$0.55/2 – Incredible Eggs, Dozen – (facebook.com)

If you haven’t already printed this hot coupon, it is still available! Head on over to the Incredible Edible Egg Facebook page and “like” them to print this coupon. Right now, eggs are on sale for a great price at Walgreens. Stock up on your eggs at Walgreens this week with this deal:

Grade A Large Eggs, 1 dozen 2/$2.00, Sale Price through 4/7
Use $0.55/2 – Incredible Eggs, Dozen – (facebook.com)
Final Price: $0.73 each when you buy 2

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60 thoughts on “Dozen Large Eggs Only $0.73 at Walgreens!”

Ralphs in Socal they’re $.88, score two dozen for only $1.21

My Wags had a different brand of eggs :(

The coupon says “any brand.”  It will work for any two dozen eggs.

i agree with you stores have a right to check a coupon, to us it might just be cents but multiply that with a lot of coupons  it may be thousands lost

i was at target and i found an egg coupon in the parking lot for a $1 off any brand! then on sunday i looked at the ad and they were on sale for 1.19 so im excited to get eggs for .19!!!!!!!!

I’m a Walgreens employee, and I agree with you but also keep in mind that fake coupons DO still scan so many cashiers still need to double check with the managers. We have been cautioned about Pampers, tide, and coke coupons that are fake but still scan somehow. If the cashiers accept a fraudulent coupon, their job is in jeopardy, because management assumes thhe cashier was ‘in’ on the deal. Walgreens is hurting so they are looking for any excuse to fire their employees, so that is why many cashiers are scared of coupons all together.. If any problems occur go straight to the manager, who is likely to accept the coupons.

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i too DISLIKE  Walmart!!!!!!!  They have the rudest and most ignorant managers and cashiers……I have been to several Walmarts in the Central Florida area and yes, I have called corporate to bring up issues, and yes they have agreed that they were wrong,    but to have to go through all that stress is definitely not worth my time!!!!!.    They have asked me to return to their stores so that they may “fix” the situations.  but time is my priority and shopping at walmart actually COST me more of my precious time.    soooo,  I do not shop at walmart.   

Too bad…you would make a fabulous ‘greeter’! :)

I believe in spreading the “aloha spirit” even since moving to Florida a few years ago.   But,  the greeters are mostly senior citizens??!!  not ready for that,yet….hehehe How about you???  Love your profile pic!!!soooo coupon krazy look!!!

Thanks! My Krazy look is actually a reflection of my Krazy personality! :)

No, you weren’t causing any kind of controversy, as a matter of fact i’m glad you posted because its nice to know that Walgreens employees actually do care about this. I agree with you on the fact that it is a huge loss when you add it up in total of all Walgreens losing money. I understand their concern. Thanks for you input!

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if you”re got a meijer around, eggs are 88cents.  My meijer doesn’t double over 50 cents.  But lately eggs have been around $2, so I was happy to get 4 dozen for 2.42

The manager at my Walgreens told me that “incredible” was a brand of eggs and he denied the coupon.  What do I do?  How do I respond to that directly?
I took it to Walmart and price matched and they took the coupon, but what a hassle!

 the coupon says any brand so it should work.

I just wrote a long comment, and it got flagged for some reason. 

So im going to make it short. I had trouble with the cashier about this coupon too. Make sure you demand in a NICE way for them to scan your coupon. If it scans, they shouldn’t deny it. If they deny it, call corporate.

Thank you so much.  I will contact corporate –  in hope of better scanners.  Our WAG store just got brand new scanners, though.  

It should have scanned, if they TRIED to scan it. But more than often i see cashiers look at a coupon and deny it. They should not do that, they need to scan it first, and try a few times to scan it because some times bar codes arent easily read, especially the printed coupons.

I’m a walgreens employee, and to a certain degree I agree with you.  However,  lately (within the last couple months) I have been seeing fraudulent coupons that DO scan for their value (like $10 off Pampers diapers from the “manufacturer”).  They will take the money off, but when we call the manufacturer, its 100% fake.  Just saying, if it looks funny, NICELY ask them to get the manager to have it checked out, not just make them scan.

