Simple is a new skin care line from the UK. Simple brand products contain no dyes, artificial perfumes or harsh irritants. This week at Rite Aid Simple cleansers and wipes are on sale for $4.99. There is also a monthly +Up reward and a great manufacturer coupon to stack!

Buy 5 Simple Facial Cleansers or Wipes $4.99, On Sale through 3/31
Spend $25.00, Receive $10.00 +Up Reward, through 4/3
Use 5 $2.00/1 Simple Skincare product from SS 3/25
Or $1.00/1 – Simple Facial Skin Care Product, Excludes Trial and Travel Size – (
And use 1 $1.00/1 – Simple Skin Care Facial Wipes, 25 ct, Facial Wash, 5 oz, or Facial Scrub – (
Pay $13.95, Receive $10.00 +Up Reward
Final Price: $0.79 each when you buy 5

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104 thoughts on “Simple Facial Cleansers and Wipes Only $0.79 at Rite Aid!”

I am so sad this deal wasn’t going on at my Rite Aid.  The Simple products were 6.99.  I really wanted to get some.  I love the facial wash.

I have a VERY important question.. Rite aids policy states that I can use 1, but no more than 1 of each of the following on 1 item: a “48” Rite Aid Valuable coupon, a “49” Rite Aid man coupon and a “5” manufacturer coupon. But I just noticed that my video value coupons are not a “48” but in fact a “49”. Which means I lose out on pairing them with a rite aid “49” that I would take out of their ad for example. Is this new? Someone please tell me Im looking at it wrong, cause I need to go shopping in about 3 hours! Thanks!

I just purchased 2 so simple cleansers not knowing of the monthly +UP reward if I go back to rite aid and purchase the other 3 will I still get the reward or do they need to be purchased in the same transaction?

Yes you will…read the posts from KCL in reply to skc128. She explains in detail =) Hope this helps!

i did this today Its great :) Orig price $7.29 each Sale $4.99 each
i got 5 @ $4.99 each $24.95
used 4 $2.00/1 coupons
         1 $1.00/1 coupon
and   1 $1.00/1 Rite Aid coupon (-$10.00) 
oop $14.95 recieved $10 + up rewards
Final $4.95 ( $.99 each)

RiteAid’s new coupon policy is horrible! 

I just read that RiteAid changed their coupon policy March 2012 and you can only use 1 coupon on a BOGO % off sale.  That stinks!

Yup, I know right =( CVS rocks!!!

did this last night–thanks, KCL!

So glad I read the blog before I bought these items. Thanks for all the helpful information!

it only adds up to $24.95-not enough  for the  RR

Kimmer49, it will round up to the required $25 =)

I didn’t think that they would do that-it’s happened before and they have told me that I had to buy another one-will give it a try.  Their new policy is unbelievable-you can’t use a coupon on the 50% item when you buy one?  My days at Rite aid are definitely coming to an end!!

My store has them 2/$6 not 4.99

Has anyone tride this product?

yep it’s awesome!!!

I am a little confused by the Simple  skincare coupon…my coupon says a Maximum of 2 identical coupons per shopping trip…so how can I use 5? I am a little new to this so mybe I am not understanding what it is saying

This deal tracks so you’ll need to do 3 separate transactions in order to not use more than 2 like coupons in the same shopping trip..

I am also a little confused by Simple Facial Cleanser…the coupon I have says
“maximum of 2 identical coupons allowed in same shopping trip. So how
would you be able to use 5 coupons? I am a fairly new to this so maybe I need help understanding what I am looking at lol

Skc1281, you will need to do 3 separate transactions in order to be able to use the coupon properly. The register will keep track of how much you have spent towards the promotion so that once you reach the $25 in the 3rd transaction, your +Up reward will print =) Usually a coupon will let you use 4 of the same in the same trip but sometimes there are greater restrictions as is the case with the Simple coupon.

I thought I’d let everyone know I haven’t used the soap but I used the wipes and I LOVE them. I like water proof mascara but I always end up losing eye lashes trying to get it off but these wipes get the mascara off so easy!

