$1.00/1 – Method Cleaning Product – (facebook.com)
$1.00/1 – Method Item, Household Cleaning or Personal Care, Excludes trial size, Target Coupon – (target.com)

If you’re a fan of Method products, check out this great deal at Target! Right now you can stack a Target coupon and a manufacturer coupon to grab Method Dish Soap for just $0.99! To get the manufacturer coupon, just “like” Method on Facebook and then “like” the coupon to print.

Method Dish Soap $2.99, Regular Price
Use $1.00/1 – Method Cleaning Product – (facebook.com)
And use $1.00/1 – Method Item, Household Cleaning or Personal Care, Excludes trial size, Target Coupon – (target.com)
Final Price: $0.99

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37 thoughts on “Method Dish Soap Only $0.99 at Target!”

I have a ton of dish soap so I used it on the Method cleaning sprays  – On sale for $2.69 use $1/1 MFG & $1/1 Target and the bottle is only $0.69. Which I think is great – especially for this brand.

I went today to my local Target(Maryland) and found it on sale for $2.69 so with coupons Paid $0.69 And and Handsoap for $0.08. Great price on eco-friendly products.Thanks KCL!

Walgreens has these on clearance for $1.99

I went to target yesterday to get this and a few other items. When I checked out and walked out to my car I looked over my receipt and realized everything didn’t add up right. So I went back into target to talk to the manager to explain that they didnt take off all the coupons I had. Turns out that the scanners didn’t take off any of the store coupons I had, it only took off the manufacturing coupons. So I got $5 back.  I never before had a problem with target but just to warn those who shop there often. Look over your receipts and make sure it takes all of your coupons. 

This happened to me today! I found out after I went home. Both of the target mq for the method soap did not show up:(

Is anyone else having problems printing the facebook coupon?  I liked them and liked the coupon but nothing happens.

Same thing happened to me!

If you stick to the main coupon sites that we use such as coupons.com, redplum.com and couponnetwork.com, you’ll be fine! Be wary of coupons that seem too good to be true. For example, there was an $8.00 off Huggies a few weeks ago that was fraudulent.

I got my two bottles (18oz) of dish soap for 99 cents today! So happy, this brand is incredible!

i found some on clearance for $2.08, so i paid only .08

I couldn’t find the method coupon on target…

I tried couple of different zip codes and found it.  Try 90210 or 30303.  It says $1 off any Method Item.  I didn’t know about the Manufacturer coupon I am glad I didn’t use my other Target coupons yet

how do you change the zipcode for target website??

you dont need too. the coupon should be under household and on the second page. 

The Target coupons seem particularly tricky to find! Look under household. Also, it doesn’t have a picture of dishsoap on it, but a picture of a purple spray cleaner and a white bottle of laundry detergent.

I like getting the all purpose cleaner when these coupons come out , I do like the dish soap its a good size bottle and it look nice . I like to get one of each cleaner and soap and ill get a pack of kitchen towels and I have myself a nice inexpensive gift 

Target on the east coast (Maryland) has the Method 12oz. hand pump soap bottle on clearance at $2.08. If you combine the Target Q $1 and Manufacturer Q $1 total OOP- .08 cents!

My Target here in kansas has them on clearance too, not sure how much but thought I would share.

Im now deffinentally gonna have to try to get it…thanks for the heads up

How were you able to use the Method manufacturer’s coupon on hand soap? I tried using it at Target today, but the cashier told me that I couldn’t use it on the hand soap, only the cleaning products. :(

Being new I am not sure if I just need one coupon for one item or do I us one coupon for as many as I want to buy.  please help a dad taking care of three little ones

It depends on the coupon.  This manufactuer coupon says save 1.00 on 1 so you would have to have 1 coupon for each bottle of soap.  If it instead stated save 1.00 on 2 then you would use 1 coupon for 2 bottles.  If you want more bottles then you have to get more coupons.  This deal you are combining a manufacturers coupon with a target coupon.  So for each bottle of soap you want you need one manufacturer coupon and one target coupon.  You can also usually only print 2 coupons per computer IP address.  I hope that helps and I applaud your efforts.

I am new also. I am curious how do I stock up on these when some coupons say “one itemper customer  per purchase”??

If the coupon language limits your purchase to one, you’ll have to make multiple trips to stock up.

I’m gonna print my cpns & hope for an earth day sale!

Good idea =)

FYI the fb coupon prints at the end of the page. It also let me print 2:)

Does anyone know how many oz’s? 

The dish soap is 18 oz.

Is .99 a good deal for whatever size dish soap this is? 

 That’s what I was wondering.  Does anyone know how many ounces of soap this contains?

About once a month it usually goes on sale for 2.50 which is when I buy it with the 2 coupon making it .50 or the cleaning spray goes on sale for 2.50 and I buy that for .50. Either way I print the coupons when I see them because they don’t last long. I still think .99 is a good price because it is about the size of 2 of the Dawn’s that go on sale w/ coupon for .49

The dish soap is 18 0z.

 18 OZ

The  dish soap is 18 oz.

better deal if you go with the all purpose cleaners 

Sometimes you can find less expensive dish soap, but if this is a brand you like then it’s a good deal!