I am heading out of town again–so I quickly grabbed a few of my favorite deals for this week! There is no way I could leave and pass up the free Allegra!  I also loved the great deal at CVS on Cadbury eggs. Even with a shorter amount of time this week, I found some great deals.  What did you find?


Colgate Cavity Protection or Whitening Toothpaste, 8.2 oz., MaxClean, Fresh or White Toothpaste, 6 oz. or Toothbrush 2/$5.00 or $3.49 for 1
Buy 2, Receive $3.00 Register Reward
Used 2  $0.75/1 Colgate Toothpaste, 4 oz. or larger, from SS 3/25 (exp 4/14)
Pay $3.50, Receive $3.00 Register Reward

Vanity Fair Napkins, 100 pack $2.99, On Sale through 4/7
Buy One Get One Free
Used $1.00/2 – Vanity Fair Napkins or Guest Hand Towels – (redplum.com)
Or $1.00/2 Vanity Fair Napkins or Guest Hand Towels from RP 4/1 (exp 7/1)

Grade A Large Eggs, 1 dozen 2/$2.00, Sale Price through 4/7
Used $0.55/2 – Incredible Eggs, Dozen – (facebook.com)
$1.46 for 2 dozen

Zantac 150, 24 ct., Zantac 75, 30 ct. $7.99
Used $2.00/1 Zantac Acid Reducer, 150, 24 ct., or 75, 30 ct. from Walgreens April Savings Book (exp 4/28)
And use $5.00/1 Zantac Product, 24 ct. or larger, from SS 4/1 (exp 6/30)
Or $5.00/1 – Zantac Product, 24 ct. or larger – (zantac.com)

Garnier Fructis Shampoo or Conditioner, 10.2 or 13 oz., Select Stylers 2/$5.00 or $2.99 for 1
Spend $15.00 or more, Receive $5.00 Register Reward
Used 6 $1.00/1 Garnier Fructis Shampoo or Conditioner, excludes trial size, from RP 4/1 (exp 5/13)
Or $1.00/1 Garnier Shampoo, Conditioner or Treatment, from RP 3/4 (exp 4/15)
Or $1.00/1 Garnier Fructis Style Product, excludes trial size, from RP 4/1 (exp 6/1)
Or $1.00/1 Garnier Style Product, excludes trial size, from RP 3/4 (exp 4/29)
Pay $9.00, Receive $5.00 Register Reward
$4.00 if you did deal as outlined above
*note: I actually bought 4 shampoo/conditioners and one higher priced leave in- conditioner at $5.99 because I wanted to try it.  So I actually spent $5.99 total – like getting the other products for free!

Bisquick, 20 oz. $3.00 or $1.99 for 1
Used 2 $0.50/1 Bisquick Original, Heart Smart Baking Mix or Shake ‘N Pour, 20-oz.+ Original, or 10.6-oz. Heart Smart Baking Mix or Shake ‘n Pour, from SS 3/25 (exp 5/19)


Allegra Allergy, 5 ct $6.99 – did this three times
Used $7.00/1 Allegra, Excludes D and Childrens from SS 4/1 (exp 4/8)

Buy 4 Cadberry Easter Eggs $3.79
Buy One Get One Free
Used $2.00/$10.00 Easter Candy from CVS Machine
And used $2.00/3 Hershey’s Kisses, Reese’s, Hershey’s Miniatures, Hershey’s Eggs, Cadbury or Whoppers Bags, 8 oz or larger from SS 3/25
$3.58 for 4 bags

Complete Multi-Purpose Solution, 12 oz $8.99
Buy 1, Receive $8.99 Extra Bucks, Limit 1
Pay $8.99, Receive $8.99 Extra Bucks

Depend  Silhouette or Real Fit, 3 ct $3.99
Buy 1, Receive $2.00 Extra Bucks, Limit 1
Used $2.00/1 – Depends Absorbent Product – (depends.com)
Pay $1.99, Receive $2.00 Extra Bucks


