Walgreens has Tampax Radiant Tampons on sale this week for $3.99. (On a side note, I’ve gotta say, I think Proctor and Gamble’s branding team missed the mark on this new product, Tampax Radiant. Really? Radiant? Radiation? Radiating tampons? I’m no marketing exec, but I’m not sure radiant is the word women will be drawn to in the feminine products aisle. :))

The Walgreens Weekly Deals showed you how to buy Tampax Radiant tampons, 16 ct for only $1.99, after coupon and Register Reward. However, this deal gets ever better if you plan to buy more than one box! Inside the 16 count boxes of Tampax Radiant Tampons are the following coupons which expire 3/30/13:

$2.00/1 Tampax Radiant Tampons
$1.00/1 Always Radiant Pads, Liners, or Wipes
$1.00/1 CoverGirl Product
$1.00/1 Gillette Venus Razor

If you use the $2.00/1 Tampax Radiant coupon from your first transaction, you can get your second (and third and fourth) box for only $0.99! Here is what your deal scenarios will look like:


Tampax Radiant Tampons, 16  pack, Always Maxi Pads, 12 or 16 pack, Pantiliners, 64 pack $3.99
Buy 1, Receive $1.00 Register Reward
Use $1.00/1 Tampax Pearl, Pearl Compak or Radiant, 16 ct. or larger, from PG 3/4 (exp 3/31)
Or $1.00/3 Tampax or Always Product from Target 3/4 (exp 4/30)
Pay $2.99, Receive $1.00 Register Reward
Final Price: $1.99


Tampax Radiant Tampons, 16  pack, Always Maxi Pads, 12 or 16 pack, Pantiliners, 64 pack $3.99
Buy 1, Receive $1.00 Register Reward
Use $2.oo/1 Tampax Radiant Tampons from product package (exp 9/30/13)
Pay $1.99, Receive $1.00 Register Reward
Final Price: $0.99

The boxes of Always Radiant Liners also have $5.00 worth of coupons inside. These coupons expire on 9/30/13 and include:

$2.00/2 Always Radiant Products
$2.00/2 Tampax Radiant Products
$1.00/1 CoverGirl Product

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62 thoughts on “Tampax Radiant Tampons Only $0.99 at Walgreens”

I wonder how much these are this week at Walgreens? I know they are B1G! 50% off this week and also wonder if any RR are printing :/

Save an extra 15% off Friday, March 30 with the Friends and Family coupon. Thanks KCL for the heads up. Definitely makes it the deal sweeter.

You are so welcome!!

Has anyone used these? Are they similar to other Tampax tampons? Tampons are one of the few items I am brand loyal to, and I don’t want to waste the $. Thanks!

I haven’t tried them yet. I figured for $0.99, they were worth trying!

 this was probably a rookie mistake but I used 2 $1/1 Tampax coupons to
get the 16ct boxes in the same transaction & only got 1 $1RR. Will
still get a great deal when I go back with my $2 Radiant coupons &
will know to do separate transactions :) also my coupon insert did not
come with the $2/2 coupons :(

this was probably a rookie mistake but I used 2 $1/1 Tampax coupons to get the 16ct boxes in the same transaction & only got 1 $1RR. Will still get a great deal when I go back with my $2 Radiant coupons & will know to do separate transactions :) also my coupon insert did not come with the $2/2 coupons :(

No worries, we all make mistakes! It’s how we get better and fine tune our Krazy Couponing skills!

first   i want to say  THANK YOU  to the coupon lady’s  i appreciate  what you do  for us 😀 and  i have i question 

if i  use my $2.00  coupon and  my 
$1.00 Register Reward 
im  still getting  another 1.00 Register Reward ?

you can’t use the 1 dollar register reward from the radiant tampons on the next purchase of radiant tampons. you could use a 1 dollar rr from some other product you purchased and use it on the radiant tampons and get another 1 dollar rr if that makes sense

You are so welcome.  Are you using the $1.00 RR from the first transaction? If so, no, you will not get the new RR.  (You can not use a RR from one product on the same product if you want your 2nd RR).