Made the mistake of buying a second simple skin product (single purchase) and forgot about tax! It came to 3.18 (I believe). I now have $10 dollars towards the 25. Not sure if it is worth buying 3 more ( esp since I will have to buy one during a second shopping trip (or have a family member purchase it). My Rite Aid is very strict with coupons and what “they believe” should be allowed (not policy)

NicoleyN, I always suggest taking the Coupon Acceptance Policy with you so that you don’t have trouble trying to redeem your coupons. As long as you are doing what you are supposed to, you should be allowed to do what the policy states =)

Can’t get the coupon link to work on the Walmart page.  I clicked both buttons and nothing happens.  Anyone else having this issue?

Busynwmom, it was working fine when I tried it. I do that know that sometimes if your cookies are not enabled properly or they get messed up that can cause a problem. Also check to make certain that you have an up to date version of the coupon printing ap so it bring sup the page. Hope that helps!

So do you get these coupons quick once you order them? I need 3 more of these $2 ones but this sale is over on Saturday.

I was excited about this deal till I read on the coupon only 2 coupons per transaction, so thanks for the information about this deal tracking.  We are out of face wipes and my daughter tried to get me to by some face wipes for $7.99 the other day (for one package)!!!! I told her no way and she said this is the kind you buy to which I replied NOT for $8.00!

Now we will be stocked for a bit!

I didnt even notice that detail. Were you able to do this purchase in multiple transactions without a hassle?

Felicia, the coupon states per shopping trip, so you may have to go to the store more than once. A pain, I know!

Learned that at least one of my local rite aids will allow this in one transaction so always good to know however we do have four (YES FOUR!) in one town.

That’s great Jemasaxa! It’s good to teach the young ones about coupons =)

I think the best lesson for her was when I made her pay half for a pair of heels at Aldo and the same day we went to DSW and I bought her 3 equally Awesome pairs off the clearance rack for about the same price.

I have not tried it yet but lots of others have and it seems to work. Going to Rite Aid today!

Seems like an obvious answer but want to be sure. . . Im assuming the transaction total is rounded to the nearest dollar in order for you to meet the $25 purchase requirement? 

Yes, it does round up, it is $0.05 away from $25.00 =)

Thank you. I should have read some other posts and would have answered my own question! Totally took advantage of this deal. Only my 3rd week couponing and I am seriously addicted! lol

I actually just went and did this deal. I used precious up rewards so I only paid .97 oop and got back $10 yay! Can’t wait to try this stuff

where are people getting the 5 coupons? I’m very curious.

Scroll up….Ap1994 had the same question and there are many responses to her question that also answers yours. HTH                     

Everybody is so helpful in this Rite Aid section, we have great readers KikiSaver, including you!

Jasmine, you can get multiple copies of a Sunday paper by subscription or from friends/family who don’t use theirs. Also, your local recycling center will have lots of unused inserts ripe for the taking =) Still others will purchase coupons from coupon clipping services.

Let us know how you like it Brittinc11!

What about the fact that the stuff would only equal 24.95 since they are 4.99 and not 5?

The Rite Aid system has been updated to round up to the nearest dollar, so this will work.

 I’d like to know that also, since it is my understanding that Rite Aid doesn’t round up like CVS does.

Maybe Rite Aid wants to be more like CVS KinaKouponer, in a good way =)

Brittinc11, it will round up the extra $0.05. It has for me for awhile now =)

Has anyone tried this line?? How is it??

I Love the cleanser! Makes my skin feel baby soft. Best cleanser I’ve tried ever!

 That sounds great, thanks for the feedback!

Hurray Christina! I think it’s great too =)

My daughter has psoriasis and needs to use the sensitive skin products all the time. She has used the cleansing wipes the past couple of days and loves them!

 Awesome! I mean, not that your daughter has psoriasis, that sucks, but that she loves them! I’m excited to try them now!

Aella10, glad to hear it was a good purchase!

