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Printable Coupon Roundup: PediaSure, Pebbles Treats and more!


11 thoughts on “Printable Coupon Roundup: PediaSure, Pebbles Treats and more!”

  1. my pediasure coupon wouldn’t print…

  2. everytime i try to print the pediasure coupon it tells me ive already printed the coupon the allowed times but i have never gotten it to print! its such a good deal and i would love to have at least 1!! any help with this problem would be great!! thanks

  3. it wont for me either!!  :(  ive tried several times

  4. Pediasure didn’t work for me!:(

  5. IDK if there’s some kind of problem with the websit bc my pampers wont print either

  6. Anonymous

    I’m pediasure that it must be a technical difficulty.

    1. Anonymous

      A WHOLE HOUR AND NOT 1 LIKE???  Hey people!  This is clever stuff!  Did you break your funny bones?…lol ;)

      1. Anonymous

        Finally!  Thank you whoever you are! :-)

  7. Also having the Pediasure issue :(  Too bad because they are on clearance at HEB right now.

  8. TheRocknRollas

    Same problem here, says I have printed it but I have not…

    1. Anonymous

      Often manufacturers will only allow a certain number of a coupon to be printed.  Sometimes instead of saying “this coupon is no longer available”, they will say “you have already printed this offer the number of times allowed.”  It looks like this one might be gone.  Sorry :(

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