I went to walmart yesterday and was trying to use the $5 off revlon coupon and they told me I couldn’t because it was a target coupon then how come they let you use the walgreens coupons?

The Walmart policy says (in general)  that they honor coupons and specials with a price only.  Not money off, not %off, and no bogos without advertised price.  So say you had a target coupon that said Buy a revlon tool for .99 they would honor that, or Kroger All detergent 28-32 load for 2.99 they would honor that.  HTH.  

Are you talking about the walgreens coupons that print out  when you pay? because those are manufacture coupons and they say redeemable at walgreens. The target coupon you talking about says on the top target coupon. Its like trying to use a coupon from the walgreens booklet at walmart. It just won’t work.

The Walmart coupon policy says that they will accept Competitors’ coupons for:

A specific item for a specified price, for example, $2.99
Buy one, get one free (BOGO) coupons for items with a
specified price
Have a valid expiration date
Are acceptable in black and white.

I think they did not accept the Target coupon because it does not specify a product (just revlon beauty tools).

I agree about not opening the box until you buy it. It sets a bad precedent otherwise. I mean what’s going to stop someone from just opening the box and taking the coupons then?  It’s an incentive to buy more, that’s why they are in the box and not outside of it. Just my two cents. This is still an awesome deal either way!

This is an awesome deal! I’m planning to also go to Target for the buy 2, get a $5 off gift card and using coupons…I have stock, but have a 21 yr. old daughter that lives @ home and go through these between the two of us! Used to wonder if I had enough money in my paycheck to buy some and bought off brands, but now that I coupon, I don’t run outta’ things! Thank you to the Krazy Coupon Ladies! And I printed out your label/dividers to use in my couponing book and love them

On my way to Target I”ll stop @ Walgreens…but how many RR can I get if done seperately??

The $2.00 coupon found in the Radiant box says “limit 4 like coupons in the same shopping trip” so 4 RR at one time.  Of course, you can make multiple shopping trips to get more!

You are so welcome and we are glad you are saving and buying the brands you like! And, thank you for mentioning (and loving) the label/dividers! We love feedback!

I dint think you could use the same register reward from the same product to buy a second product. What the cashier told me was that if you use it for the second product it wont give the rewards for the second trasaction. Is this acurate?



Yes, that is correct. 

If you are in the Montgomery, al area, stop by Walgreens on Vaughn and Taylor rd. Isle three all the way down on the right all tooth paste toothbrushes on that rack are. 99, if you have Colgate coupons you can score them for free. Its not advertised nor is it marked. I just so happen to be standing in line when someone purchased some and I had to go back to get some. I’m not sure if it a mistake on pricing but I couldn’t pass it up. Get there early to grab some. I got oral b 3d white action spin brushes, Colgate 360 actiflex sonic power, regular 360, and arm & hammer global spinbrushes tooth paste. I was so excited!!!! Yay me!!!

Thanks for posting! Yay you! I looked today and I couldn’t find this deal (insert sad face). Who doesn’t love free?!?

I’m so excited because CVS has the Always Radiant pads on sale for $3.99 as well, with a $1 EB. I have a $3 coupon (from a flier they gave to teachers where my mom works), which means I get them for free after Extra Bucks. So happy I scored several of those coupons since I’m running a little low. :) Just wish the limit wasn’t 1. Wish a Walgreens was closer and I’d go there as well.

Also, I completely agree about the ‘Radiant’ part. My mom’s exact words were “Uh… ‘radiant’? Let’s hope they don’t glow….” haha

Glad you are getting the deal (even if it is not at Walgreens)! Can you imagine glow-in-the-dark tampons?!?

