nail clipper and toenail clipper called What a Catch!  They have a plastic holder that slides on and off to catch your clippings.  The toenail clipper is $2.99 until I believe the middle of May and the nail clipper price tag says $1.97 but rings up $2.24.  I didn’t notice until after I left the store but its still a good deal $.25 for both and no one leaves their clippings around anywhere.

it was on the site yesterday. good luck

Yeah I noticed that too.  The Target coupons adjust on its own.

cant find the coupon at target coupons, i don’t think it’s there anymore

i got those coupons yesterday in my newspaper i dont remember if they were on the ss or rp inserts

Coupon is gone. On a brighter note, I was able to get my 2 free items and overage applied to the rest of my cart :)

What category is this coupon under on the target website I can’t seem to find it?

I printed one coupon early this morning….went on my lunch break to Target & was able to get a toenail clipper & the package of 2 emery boards (paid $0.14) and received the $1 Catalina.  Got back after lunch, and the coupon is gone! 

I looked over the target coupon site twice & NO such coupon!!!

Cool, I need a new eyelash curler and tweezers!

I think they removed the coupon. I look all over for picture on it. The only thing is available is $2 off. Ooh well. On to other deals. Thanks for posting it.

I wish I had printed more than one this morning because it looks like it is gone now :(
However, I did use the one this morning without any problem – in fact, all my coupons scanned through at Target this morning with no issues so yay! I saved more than I spent :) Oh, I got the Revlon catalina too!

printed off two this morning…..worked at Target no problem….then went back to the targe website a minute ago and can’t find the coupon anymore??  Did they take it down?

I could not find the coupon on targets website??

The coupon is gone. This is so sad. :(

The coupon is gone. This is so sad! :(

Coupon isnt there anymore :(

@Daisy check your local SS 3/18 i saw one in there for the $5 off 2. And it has the Target logo on the coupon  :)

In my local SS there is a Target Coupon for $5 off with purchase of two REVLON beauty tools can this be combined with the Manufacturer’s Coupon that is also $5 off with purchase of two REVLON beauty tools?

cannot find the coupon…..

Yeah, I think this coupon is gone at Target.com. I’ve looked a few times.

I went to one Target and I got the nail clippers that were $2.24, bought 2.  I went to another Target not too far away.  I was told the large files that are $1.69 and the pack of 2 which is $2.89 are not “beauty tools”.  This is coming from the manager.  At least I got more coupons from the machine.

 I tried to use this at Target and I tried to buy the two nail clippers and the manager would not let me use it as she said you have to spend at least $5.

I think the $5/2 Q is gone

YAY! I bought Tweezers for $2.24 and Nail Clippers for $2.24 total price w/ tax: $4.79, I used my coupon $5.00 off 2 revlon beauty tools final price: FREE!! plus I got 2 $1 off Revlon beauty tools catalina.

I couldn’t find the coupon :(

target won’t let me print it.  says i have reached my limit yet i have never printed this coupon.  I can however print other coupons off the site…..weird.

I found it and tried to print it and it says coupon limit reached …. it never allowed me to print it off at all …. bummer

Same here- it says I have printed my max, but I definately didn’t print it.  I tried last night too, and it wouldn’t print it, but didn’t give me a message.

Printed off mine last night and read the new verbiage on the q’s- basically saying “coupon value may not exceed value of purchase”. So, I won’t be surprised when they tell me that they won’t adjust it down because of the verbiage. They are now telling me this for manufact q’s when I try to use $1.00 off of a product that is lower than $1.00. They won’t adjust it down due to “policy change” even though the corp policy does not reflect that.  Just a heads up for those wanting “free” products from Target. Hope it works for you, but just a heads up so you know to possibly expect it. :) Good luck, either free or cheap, it seems like a good coupon!!!

It all depends on your cashier. My awesome male cashier scanned both items and the catalina machine prints out the MQ and, as awesome as he is, he scans it for me to use right then. Then scans the $5 TQ and the machine beeps but he picks the Q anyway because he knows that I bought two. I got overage too. I always buy other stuff so the machine never goes negative. LOVE Target!

I had this issue with the dental floss. Priced at .87 and the TQ was $1. One manager wouldn’t do it so went home and called corporate. They said they should of adjusted it down. I even stated that the verbage said value of the product must be greater than the coupon. They still said it should of been adjusted down, and mentioned that they state that because they don’t give overage. It’s not very straight forward…

Hi KCL!!!  Is eye pencil sharpener considered as cosmetics or beauty tools!? Thanks :)

pencil sharpener would be a tool in my opinion!!