Chelsea, I am new to couponing to and got started because my mother was diagnosed with larnyx cancer so my huge family had to start saving right away…(Thank you Krazy Lady…:)).  But when Mrs. Krazy announced on her website for a free sample for this product I tried for one and luckily I got it..  Now for the good scoop.  Ladies this cleanser is amazing and so awesome I would recommend it to anybody for the simple reason Radiation Burns.  My mother had to have these and we could not wash her throat area with any kind of soap and there is no soap out there for cancer radiation patients.  So when I got my sample and read that it had no perfumes, or dyes and that it could be used on anything I decided to try it on momma, she didn’t cry and it didn’t hurt her.  Actually it has really helped her skin burns heal twice as fast and our oncology radiation doctors wanted to know what I use so that they could order samples for the patients.  My opinion of this cleanser is  I am leaving right now and heading to Rite Aid and thanks Mrs. Krazy for letting me know about this deal….

I am so sorry to hear that your mom has larynx cancer!!! :(( But I think it’s wonderful that you found a product that not only didn’t hurt her, but helped heal her! That is so amazing :) did you do this in multiple transactions? 

Coupon Citterz, that is wonderful! I am so happy to hear you were able to find something that helped your mother! Wishing you both the best of luck and blessings =)

hi guys, im still new at this. so, is it…. get 10 u.r… before or after coupons?

It is before coupons vue951. It’s a great deal right?!

ok guys, i’m still new at this. so, its get back 10 u.r. before coupons or after?

Can you use the SS manufacturer coupon with the adper manufacturer coupon?

Tracy, you may =) The coupon acceptance policy states “No more than one “48” Rite Aid Valuable coupon, one “49” Rite Aid Manufacturer coupon, and one “5” Manufacturer 

coupon can be used on a single item”

i don’t see the promotion on my ad whet did it star (
Spend $25.00, Receive $10.00 +Up Reward)

It’s a monthly deal and not in the ad but it’s on the yellow tags in the stores next to the price of the product. The monthly deal started march 7th but I’m unsure of the end date.

Griselda, it is listed in-store, it is a monthly promo that ends 4/3 =)

in my store there is no yellow tag so i don’t know  if there is the promo of spend $25.00, receive $10.00.  should i try to buy and see what happend???

We didnt’ get the $2 off coupon in our paper :(

Drats Kelly! Next time =)

Has anyone actually done this deal at Rite Aid yet?

I have! Worked great… Paid in 3 different transactions :) What was weird is my Rite Aid isnt up to date with the new coupon bar codes… so they just took $2.00  off for each coupon. Something I found odd lol 

I did it this weekend. I was able to get it all in one transaction since the 4 coupon limit is at the discretion of the manager. If it’s a problem, it can be done while splitting into separate transactions.

This deal tracks so 2 transactions may need to be done in order to stay within Rite Aid’s Coupon policy of no more than 4 like coupons per transaction. The actual coupon from  3/25 SS says no more than 2 indentical coupons per shopping trip so this deal might have to be done in 3 different transactions .

 I’m new to couponing, so by tracks you mean that when you use your rite aid card that every purchase you make will be added to your card and then when you hit the $25, it will print the $10. Is that right?

Your right the wellness card keeps track until you hit the $25 mark to get the $10 up reward. It works for the kinds of deals when you have to spend a certain amount to get an up reward. The wellness card does not track purchases when you have to buy a certain number of items to get an up reward (ex. Garnier deal does not track since you have to buy 3 items to get an up reward.). hope that makes sense.

Great explanation! Thank you =)

I did the same thing as Ritchys71! :-) 

I got a question.. that’s been bugging me.. In this deal, you are saying to use 5 coupons from the paper.  Are you buying 5 papers?? Or finding them elsewhere? I never understood that.. 

You can buy 5 papers or ask friends/family for the coupons from their papers. Or get them from a coupon clipping service or even from ebay.

 I have read a lot about buying coupons on ebay, is that legal and if yes how is it?

You can have a huge debate over this issue, but my view is this:

It’s technically against the rules to sell coupons PERIOD, and also on eBay, but people list the coupons stating “you are paying for my LABOR to clip/send/whatever these coupons, not the coupons themselves”

But shouldn’t that mean ALL coupons should be the same value? I sure think it doesn’t take more “labor” to clip coupons for Speed Stick versus coupons for buy1get1free axe right?

