Did you get a $4.00 off coupon for any Schick Hydro Silk Razor in today’s Smartsource coupon insert? Well, just like we told you last month, your best bet is to use this coupon at Walmart where specialty packaged Hydro Silk Razors are $5.97. After coupon you will pay just $1.97!  These packages also contain a travel size Skintimate Shavel gel and two more great coupons:

$1.00/1 Skintimate Shave Gel (excludes 2.75 oz) inside package
$4.00/1 Schick Hydro Silk 4ct. refill inside package

Schick Hydro Silk Razor $5.97, Regular Price
Use $4.00/1 Schick Hydro Silk Razor or Refill from SS 2/26
Final Price: $1.97

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130 thoughts on “Schick Hydro Silk Razor Only $1.97 at Walmart!”

my walmart doesn’t sell this, and if they do it is just the razor for 9 dollars and they won’t match the price to that picture… :(

Is the schick hydro package still available at Wal-mart?

I forgot to say I used this at Wal Mart. lol

this deal worked in Erie, PA :)

I just purchased 6 tonight with no hassles at all; the coupon rang up without assistance.  Inside, in the back, there is a cardboard product information that is folded in half.  The coupons for $4 off razor pack and $0.55 off shave cream were on the inside, on the back of the product info.

If you buy the razor pack w/ two cart.’s @ target they are priced for $9.99. You can use the MFC for -$4 OFF and target has a coupon as well that you can print online for $1.50 OFF…
Youn can get it for a final price of $4.49 (not bad on my opinion… shorts are just around the corner)

Hey! I found the coupons! they were inside the insert, which I didn’t realize it opened up. Check inside the long insert with the curve and the hanging hole at the top….pry it open and there are, indeed, two coupons in there! One is for refills and one is for Skintimate Shave Gel.

Safeway has then on sale for 5.99- the 4.00 MQ you will only pay 1.99, no reward but you don’t put out as much money up front. Another way to do it!!

I had a cashier literally throw a coupon back at me when his computer beeped and he said – Did you even get this item?  ummmm – yeah, I did (with a smile, of course).  It’s frustrating.

Yep – no coupons.  The only bonus I got were cuts on my hands trying to rip the razor out of the packaging.  I need to start packing a butcher knife in my bathroom to open this stuff up!!!  😉

 You don’t need to rip the package from the side.  There is a tab that allows cut free opening in the back.

got mine at rite aid yesterday, great price and deal, i also used the 0.55 cent coupon for skintimate at my giants(which doubles coupons up to 0.99 and scored a 10oz can for 0.98 cens awsome deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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My WalMart manager said the reason it did not scan when I did it, is because the package actually calls it a “bonus pack” instead of single razor which is what the coupon states. They let me do it, but only after they made sure I knew that they were doing me a favor and it wasn’t supposed to go through. Aren’t they nice?

How unfortunate WALMART IN MANTECA, CA WILL NOT accept the coupon for the $4.00 off the schick hydro razors. We were hassled in by the manager in the local store and then called corporate for assistance and I was told by corporate customer service that each store manager can decide what coupons they would like to accept. WOW! 

I bought three at Wal-Mart and didn’t have any trouble. Coupon didn’t beep.

Mine didn’t have any coupons in it. Did anyone have coupons in theirs?

It will beep, the cashier just has to press yes,saying that you are buying a Schick Hydro product for coupon. Also, the coupon does not excludes anything.

Did you see that the new Schick Disposable Razor coupon (in the upcoming Sunday paper) now excludes the $1.97 10+2 pack?! It’s only for $1.75 off 1 so it’s no longer a money maker and the only other alternative I have is the buy the $6.00 pack. Why do they make these changes? The stores get reimbursed and the companies are getting their products purchased. They seem to make it so difficult for the consumer. Times are hard enough and now you can’t even get a free razor.

well i guess they will be selling fewer of them then! they only way i can afford those expensive razors is with coupons. even if i had a lot of money i find it kind of absurd to pay so much money for a razor. the disposable ones work as well as those expensive ones.

 I think companies tighten up the language and add exclusions because they never intended it to be used on the really cheap items, as they don’t make much money if they pay most of it out in coupons.  As soon as they put two and two together, you see the language change, or the amount change, or both.  That’s why you rarely see ANY without the exclusion of trial size listed anymore, IMO; they didn’t intend us to get free or nearly free items but rather to sell full sized at a discount with coupons.

im so glad you pointed this out im gonna try it tmw. i had a target web coupon for $1.50/1 so i was thinking i would get a good deal but theirs is $9.99

I got 2 this afternoon from my Wal-mart, no problem. Wish there had been more on the shelf, but luckily there’s another Wal-mart I can visit tomorrow when I do the rest of my shopping.