Didn’t buy anything there.  I went there but they didn’t have the Trident or Scuncies! :(


Dora Easter DVD $6.99
Used $3.00/1 – Paramount Home Entertainment: Dora The Explorer: Dora’s Easter Adventure DVD – (coupons.com) no longer available

Tums Freshers, 25 ct $2.49, Regular Price
Used $1.50/1 Tums Cool Mint Freshers, 25 ct or 50 ct. from SS 4/1
And used $0.75/1 – Tums Cool Mint Freshers, 25 ct or 50 ct, Target Coupon – (target.com)
$0.48 for 2

Buy 2 Up & Up Pain Reliever, 24 ct. $0.99
Used $1.00/2 – Up & Up Pain Relief Item, Excludes Trial/Travel Size, Target Coupon – (target.com)

Buy 1 Degree Adrenaline Deodorant $2.49
Buy 2 Dove Shampoo, 12 oz. $3.49
Buy 1 Dove Styler $4.49
Buy 4, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card
Used B2G1 Free Dove Styler – (target.com)
Used 2 $1.00/1 Dove Shampoo or Conditioner from RP3/25
And Used $1.00/1 Degree Men Adrenaline Deodorant from RP 3/25
Pay $6.47, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card
$1.47 for all 4 products

I spent $24.00 plus tax for about $120.00 of product at sale prices!

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54 thoughts on “Let’s Shop: Results Week of 4/1”

Wow, I am really impressed!  But I have a newbie question – I can’t find the listed above coupons at those sites, even though they are not expired.  Is there a way to search for them by dates?  I am feeling really stupid and a bit frustrated trying to figure out how all this works…

 Hi, fellow newbie!  I, too, have had trouble with this.  Seems you sometimes have to change the zip code.  A popular one to try is 90210.  Also just figured out tonight that the newspaper insert Q’s are regional (Red Plum, Smart Source).  A friend suggested picking up a larger city (Chicago for me) newspaper for higher value Q’s.

I live in MI., near the Toledo Ohio line which is where my Sunday paper comes from, and  never seem to get the good coupons. I noticed it with the Got to B products, that I was so excited to use, but didnt get. I also did not get the 7.00 off Alegra or the Carefree liners :(
I do not live near any other states to get differnt papers. Does anyone have any suggestion?
KCL, I just staring using your site in January, and I want to say THANK YOU so much for helping me learn to shop like a KCL! 

Buy whole inserts online or ebay. Google full inserts coupons for sale.

So…should you be able to use 3 of the $1 off dove hair care with the B2G1 Free, since that is a target coupon?

Unfortunately, no :( Target does not allow us to use a coupon against a “free” item, even when you are stacking man. and Target coupons.

So I went to Target and they started handing coupons back to me and said I can only use one per trip……so I could only buy one bleach. One Aluminum Foil and two pain relievers.  My mother in law saw a segment on one of the larger morning show about how they are making it harder to use large amount of coupons at one time.  Is this the new coupon world we now live in.  Will they ever lighten up again.??

I would buy one with that cashier. Take my stuff to the car and come back in buy again and go to another cashier. Not only will I get a work out but I would still get what I wanted.

Help, Krazy Couponers!  Totally new to this and having fits with Walgreens!  I tried tonight to buy the Colgate toothpaste mentioned above.  2/$5 which should have generated a $3 RR.  I used a $1/1 coupon.  No RR printed.  I also bought the Mio, $4.29 reg price, which should have generated a $1.50 RR.  I used a $0.75/1 coupon.  No RR printed!  The manager said that companies won’t let them print a RR if you use a coupon to pay for the item….is this right?  I don’t think so but maybe I’m missing something?  What to do?  Thanks, all!


No, you should still get the RR. I would go to a different walgreens if you have one near by.

Contact Customer care, they should resolve the issue.

