Bath and Body Works is having a one day only Fragrance Event on April 14th! The first 20 shoppers will receive a free full-size Fine Fragrance Mist. But don’t fret if you’re worried you can’t get there early enough. From 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday you can still receive a free full-size Signature shower gel and mini body lotion when you purchase any full-size Signature Collection item. You will also be entered to win a full-size Fine Fragrance Mist that will be given away every hour! Find out more about this event here.

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5 thoughts on “Free Gifts from Bath and Body Works Saturday 4/14 Only!”

  1. Just bought mine! I used a 20% off coupon I had as well.  I bought 3 and got 3 free, got a free full sized shower gel for buying a signature item, and got the free mini lotion (Wild Apple Daffodil is AMAZING!).  So all-in-all, I spent $27 and change on 7 full-sized items and one mini.  Can’t wait until the Mother’s Day event on May 5th!  Full-sized lotion and tote bag for free at that one, and I’ve got a $10 off coupon I received in the mail and a coupon for a free signature item with a signature item purchase of $10 or more!  Man, gotta love B&BW!

  2. I went to the closest store to the town where I live (30 mins away-not that bad I guess compared to others) and I was the first one to check out!  So, I purchased a body lotion from the Signature Collection and used a 20% off coupon that got by mail for subscribing to their mailing list.  Paid 9.51 and got:  Body Lotion, Shower Gel, Mini Body Lotion and the Body Mist!!!  Yay!!!! :D  It pays to wake up early…  Lol…

  3. Jessica says:

    I just got this deal…i bought 1 body wash, n got a free body wash n lotion, plus i was the first one in my store n got a free body mist!!!  score!!!
    I love bath n body works stuff :)

  4. Erum Faruqui says:

    Actually for the first 20 shoppers, it’s not free.  If you read the two stars thing on the bottom, it says “with a purchase of full-size Signature collection item”.  The hourly winning one is free, however, so that’s still a good deal.

  5. Megan Lawson says:

    I just called my local store about “the first 20 shoppers will receive a free full-size Fine Fragrance Mist” they said whoever makes another purchase will recieve another free full sized one.
    call your local one to make sure!