My kids love “cheesy noodles” as they say, and I love a great deal! This week at CVS when you buy two Kraft Homestyle, you’ll receive $3.00 in Extra Bucks.  Then add a coupon and we’ll have the best of both worlds!

Kraft Homestyle Macaroni & Cheese $3.00
Buy 2, Receive $3.00 Extra Bucks, Limit 1, On Sale through 4/21
Use $1.00/2 Kraft Homestyle Macaroni and Cheese Dinner from SS 4/1 (exp 5/1)
Pay $5.00, Receive $3.00 Extra Bucks
Final Price: $1.00 each when you buy 2

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38 thoughts on “Kraft Homestyle Macaroni & Cheese Only $1.00 at CVS!”

There was a regional coupon in SS 04/01/12 for .75 off these

wowww i just found out i have the $1/1 coupon sweet deal only 1 dollar for both. 

Which coupon book/date is it in?

i dont remember since i organize my coupons by categories. but they expire  5/1/2012 i think i got it like 3 weeks ago in my sunday inserts

is this product in the frozen section.????

New to coupons, Question; See the coupons I want on Krazy lady web page, but how & where do I get the Kraft Macorni cheese coupon ?????? Also this has happened before, What do I do ????? Confused in MICHIGAN

 You have to buy the Sunday newspaper in order to get the coupon!:)

Thank You ever so much.  Sometimes, I really need this kind of help.  I am not all that savey with the web site, and I can’t find some things I want. THANK YOU.

I got the $1/1 making them .50ea YAy

I got these for only 67 cents at Food Lion last week when they were running their “Big Deal”-they were 3/$5 and when you buy 10 participating products you get $5 off (so 50 cents per product) so it was $1 off per package with the coupon and the Big Deal. Then I found two old .75/1 coupons that were about to expire and I got two more for even less (42 cents each!). Just wish I’d printed more of those 75 cents coupons when they were out!

It is frustrating that my region doesn’t have half of the coupons.  I couldn’t get the carefree coupon a while back or the colgate coupon either.  Anyone else have this problem?

 Yes I didn’t get any of those q either! It’s so frustrating but even at $1.50 each I’m going to get them.

Just left my Target and they have these for $1.83/Price Cut. So they would be .83 cents!!!!

 The CVS Machine printed a $1/1.

I havent gotten this coupons :(  if anyone has any extras, i’d love to have a couple ( or just 1).  thanks!

You can find thees at walmart too! For only a buck after your coupon!

target has them on sale for 1.89 . I also had the 1.00 off coupon and payed .89 cent each

Was that in the ad, or just a “price cut” you saw at the store? And do you know if it’s valid for the week that ended yesterday, or is it continuing this week? Thanks!

I didn’t notice the end date but I went today and my target still has them for $1.89

Has anyone tried this I have the coups but not really a fan of mac & cheese.

 I have tried one of the flavors, I thought it was really good!

If you don’t like mac & cheese you may not like it, but I loooove it! It tastes so much more “homemade” than the boxed stuff. You can put the cheesy noodles in a pan, cover with shredded cheese and the included breadcrumbs, and bake in the oven. So good!

Thanks, I do like homemade so I will have to try it!!

 Agree with Kristen. I love these, always keeping an eye out for Qs. So quick and so yummy!

These are really yummy. I add a dollop of the Philadelphia Cooking Creme in savory garlic and top with buttered croutons…so good and tastes just as great the next day.

These are $2 regular price at our Walmart, so I got a couple the other day with the $1MQ for only $1…and don’t have to hassle the EB’s…

i have a $1.00 of 1 coupon i got in the ss

me too!!

me three and I think I got a cvs coupon a week or 2 ago that expires very soon????? Gonna check 

That’s awesome! Love when we see stuff like this!

Yeppers! It was still good. I know Pizzazz already told you, but love those bubbles around your profile pic too! They are so fun.

HAHA..thanks i think its probably time to change it!

starting 4/15? or ending 4/14?

 the ad on cvs says “Offer Valid April 15 – April 21”

I have several 0.75/1 MFR Qs .. so that makes a good deal too!

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