$0.55/2 – One-Dozen Cartons of Eggs, any – (facebook.com)

Just in time for coloring Easter eggs, you can print a coupon to save $0.55 on two one-dozen cartons of eggs! Hurry over to the Incredible Edible Egg’s Facebook page and “like” them to print yours. Then hold on to your coupon for a sale, or take it to Walmart to grab their store brand eggs for just $0.91!

Walmart Great Value Eggs, dozen $1.18, Regular Price
Use $0.55/2 – One-Dozen Cartons of Eggs, any – (facebook.com)
Final Price: $0.91 each when you buy 2

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30 thoughts on “Save $0.55 on Two Dozen Eggs, $0.91 at Walmart!”

Tried using the q at my Krogers today and was told its only good on the brand Incredible eggs? Is there such a brand?

Your store got it wrong–the coupon is from the “incredible edible egg”, but that’s not a brand : )  It should be good for any brand of eggs.

Thanks! I’ll be sure to let them know in case they receive any others!
Subject: [krazycouponlady] Re: Save $0.55 on Two Dozen Eggs, $0.91 at Walmart!

Southern California Ralphs has eggs on sale for $0.88. Make it to the store by the end of this month so the coupon will double from .55 to 1.00 and pay $0.76 for 2 dozen eggs:)

Yay!  Great deal for Easter!

Awesome!  Thanks KCL, just in time for Easter!

My ralphs has it for 88 cents each (for 12 dozens). It will be a great deal! (:

I’ve decided to buy a chicken to get free & fresh eggs.

Maybe I am slow but what brand of eggs do I need to purchased {any?like Shoprite brand eggs or land o lake}?

This coupon is good for any brand of eggs.

Thank you for this post!  We have a local grocery store that is selling their 1 dozen eggs for $0.88 each so with this coupon and a price match at Walmart I can get a few pretty cheap.  Thanks KCL!

Awesome. Looks like we’ll be eating eggs for a while. :)

I have the book and am just getting started couponing.  I bought the Lysol No Touch Kitchen system at Target.  It was a little over $9 to start with.  I had a Target coupon for $3 off and the manufacturer coupon for $3 off so only paid a little over $3.  Yippee!

I’ve been reading the book and now just starting to get into couponing more.  I went to Target and got the Lysol No Touch Kitchen System.  It was a little of $9.00.  I had the target $3.00 off coupon and the manufacturer $3.00 off coupon so paid a little over $3.00.

Glad it’s working out for you!

I wanted to add to the whole meijer thing!  If you live in the columbus, OH region Meijer doubles up to .99c

1 dozen of eggs .88c X 2=1.76
Use the coupon above after doubling 1.10
Total price= .66c

Walgreens will have their eggs on sale for 2 dozens for $2 starting 4/1-4/7.  

This particular coupon won’t work for two-dozen packs. It specifically states two one-dozen cartons.

Oh no, I didn’t mean one pack with 2 dozen eggs.  I meant 2 packs of one-dozen each for $2.  Sorry for the confusion.

No problem : )  I just wanted to make sure no one had any surprises at the register : ))

Great matchup!  My local Meijer (I’m from MI) has eggs on sale for $.88 a dozen this week, using this coupon they will be about $.61 a dozen! 

marshmallow peeps has coupons 1/2 right now more easter ideas

Kroger has their eggs on sale this week 10/$10.00 and Meijer eggs are on sale this week for  88 cents.

my kroger has eggs for $1.00 this week, and they double so I can get two dozen for $ .90!! that’s $0.45 per dozen!! hopefully there are others out there that can score this deal at kroger this week :)

Melissa, My Kroger in Houston no longer doubles. Waaaah

starting the third of april kroger will no longer double anywhere its in their ad

My Kroger doubles up to .50 cents…my ad here in Kentucky does NOT say that so I hope we stay the same!

My Fred Myers has a sale 7-day coupon for a dozen eggs only $0.99 can you stack it with this coupon?

Yes, you should be able to stack!

can somebody plz tell me how to get this coupon