My area Wal-Mart allowed the coupon, but I noticed that the combo pack was priced much higher at $9.97.  I went ahead and purchased the razor alone at the $5.97 price.  Watch those prices Ladies!!

I used 5 today at walmart in greenville ohio and they scanned just fine i do have a few more if anyone didnt get them 

Do you still have any extra razor coupons? Schick Quattro and Silk are the only razors I absolutely love and work well on my skin. Let me know if you need coupons too, I can possibly trade if I have them.

I had that problem at WalMart in San Diego today, but the lady at the register was nice and gave it to me anyway. Later I saw the other pack with the razor + a refill cartridge at Vons for $5.99 with your club card. I don’t know if they would accept the coupon for that package but it’s worth a try!

Warning- I did this today at WalMart in San Diego, and the register wouldn’t accept the coupon for the specially packaged razor and shave gel. The lady at the register was nice and gave it to me anyway.
Also, later I saw the pack with the razor + refill cartridge for $5.99 with club card at Vons. I’m not sure if they would accept the coupon for that, making it $1.99, but it’s a worth a try!

Nothing wrong with trying!

i got mine for 1.97 whoo hoooo i wish i had more coupons to get more

I live in Des Moines, Iowa and my Walmart has a display marked at 4 dollars so I got 8 for FREE!!!!!!

I wonder if it’ll be $4 in any WalMart in Iowa?  VIsiting family up there this weekend, I’ll be sure to look out for it!  I need to teach my mother in law the ropes. Would be an awesome price. I went to the WalMart 2 minutes away from me, and it is all gone!

CVS has this item on sale, you pay 1.99 with your coupon, plus you get 4.00 back towards your next purchase. Better deal is you ask me.

thanks for letting us know im gone go get this one. i have a 4 reward that is about to expire and its nice to know im getting it back 

I just used this coupon on a test run at my local WalMart in South Huntsville, AL.  The coupon worked brilliantly.  The cashier even commented on how this was an awesome coupon.  I will go back later to get more this afternoon since this is like 2 minutes from my house.  Mine did have the coupon’s on the insided label. 

I have 3 of these coupons, if someone needs them. 

Really? Yes, please!

I will be glad to mail them to you.

Have them in an envelope, just need to know where.

My Walmart in Mississippi let me use it.  They scanned without a problem.  I got 5 last week and now there are more coupons this week.  I’ll be back to get more!!!

my walmart has them for $9 something, so they aren’t even on sale.. :( I even scanned it to make sure..

thanks i have 2 of these $4 bucks off and one $3 bucks off

IN LAS VEGAS NV WE DIDN’T GET   $4/1 coupon :-(((

How come I never get any Schick coupons in my paper. Sigh.

I live in southern Ca and the coupon went through, no beeping plus the shelves were completely stocked! :)


what a suprise to see u here cousin. its me josmary 

 I didnt have coupons either :(

SO frustrated…. i looked EVERYWHERE at both of my walmarts and nothing.. I couldn’t find them anywhere

I couldnt find them either had to ask they were in a big display right in front of the paint isle who would have thought

Thankfully my cashier pushed the coupon through when I went to get 1. The coupon wouldn’t scan at all. When I was leaving the store another lady had the same issue and the CSM was called over and they weren’t letting her use it. I bought more and if I have a problem the next time I go I will ask for the store manager. The CSM at my store never knows what they are talking about b/c they refer to the picture in the coupon and say it has to look like the picture even though it states any of the product i’m buying.

yeah it happen to me with the olay cleanser coupon and the free body wash. the lady wanted me to get a bar soap just because it had a picture of it even though the coupon said clearly free body wash up to 8.99 value when have you seen a bar of soap for 8.99. they are funny sometimes

im gona have 2 try it and see if i can some..usually sold out b4 i get paid end of week

I went to the Walmart yesterday and they also had them for $3.50! I picked up 26 of these and with the $13 in overage I got my son a much needed booster carseat that was on sale for about $13. I’ll end up keeping 10 and donate the rest to my church for their city outreach. Please don’t get on me for shelf-clearing, I didn’t. There were like 50 of these and when I left there were still over 20 left. I had the NICEST cashier, and when they stopped ringing up, she called a manager, who was also super nice. He did his thing with this little key and let them run right through. I’m still in shock!  😉

You got REALLY lucky!! I’m happy for you just hearing about your deal!! So awesome!

very nice deal! i wish our walmarts here in northern cal were more like that.

Did you have 26 coupons? Do you get 26 papers each week?