 LMAO those would be so awesome hahahahahahaha

On the box they even have what looks like the star of the magi dotting the i in “radiant”, geez that is terrible….of course I will try them anyway at .99. :-)

Haha… we will all be glowing because we can’t pass up a good deal! :)

You could turn off all your night lights! :)

ja ja ja

Instead of ‘Radiant’, they should call them ‘Disgusto’ tampons.  Can’t you see yourself going into Walgreens and asking, “Where do you keep your Disgusto’s?  It has a nice flow to it, doesn’t it?  (No pun intended…lol)


Great suggestion KCL!!  “Tampax Yuck Tampons”…I like it! :)

I bought some of the alway infinity radiant pads for my sister today and it did not have the covergirl product coupon but a dollar off of  secret body spray if you bought a secret deoderant.

I bought a box of Always Radian pads and instead of the $1/1 CoverGirl Product, I got the same coupon as you:

$1/1 Secret Body Spray when you buy one Secret Scent Expressions or one
Fresh Scents antiperspirant/deodorant (excluding trial sizes).

I’m guessing the $1/1 CoverGirl product only appears on the liners box.

According to the coupon policy @ Wags you cant use competitor coupons there…Did they change it recently?

no they haven’t, but none of the coupons listed above are competitor coupons – all of the coupons listed are manufacturer coupons

What are you referring to?

I’ve got a weird question, I have a RR and it expires on the 1st, can i use it on the 1st or not?

Yes, you can use it on the 1st.

Krazy Coupon Lady, just wanted to mentioned I was watching the Dr. OZ show earlier and saw the editor of Prevention magazine mentioned your website. I bet you are going to have tons of new people following your site.  Congratulations!!!!  you deserve it for having a great website and for helping us all save a lot of money. 

We saw it too! We loved the shout-out! Thanks for the congrats! We are super exited and glad that we help you save lots of money!! :)

Yes you can, i just used one today that expired today 😀

I’m going to go scoop up this deal tomorrow, i don’t have any tampons in my stockpile right now …

Definately a stock-up price!

Why bother with two separate transactions?  I mean, if you want the tampons for a buck, just open it before you buy it and get the coupon out to use it.  The way I see it, if you buy the item, does it really matter if you open it first?

We have had conversations about opening products before paying for them with the manager at our local Walgreens and we were told that they consider the product as stolen if it is opened before you pay for it.  So, if you were to open a soda and drink it while shopping, even if you have the intention to pay for it, they can consider it as stolen property.  Not all stores and managers have this policy, so you should definately discuss it with your local store.

At my local Walmart, we asked if it was okay to open the butter packages for the coupon inside after they scan the box. They said it was fine. So that’s an option as well. Have them scan the item first, and while they’re scanning the rest of your order, remove the coupon. Granted, this may not fly with all stores. 

My friend always does this,but we’re usually at the register when she does,she asks to open a drinkable yogurt.I tell her Not to,but the Cashier always says yes,since she’s in the process of paying for it.Still,opening something when you Haven’t yet paid for it is wrong.

It would be pretty hard to do considering the coupons are printed on the inside of the box. I had to take all the tampons out and cut the box up to get the coupons out. It’s not like they had a coupon just inside the box. So good luck if you’re doing this. 

The coupons in th tampons box were on the tampon insert  (the little paper that has the instructions, etc).  The coupons in the liners box were printed on the inside of that box.

More than anything else about this post I love the side note. I agree radiant does make you think for a moment, but maybe that’s the point.  I’ll die if they come out with a sparkle or glitter line of tampons lol Thanks for the post :)

You are so welcome! I’m imagining a “sparkle” line of tampons now…

LOL…I really love your side note. “Glowing” comes to mind when I see “radiant”….honestly, I don’t exactly feel like I’m “glowing” at that time of the month!

I always wonder what foreigners think when they see some of the brand names on our products. One that comes to mind is Bumblebee tuna. Where would they obtain that from?

Tampons are free at dollar general right now, its the RepHresh Brilliant Brand.

Thanks for sharing!

how much are they originally?

How do you get them free?