My Walgreens has been doing the very same thing to me. I tried 3 different ways: With military discount, past RRs, and Man. Qs, then I tried a combination of this and that and no way printed out new RRs. I was so fed up that I just stocked up on some items with my last RRs that were going to expire that day and a few Man. Qs. I am not going back to Walgreens until I find out for sure what is going on because the employers there told me the same thing, and the manager seemed to have no idea. It left me feeling embarrassed and frustrated 3 weeks in a row, right after I got the hang of couponing there.

BTW, I wish I had a Rite Aid so desperately bc I see one awesome deal after the next there. Kinda jelly about that 😉

you know i dont think the manager is right. If you see their store ad they even suggest using a sunday coupon to purchase the items on sale, if that was the case they would write in the ad that if u use coupons you wont get an rr. i would contact corporate if i were you and give them the store address and phone number so they can take care of it. I heard so many complains about walgreens that i try to avoid it. CVS and Rite Aid are more coupon friendly stores, but that is just my experience. Other people never encounter problems couponing at walgreens.

Help!  Totally new to this and having fits with Walgreens!  Tonight I tried to buy the Colgate mentioned above:  2 for $5 which should have generated a $3 Register Reward.  I used a $1/1 coupon  and NO RR printed.  The manager said that companies won’t let you use a coupon and then get a RR.  This also happened with the Mio which was $4.29 regular price, I had a $0.75/1 coupon and should have generated a $1.50 RR.  No RR printed.  Same explanation.  Am I missing something?  I thought RR’s were Walgreen’s related and had nothing to do with companies not letting you earn them on items purchased with coupons.
Thanks much!

I actually bought the tums freshers at Rite aid and got them for free! They are $2.99 there but they had an adperk online for $1.50 off plus I had the $1.50 off coupon from the paper. Therefore I got them free! I actually went to Target first but they were out of them! So glad though because I got an even better deal! 

Everyone is out of the Allegra 5 ct.  Not restocking for over a week

Just wanted to let you all know there is a MC for 50c off in each Tums Freshers 2 pack off your next purchase, so you might want to open them up to put in your coupon file.  They are still sealed with foil, so it won’t affect the longevity.  :)

It was under 90210 but I just checked and looks like it is gone.  I’m so sorry you didn’t get it :(

what zip code is the dora easter movie under i couldn’t find it please help

has the b2g1 coupon been taken down? because i’m not finding it.

I tried using the egg coupon at Walgreens and they did not let me use.  The cashier said she did not know how to input it.  :-(

Hmmm….I would definitely try another cashier, a manager, or a different store if you have another one nearby!

I have a question, does anyone know how long the limit is for submitting rebates to Pfizer Healthcare? I recently submitted a rebate for Thermacare Heatwraps and they sent me back a notice stating that “A claim is being or has been processed for this household”, so they would not give me the rebate! Neither me or my husband has every mailed a rebate to Pfizer before and we have been living at this address for almost 2 years! The only thing I could think of is maybe the family living here before us may have submitted something to them previously. That is why I was wondering if anyone knew if the rebate limit resets after a year or some period of time or if it is ONE REBATE EVER and if someone living there before you sent in a rebate you would NEVER be able to send one! I contacted Pfizer and they said they are looking into it and would contact me back within a week. Just wondering if anyone else has dealt with this? 

hey on an unrelated note i seen that the nerf vortex proton disc blaster was on sale this week at target for $4.99 and the insert with all the hasbro coupons last week has a coupon in it for $5.00 off a nerf vortex lumitron blaster but the picture in the target ad and on the coupon are the exact same does anyone think it would work???

Seven of my nine Zantac pkgs. had $2 Q’s attached to front of them. Was looking to pay $.99  for each but turned into a $1.01 moneymaker!!! Manager sd i could use the coupons but had to add cheap fillers to do so. 

How does that work? You’re already using a $5 manufacturer Q. He let you use two of them!?

I didn’t get the trident or scuncies at my rite aid :( but did get some cough drops and hershey’s bliss :) only paid about $2 :)

Anything else I can get besides the deodorant to do the Dove deal?  My son has very sensitive skin and wouldn’t be able to use it….Thanks everybody!