Probably not. Im betting people, or neighbors of hers give her their coupons. For instance, every saturday in my neighbor hood we get FREE papers, and each paper as a Smart Source insert..did I mention it’s for FREE? So I have about 15 of those razor coupons. It just depends on how you get your stuff..

clipping service is a possibility

I’m a cashier at Walmart. I used the $4.00 off coupon plus the $1.50 Target coupon on their website. They should let you use both because the Target coupon is like ad matching and has to be price-overrided at the register. The $4.00 off coupon just scans at the register. I got that razor for $.47. :)

Thanks for the information. Can you purchase 4 using Target coupon as ad matching?

We do at my Walmart because at the register the Target coupons won’t scan. We have to enter the coupons the same way that we ad match a product.

i tried that, but they said they only take competitors coupons for a specified price, not a %off, or a $ amount off, how can i use this strategy with no problems?

gwendolynndavis, you are correct, this is what corporate policy states. 

I know Walmart doesn’t take %off coupons, but we do take competitor’s coupons for example $1.50 off. We take all the coupons on Target’s website, and they never had a specified price. For ad matching, we can’t comp the price if it says a % off or doesn’t have a specified price.

I need to come to your walmart and come in your line honey! :)

I work at Walmart. I used the $4.00 off coupon plus the $1.50 off target coupon on the same product. The target coupon is like ad matching, and cashiers have to over-ride the price at the register.Talk to the manager because the target coupon isn’t a manufacturer coupon and is a price over-ride. The $4.00 off is a manufacturer coupon, so it just scans at the register. I got that razor for $.47. :)

Last week they were on sale at Safeway for $5.98 with $4.00 off the price was $1.98.  Now I wish I picked up more.

i tried using it at walmart on vance jackson and they wouldnt allow it because of the shaving cream that came with it

do you live in in san antonio if you do go to the walmart on sw military i had no problem

I dont know if anyone has posted about this yet,but I just got back from safeway (Northern Cali) and they were on sale for $5.99! I got 10 of them and 6 nivea lip balms,reg price is $11.99 at safeway so I got a rain check for 10 more! Total retail price is $137.93 only paid $19.90 !

the rain check was for 10 at $5.99 each- $4 mq = $1.99 each!

I tried to use the $4.00 coupon a few weeks ago and my wal mart wouldn’t take them, even when I talked to the manager

One Walmart I went too did not accept this coupon.. but another Walmart did. I have 3 coupons, so I will have to try to get more of these!

I love how coupons are inside of the pack too.

dont have the coupon where do i find it

you could try coupon clipping sites. i just bought more on ebay yesterday:)

There is another deal for this I got yesterday at Target. Target mailed out a coupon booklet and there was a $4 Target coupon for this razor. The razor is $9.49 there so after the two coupons it is $1.49. You don’t get the shave gel, it’s just the razor and 2 cartridges. I may use the coupon from today’s paper to get the one at Wal-Mart or CVS. A girl can never have too many razors!!!

Did Target mail you a coupon booklet because you were in a certain area? Because I didn’t get one. :(

I used this 2 weeks ago and the cashier accepted it. I pointed out that it had no limitations and she was able to do it manually. 

no problem at my walmart in orlando, was able to buy 4..

just bought 4 of them at my walmart in orlando, no problem…

I had a problem at first and I pointed out that the coupon says ANY on it and they let me use it after that.

 With the deal at CVS. Pay $9.99 get $4.00 ECB a then use the $4 coupon.
Do you have to purchase each one separately to get the $4.00 ECB ? Or can u
purchase more then one per transaction and still get the ECB for each

you can purchase more than one in the same transaction & the ecbs will print out 😉

With the deal at CVS. Pay $9.99 get $4.00 ECB a then use the $4 coupon. Do you have to purchase each one separately to get the $4ecb ? Or can u purchase more then one per transaction and still get the ECB for each shaver?

You can get them at Safeway for $1.97 after $4 coupon

There are 2 Walmarts about the same distance from my house and one accepted it and one did not.  Just keep trying!

I was able to buy 4 of them at Walmart. They cashier just did a override

Do Walgreen’s Register Rewards require a loyalty card?

They do not.

If you lived in  Kansas City, Portland or Richmond, the Walgreens Rewards card to do your shopping. This was a Pilot Program when I lived in the Kansas City area. . In May, 2010 Walgreens  announced that they were going to offer a Rewards program well it only lasted until January 2012. It was a BIG Thumbs down

not in california. they don’t even have a walgreens reward card. but since its different in every area you should ask the manager

I have done this deal twice now at 2 different walmarts and the coupons dont go thru as matching, but if u show them the coupon sayd “ON ANY SCHICK HYDRO SILK RAZOR” and then state that there is just a free shave cream that comes with it…they do it or at least have for me, but ifnot try another walmart, my sister had problems too! I got 10 today and no worries no shelves were cleared(my biggest pet peve) they had a whole end cap completely full of these bonus packs!! Didnt even make a dent! good luck:)

I work at Walmart and unfortunally you cant use that coupon on the bonus buy. 