We’ve linked to the Revlon page so you can check out all the items that qualify. Scroll up to the deal for the link. :)

target’s computer will group the “like” items together.  make sure you have the cashier ring up 2 items that equal $5 or close to it then hand them the coupon to scan right then.  the computer will then take the $5 off those 2 items.  or the computer will adjust down if it is below $5.  then repeat in the same transaction.  i was told to do this by a target employee.  it worked perfect the last time these coupons came out.  if you hand the coupons over at the end of the transaction with.

 example of not doing this.

2 items at $1.97 each (computer will group these 2 items)= $3.94 minus adjusted down price of $5/2 coupon.

2 item at $3.89 each (computer will group these 2 items)= $7.78 minus $5/2 coupon.

total for transaction= $2.78

example of handing over coupon after scanning 1 cheap & 1 kinda cheap item.

1 item at $1.97 & 1 item at $3.89= $5.86 minus $5/2 coupon
then repeat
1 item at $1.97 & 1 item at $3.89= $5.86 minus $5/2 coupon

total for transaction= $1.72

got a few of these yesterday!!! the coupon adjusted down to the total of both products..bought 4 nail clippers and got all them for free!! going to print a few more a girl can never have to much nail files…

I live in Las Vegas and we got this coupon in our 3/18 SS insert. this is going to be an amazing deal to score this week. I’m excited. 😀

Thank you, I get the LV paper too and totally missed it!

D: really? i hope you were able to print it out from the Target website. ><;

I had printed two of the Target web coupons before they were gone and then had the one from the LV paper so thanks again for pointing that out for my. Got my 6 free ones, yeah!

So excited for this deal!!! My eyelash curler broke and I can’t find our nail clippers anywhere! They disappear like socks! Now if I could just get a coupon for those! I hope this happens to everyone and I’m not just scatter brained!!!

Today I went to target with..
 $2 off any Revlon Cosmetic item TARGET coupon AND $1 off Revlon MANUFACTURER’S Coupon
I tried to buy one Revlon lipstick worth 4.99 but at checkout counter they said that they cant accept two coupons!!!!!! I could not argue with him as it was long line b/h me! 
Is it True?

They should have taken one target q and one manufacturers q per item.

Thanks… Target is near to my home and today i am going with a print out of target Coupon Policy and gonna buy stuff with TARGET and MANUFACTURER Coupon! :)

Just got a eye lash curler, nail file and two nail clippers free:)

I just had the WORST experience at my Target.  They told me they couldn’t adjust coupons down if they were for more than the item.  I showed them their coupon policy that states they do….the manager told me that they have to go by what the register does.  If it doesn’t go through on the register than they can’t do anything about it.  I am so fed up with them!!

Yep! I hear ya….I refuse to shop there.  Every time the cashiers find some way to not allow me to us my coupons.  I will not shop there anymore…and I havent for weeks now.  Their loss.

I just got my reply back from Target corp.  I will just print it and bring it in everytime with me.  What a hassle, but clearly the cashiers don’t know their own coupon policy and try to make it difficult to shop there. 

aww that sucks cuz my target is really good with coupons.. they’ve never turned me down.. try finding the same cashier … i know a friend that works at target & she always makes all my coupons go through

Just did this deal in Northern Caifornia….yay! Did not get any catalinas printing out upon purchase, but I got 4 sets of nail files and and 2 eye lash curlers for free….no tax even! I did three transactions of 2 items per piece. The cashier called over the manager because she thought that there had to be a minimum purchase to use the coupon, but there is none! I used the coupons from the paper which do not specify a limit.

Remember to pair the Target $2/1 Revlon cosmetics coupon with last week’s $1/1 Revlon cosmetic in the paper.

oh and I got 2 $1/1 revlon beauty tool.

 Thanks for letting us know!

I got 1 eyelash curler ($2.99 i think) and 1 10 pack of compact emery boards ($1.27) and it was 4.16 before coupon and free after.

Watch out how you use these! I had two target coupons, bought: (2)small nail files in box (2)single, large, thick nail files and the register separated them so that i still had to pay about .99 cents.  2.99-small nail file plus 2.99-small nail file  -minus the $5.00q AND 1.67 large file + 1.67 large file – minus $5.00q, so i ended up paying the .99 cents on the first coupon set and it lowered the $5.00q for the second set, just because the register grouped them together this way..next time i will do separate transactions

thanks for the heads up

Our Target sticks to the one coupon per person.  So I have to make multiple trips to use these but worth it.

I love Target and never have any problems there but I do not like those receipts! Sometimes its so confusing to try and figure out if you really got the the savings you were expecting the way its all over the place! 

same thing happened to me, I had to pay 98 cents for something i hoped would be free but their register paired them up automatically. I was a little bummed out

I would take my receipt to customer service and explain the situation.  I often find mistakes on my Target receipts and am able to get it taken care of at the customer service counter.

