There are new samples and coupons available at P&G Brand Sampler!  There is a FREE Pampers Cruisers diaper and 6-ct package of Sensitive Wipes available now!  For those who aren’t familiar with P&G Brand Sampler, it’s Proctor & Gamble’s online resource for coupons, samples, and savings.  You can qualify for new freebies and coupons quarterly.  Head over to their website to register or log in to see what free samples YOU qualify for!

Thanks, Raining Hot Coupons

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13 thoughts on “FREE Sample of Pampers Cruisers and Sensitive Wipes!”

hi I need help with some pampers for my kids I’m really struggling please help me for free pampers

How can I get this free samples

You’re welcome, Jackie, Pizzaz, and Tammi!  Happy Easter, everyone!

KCL- Jackie said ‘Thank you!’

Thank you!

Sorry that KCL isn’t available at the moment to acknowledge your gratitude.  More than likely, she is typing & typing & typing & typing to provide all of us with the best deals.  However, I will be happy to pass along your appreciation and be assured that if she were hear, she would respond with a warm & sincere: “You’re Welcome Jackie!”

I notice you are usually available and helpful….I have a question you may be able to help me with.  I used to always be able to print coupons from Coupon Network but for the last month it just sits there and won’t get the coupon to the printer…it looks like it keeps trying but never gets them there.  But I am not good with computers and installing things….so at one point some told me to uninstall the coupon printer from that site…I have tried to follow the instructions but they just don’t match up to what I see on my screen when I get to where they say to go etc…..and you would think the site would have a “install” button so I could reinstall it but there is none…any help with that?  I am missing out on coupons! 😮

The 1st thing I would try is to restart the computer because you used to have it and that will re-set all the default settings.  Let’s see if that works first.  (It’s the easiest thing to try first.)

Oh yeah I have tried that several times and did some reading and it says to uninstall and I just don’t know/dare start deleting stuff…I would if I would see one specifically for Coupon Network but I can’t find one. Plus I contacted them and haven’t heard from them yet.  Bugs me!  I don’t want to miss out on coupons…like the Quik one…for $1.50 off….I looked and can’t find it elsewhere either.  Well if you have any other hints I’d try them.  Oh and I saw your survey…personally the pic half freaks me out…kind of scary… but it is easy to spot…but hey do what you’d like!

Ok, you can also try switching between Google Chrome & Internet Explorer.  See if it will print on the one you don’t normally use.

Well that is JUST CRAZY and IT WORKED!!!! :)  I always use IE so I tried GC and it asked to install the coupon printer so I did and printed just like that!!!  So I went back to IE and tried it and NO GO yet!  You would think once it is installed on my computer why would it care if it was IE or GC???  I can continue to use GC but isn’t there  a way to use it on IE??  That is what I always used.   Either way THANKS PIZZAZ!!!!!  You’re the Bomb!

Please remember that we ALWAYS spell Crazy as Krazy on KCL…LOL…Hahaha!!!  Glad you are back in business KrazyV!!! :-)

How can i get fee sample