Why not ? coupon says on ANY  one razor
doesnt say excludes anything

I wasn’t sure where to post this but these razors without gel  were on sale at Safeway for $5.99 today. With the coupon its the same deal as CVS is running this week but less out of pocket!

My Walmart in Aurora, MO., would not allow me to use the coupon for the razor with bonus.  However I went back the next week and got a different clerk and she pushed it thru, and got two of them.

Safeway also has these on Sale for $5.98. I used $4 coupon and got them for $1.98. And they also have the Schick Hydropower razors on sale for $5.98 use $4 coupon to get them for $1.98.

I get the SS insert but I didn’t have a coupon for that? Are the inserts different for different areas?

Just came from my Walmart and no problem – was able to pick up 2…and their registers ALWAYS beep. 
The packaging states that there is a razor with FREE shaving cream. SO, you are purchasing the correct item….

I didn’t have a problem last time this coupon came out at my Wal Mart either. It’s not a combo pack it just has free shave gel in it. I love these razors!

They wouldn’t allow me to use it either. The manager on duty came over and was very polite and explained that this was considered a “combo pack” and the coupon was for just a razor.  This seemed like a very logical explanation so I didn’t try to battle her on it. 

Ours sold out the first week the coupon came out, and they said they wouldn’t be getting any more in.

I think this changed because i went when the deal was  first posted and coupon scanned fine… i went yeserday and computer said item didnt match coupon…

My walmart had it on sale/clearance (i’m not sure for 3.50!) I got 8, of them. Totally a moneymaker!!

Wow that’s a fantastic deal!

were they in the “clearance” isle? or with the rest of the razors??

Do certain regions get certain inserts? I don’t have that coupon in my Smartsource? This happens quite often…

Yes unfortunately they do. If I were you I would check to a different paper in your area (if you have one).  I was getting my local paper and then realized a larger city paper nearby had different better coupons in their inserts. Does that make sense? 

Same thing here…my city paper doesn’t have many inserts but i get the post n it has a heck of a lot more coupons

I live in san jose and my inserts never have this $4/1 coupon either :(

I live in San Jose also. I found the coupon in a free weekly paper called El Mensajero. this paper always has a Smart Source insert that is diff from the SJ merc.

I’ll keep checking other papers, thanks!

I did this deal @ CVS, went to 4 different stores (they were all out) and finally got some on my last trip…buy one, use 4.00 manuf cpn, get 4.00 ecb…paid $2.76 (w/tax) oop…got 6, using $4.00 cpns and $4.00 ecb…finally scored on a great deal like this!

Wasn’t there a limit of 2 on that cvs ecb deal?

No! it was perfect….they had an entire shelf full of these!! I was so happy :) It did show a limit of 6 on the tag, but when I hit my 7th purchase, it still printed out the $4.00 ecb..but I was out of the $4.00 manf cpns. and I think 7 was plenty…so it worked out perfect. Had 7 manf cpns and then the 7 ecb…even the cashier was surprised it still printed out another $4.00 in ecb?

i was able to get 3 of the bonus ones at our walmart in sedalia mo . :)

 I live in Blue Springs, MO and it worked too!!!!

Yes some people are having a hard time using this coupon and doing this deal but I’ve done it several times at my store and have had no problems. I’m so sorry that some of your stores aren’t allowing you to use it! 

im from sunnyside and i buy the tri city news paper. and i wonder are the ss and red plum differnt from eachother from the tri-city to the yakima paper

I cannot comment on your specific area but the coupon fliers differ greatly in the two papers offered to me in my area. Two weeks ago I bought both and the red plum in the paper I don’t normally buy had way less coupons. Lesson learned!

Ditto here. Their machines beep saying you’re not buying the right thing.

These razors are also on sale at Rite Aid and Walgreens this week. Its not the bonus kit with the shave gel, just the razor, with 2 cartridges (the bonus kit only has 1 cartridge, so even though you get the shave gel, you loose a cartridge with the Walmart deal. Guess it kinda depends what you want more, gel or blades).
$9.99, use $4/1 mq, pay $5.99
Get a $4.00 register reward / +Up
Final cost = $1.99 each

That’s right. Thanks for sharing and reminding us!

ive tried but didn’t allow also…. :(

They won’t allow me to get it either :(

They won’t allow you to buy that one, I tried

 Point out to a manager that the coupon says any.  They should allow it then.

i live in wv, and my coupons were not scanning either, the manager would not let me get it, cause it had shave gel, went to a diff walmart, and the only prob, they have to cover up the big bar code, and scan the little one, worked fine for me ever since

I just got mine today, the coupon wouldn’t scan n the cashier read the coupon n then tried hand scanning it and it worked…the coupon says any shick silk razor!!!