I bought 3 of the scrubbing bubbles bathroom cleaning gel (4.07) and 3 fresh brush starter kit (6.49) and a scott toilet paper (9.59).  I used 3 b1g1 got the starter kits for free, $1/1 scott toilet paper and also used target coupon for gift card when you buy 2 scrubbing bubbles an the scott toilet paper.  I paid $22.60.  got 2 $5 gift cards.  It’s like paying 12.60.  Each item was $1.80.

The coupon works with the scenario!  It doesn’t take the two for free off till the end so it looks like you are buying 4!

My store in Wilkes-Barre Twp. PA didn’t have the Kashi steamer dinner that there was a Target coupon for, but I found a better deal. I was so excited to find a mis-marked Archer Farms spiral half ham (about ten pounds) for $1.81! I was worried that the cashier would tell me I couldn’t have it for that price but she let me buy it!

What a great Easter deal!

The Dove shampo RP coupon from 3/25 that you used was it specifically for shampoo and conditioner or is it the Dove Hair Care Q? I also didn’t get the $1/1 Degree Q, mine was for .50 =(

Dove Hair Care Product!

thank you =)

I have a question on the Cadbury Easter Egg at CVS.  If its bogo Free with a purchase price of $3.79 each and you purchase 4 with a price of  $7.58, how can you use the $2/$10 from the coupon machine??  Am I missing something??

It counts all 4 as bought and then takes free ones off at the end so it works!

i can’t find the dove b2g1 coupon! :(

You need to go to the Target coupon site.  The link takes you to the wrong site.  Click on the tums link and it will take you to the correct site.  Good luck.

there were tons of scuncies at my store, i think i will go back and get another package even if i dont get another reward its a great sale price

I live in utah and they are not running that promotion :( So ya it must be regional!!!

It looks like you got Scrubbing Bubbles One Step instead of the Fresh Brush Starter kit. Is there something I’m missing?

It was the Scrubbing Bubbles One Step that I did!  I just got confused with what I planned to do and in the process confused all of you too!!!  If you check back my scenario, it is all clearer now.  That’s what happens when you try to shop, pack and post!!

Can someone clarify the Scrubbing Bubbles deal? I thought you needed to buy three products to get the $5 giftcard.

At my store you got a giftcard just for buying the Fresh Brush Starter Set.  I don’t know if that is just regional but it sure made for a great deal!

So since they had a promotional deal and you used a coupon, did you have to buy 2 of the Fresh Brush Starter kits? Or two refills? Or is that just what you chose to do? I’m a little confused… and why did you pay 7.49? If they were 3.99 and you bought 2, wouldn’t that be 7.98?

My store didn’t have the Fresh Brush Starter Kits so I decided to do the One Step deal.  In my haste to post, I wrote what I planned to do mixed up with what I did.  It is fixed now.  Sorry for any confusion.

Barbara, At my Target here in Bay City, Michigan I saw that the Toilet Starter Kit was priced at $9.00 and if you bought it, you got a $5.00 Gift Card. That was the only GC deal I saw for the Scrubbing Bubbles. But like the bragger said, it might be regional.

Did you have a Q for the buy 4 recieve $5.00 GC or was that an in store promo?

KCL, If I was seen purchasing a box of Depends Silhouettes, I’d be heading out of town for a few days too!…lol…HaHa!

I’m 21 years old and I don’t shy away from buy Depends!! I donate them to my work and the residents are so thankful. Nothing to be embarrassed about, most likely when you are old you will have to use them! :)

 I think it’s awesome to donate them!! My father has prostate cancer and uses these everyday. They get VERY pricey and insurance does NOT cover them. I am sure someone out there will much appreciate your donation. Just drop them off at an elderly home or senior center.

It’s a $2 moneymaker. I could care less who sees me buying them. =P I plan to donate mine (as soon as I make my trip to CVS) to friends who are taking care of their elderly mother with Alzheimers. I make $2 to spend at CVS, and they get something they desperately need for free. It’s a win-win.