Just tried to print and said, “you’ve reached your coupon limit”. I haven’t printed from Target for a few weeks and have not printed this one yet! Bummed!!!

Printed 12 coupons an all worked fine!!! completed two transactions, one for self and one for friend!!!  Also, received several of the 1.00 off any Revlon beauty tool!!!

you must have 6 printers

 Remember that these coupons state “one coupon per guest.” I know they allow you to print 2 per computer still, and that is very confusing if you ask me. But, keep in mind this stipulation when you redeem.

I work for Target, and my Target allows you to use two of the exact same in store coupon per transaction assuming you buy the correct quantites stated on the coupon. Example: say you have one $1 off one coupon, you can use two of those coupons if you have two of the items. Call your Target and ask to speak to the GSTL. Every Target store in my city has a different coupon policy. In this case, you would be allowed to use 2 coupons in 1 transaction if you buy 4 items.

Am I missing something? I can’t find the Target coupon. Maybe it’s already gone?

keep looking, should be there.. :]

search under beauty.  look carefully.  i didn’t see it at first, maybe because it didn’t look like i expected it too, or i dunno… but it’s there.

It looks like this:

sweet i got 10 papers today that rocks  and i can print 6 from home :) love it

Maybe the coupon is gone already?  I’m not seeing it…

It’s there… towards the end. I just printed one.

i found it… don’t know how i didn’t see it at first… maybe cuz it was all bright colored and looking like something for a kid, even though i was searching beauty… sometimes i’m a ditz lol

I sure don’t see a $5/2 but I do see a $2/1.

we can also use these coupons at walmart since walmart takes competiters coupons.

Had NO idea walmart took competiters coupons…I have ALOT to learn. Thanks….Nargis Farroq =)

Someone at walmart told me to get a price and then they would discount it based on the q a little complicated but ask if you are there…

My walmart will not take target coupons….

 Mine either….they only take them if the coupon has a specified price(per their policy)…..

walmart will not take competitor’s coupons if they are for x amount off.  They walmart will only take them if the coupon states a specific price. Ex: they’ll take a coupon that say “89 cent 2 liter of 7up”  they will not take a competitor’s coupon that say “$1 off 7up”  AND, they only accept 1 coupon per item I believe.

Thanks Kati!

These coupons are not to be used at walmart, it is againt there policy.

 It’s actually not allowed according to their policy because it is a “$ off” coupon, and doesn’t state a specific price. I have heard of some Walmarts accepting them, possibly out of confusion about their own policy, but to be clear to other readers hoping to do this, they do not take “$ off” coupons which is the type this one is. HTH!

my walmart said they take all competitors coupons except target because they are reciptortating!!!

Walmart does not take dollar off competitor coupons. They will only take the coupon if it has a final price on it.

The same coupon is also in today’s SS newspaper insert!!! :-)

I didn’t get that in my insert!  At least I printed out 2 =).

The coupon wasn’t in my insert either. Glad I can print, too!!

I’m in Houston, TX. I was flipping through and thought it was a regular coupon, then I saw it said Target coupon. Pretty cool. 

I’m in Fort Worth.  I know that different areas have different coupons.  My husband brought home 4 Dallas papers last weekend, and they had different coupons!  I can buy the Dallas paper here, but I am not paying $3 per paper.  I found a store that sells the Fort Worth paper for $1, I was talking to another couponer while out and she gave me the heads up!

yeah im from dallas,tx and that’s true the papers/inserts are $3 so i’d rather ask my neighbors for there coupons that they get from the mail…I’m so lucky my neighbors don’t use their coupons

You can buy the DFW two paper bundle for $5.  Still irritated that I have to spend that much but They always pay for themselves.  I got 14 this weekend and they all had the $5 Target Coupon that will all be donated stuff.  Love me some Velveta Skillets especially since Albertsons has them for $.99 and a $.75 coupon make them $.25 each.  All the carefree’s will be donated as well, so It was worth the $35 bucks

I always buy the two paper bundle, its $3.99, I only always get 2 packs.  I did not get the Revlon beauty tools coupon.

My husband got the Dallas inserts from work.  They get papers from all over Texas.  I told him to ask for the inserts and he took 4.  But since I know where to go for just $1 a paper, I’m going there from now on.

Could you share where you get them for $1 please?

 I get my $1 paper from Denton…my husband works in Denton, so he picks up the Denton Record Chronical.
You can also get a Combo DRC/DMN for $3.50.
Also, I just signed up for the DMN to be delivered for $20/month, The guy gave me $40 in walgreens giftcards(they are valid, and he was in walgreens signing people up)…you can cancel anytime, but he sd that he makes his commission after 90days…..so that $20 net for 3 months for me…..

I bought two nail files which contain two files each for $2.69.  I also got a $1 off Revlon beauty tools catalina.  Went through without any issues.