I am sure this happens, but my coupon was for 55 cents off 2 dozen…and I know for a fact the manager was talking ignorantly, because I know that Incredible is not a brand name of eggs.  Please note, I would not print a 55 cent coupon off my printer if it was fake.  That would also be a waste of ink.  Please spread the word to your local co-workers in effort to support legitimate use of coupons.  
Christina, Registered Dietitian

I’ve seen that $10.00 off pampers coupons, as a matter of fact, theyre all over ebay. From what I know, a few people on here have said that Pampers had mailed it to them when they called to complain about their product. So I don’t know what the deal is with that type of coupon. Yeah, I agree with high value coupons it’s an iffy subject.  But when it comes down to 55 cents of two carton of eggs? why should that be flagged?

 i aswell am a couponer and a walgreens employee. And even my regular couponers try to copy coupons and do this all the time. After all even 25¢ coupons add up. COUPONERS: please understand that not all employees are the same. and employees should not think of all couponers the same either. Happy couponing!!!

How can you tell if it’s a copied coupon?

 the barcode starts getting distorted. and most people try to cut the little letters all around it out or cut thru it because it has your IP address and they can track you down if it has been copied. and maybe get prosecuted. After Extreme couponing i have seen more and more of this happening and more people have been prosecuted more than ever before.

 Great point!

 Huggies had a coupons a while back where after you accumulated a certain amount of points you can get a free pack of diapers. One of these coupons made if around the stores and managers thought it was fake. It did have a hologram but we have gotten so many of these. We dont want to disappoint our customers but from a business stand point we can lose serious $$$ if they are fake. All we can do is hope that all coupons are real and the company does get redeemed from what we do take.

you are right just because it scans doesn’t mean they are legit coupons. fake coupons scan too. . with our technology so advance they should invent something to tell a fake coupon from a good coupon. 

i have never seen a 10 off pampers coupon in my life, you can tell just by looking at the amount is fake. they would go broke if they gave 10 off coupons

 I’m sorry, but that made me laugh 😉 Did he even try to scan it? I don’t know how to argue with that line, but I would try a different Walgreens, or ad-match at Walmart :)

agh!!! I went by there this morning and got 2 doz. and coooooompletely forgot i had the coupon!!!!! so going back wed. when hopefully they’ll have some more in stock! EEP can’t wait 😀

 Can’t you go back and show them your receipt and coupon so that they can discount it for you? Since you forgot it earlier? Ive done this at Target.

I agree. If nothing else, you can do a repurchase :)

Don’t worry, you can ALWAYS get a rain check for the eggs!

Great! I was going to do this at Walmart last week but I ran out of steam and time from all the Target toy deals. Sometimes it pays to procrastinate!

I posted about this 5 hours ago…Glad it made it on the list!

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What I like about you Lina is that you’re one of the few people on here that I can have an intelligent conversation with!
Would you happen to know if chickens can become diabetic?

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second cousins, i believe

Pizzaz, I <3 our convos too, at times my blood pressure goes up–which is fine, cuz I just pop a Peep in my mouth and watch my glucose levels rise to the point where my cholesterol gets a little edgy from the hard boiled 73 cents a dozen egg has been absorbed into my blood stream. Thats about the time I sign on to KCL and see your lovely comments. Making me LOOOL over my computer screen =) 

I got a nice surprise yesterday at my Fred Meyer (Kroger family store). Their eggs were 99 cents w/store coupon (according to their ad) but in reality they were on sale 2/$1!!! So, with Incredible Eggs coupons, I scored 6 dozen just for $1.35!!!!!!!!! Yay!

If you subscribe to evic emails at Harris Teeter, their dozen eggs are on sale for 97 cents until Tuesday.  They double coupons up to 99 cents everyday, so it would be 84 cents for 2 (42 cents each).

Perfect timing, we are running low on eggs… and i got Register Rewards i could use. 

Read your RR closely – they usually exclude eggs, for some odd reason 😉