Now through April 15th, has SkullCandy earbuds as low as $9.98. The deal gets even better because offers free shipping on every order. I decided to compare prices and was surprised to see that Amazon’s prices were 35% more than SkullCandy earbuds in black/chrome $11.97 + free shipping SkullCandy earbuds in black/chrome $18.48 + free shipping

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One thought on “SkullCandy Earbuds as low as $9.98 Shipped!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Skullcandy is the best ear buds I’ve tried by a factor of at least 10x. Before Skullcandy I was going through ear buds frequently, average every two months or so (rough on them because I do intense workouts and dance routines). But I’ve been loving my Skullcandy for some time now. I’ve seen them around this price at places like TJMaxx. However, I got the best deal on them so far from Toys R Us of all places, it was on a BOGO and free ship so I got two of them for less than $5 shipped.