You see coupons going for around $5-8 for a set of 20 coupons for “hot” coupons such as the “free Carefree” deal a few weeks back at Walgreens, while the coupons for non-sale items, such as Refresh eyedrops, are around $1-2 for a set of 20. You figure that out.

I always tell people if you buy coupons via eBay or some other clipping service, keep it to yourself and do not parade it around blogs/forums/community. If you are “against” buying coupons online, good for you!

Just remember some of these “coupon sellers” on eBay or other sites “may” be the ones who are stealing the coupons from your Sunday newspapers at your local store, or getting it by other unmentionable means. There are some who actually purchase ALL their papers and sell all their inserts inside, but it’s very hard to tell who does what since this is the internet.

Good luck :)

That is a good point mountaindrew!

Each person is different, but most of us who do a lot of couponing for stockipiling purchase multiple papers. You can purchase as many papers as needed at the newsstands, or get a subscription for multiple papers, or use a clipping service. You can also ask friends, family, coworkers, neighbors for thier inserts. Most people are more than willing to share if they are not using them. The typical rule of thumb is to get one set of inserts per person in your household, plus 1 extra. Example: If you have a family of 3, you would purchase 4 sets of inserts (4 newspapers)
Hope that helps :)

 Thanks kimlafeiet.  I quit my paper subscription because they were really inconsistant.. like they would be super early once and super late another time, and sometimes they wouldnt even show up!  But this was before I started couponing. I might call them up and see if I can negotiate something. 

We get inserts from everyone we know and then in return we share our great finds with them. We don’t have a newspaper subscription anymore, so there are many non-shady ways to get multiple papers on a budget. We also share all our great deals with our local food bank and homeless shelters.

 One of the best ways to get a paper on a budget this is if I need extra check the .99 stores I know dollar tree in california has the left over papers from the register if I need an extre I save .50 a paper buying there.

I order 12 papers… ya i know its a lot but i have a huge family! And great local prices! I signed up with Press Enterprise and they had a promotion for sunday papers $0.25!!! SO its like paying for 2 papers.. maybe check with your local newspaper and see what specials they have.

I called my local paper a month ago to ask and for Sunday only is 9.99 a moth. So that’s 2.50 a paper just about. And they don’t run any deals :(

Wow, that is a great deal on your papers! I have a great deal too, but not quite that good, lol :)

That’s a great deal Rachel!

 Awesome deal!  Too bad they’re too far away :( 

Ap1994, you can get subscriptions to newspapers or ask friends for theirs. Also, your local recycling center will often have lots of discarded inserts you can go and pick up for free =)

I trade coupons with my sister-in-law and I go to the public library, they have a coupon box where I can get more coupons and I can leave the ones I don’t need, like baby items and allergies coupons.

I love that! I wish our stores and library would do this too. Sounds like I have some persuading to do! LOL

KikiSaver, you can always ask them about that. Many stores and establishments are willing to let you set something up.

That’s a fun way to do it almagon22 =)

I am fortunate to live in a (SMALL) town where our local paper is free.  The only problem is sometime the SS is missing, so I have to buy the big city paper – which normally has far more coupons, btw.  The gas station I pick them up from usually hands me a bundle of 20.  :)

My city’s local paper is also free on Sundays and it only has the SS inserts. Which is great, but I’ve noticed that many coupons that I really want sometimes are only in the SS in other Sunday papers (which I pay $2 for). So I always have to buy at least two papers which will bring all the inserts. 

Lita02, where do you live so I can move there for free coupons? lol

The $2/1 Simple Skincare product from SS 3/25 says that you can only use 2 per shopping trip.

I bought the small package of wipes at Target
On clearance. Tagged as $1.68….used $2.00
Off coupon….they allowed for overage….so
saved $2.00! Giving these as gifts to local
Women’s shelter! ;-). Small package….but free
is always good.

Nice free is always better…


you can send in your target store receipt to get a free $5 target gift card from Real Simple magazine!  

That’s wonderful Ritchys71 =)