It is simply amazing how many absolutely free things you can get every week!  To keep you up to date with all the free deals, we are now going to publish a post every Sunday outlining the freebies and moneymakers.  Of course, free deals are extremely popular so you may run into times that the shelves are empty.  Don’t forget to get a rain check when that happens.  I love rain checks because then I never have to miss out on a free deal! Also, ask your store when they restock, and plan to shop that day if you miss the deals earlier in the week!.

These deals are valid Sunday 4/14– Saturday 4/20 Check back through the week as we update this post!


Pepsi Next, 20 oz. $0.99
Buy 1, Receive $0.99 Register Reward
Final Price: Free

Nasal Ease Allergy Relief Spray, .18 oz. $9.00
Buy 1, Receive $9.00 Register Reward
Use $5.00/1 Nasal Ease Allergy Reliever from RP 3/11 (exp 9/30)
Or $1.00/1 – Nasal Ease Allergy Reliever – (
Final Price: $5.00 Moneymaker

Similasan Nasal Allergy Relief Spray, .68 oz. $6.00
Buy 1, Receive $6.00 Register Reward
Final Price: Free

Aquafresh Kids Toothpaste, 4.6 oz. $2.00
Use $1.00/1 Aquafresh Kids  Toothpaste, 4.6 oz. from Walgreens April Savings Book (exp 4/28)
And $1.00/1 Aquafresh Kids Toothpaste or Training Paste, 1.5 oz. or larger from RP 4/15  (exp/30)
Final Price: Free


NatuRelief Chewable Tablets, 30 ct $8.49
Buy 1, Receive $8.49 Extra Bucks, Limit 1
Use $1.00/1 NatuRelief Product from SS 11/06 (exp 5/31)
or $1.00/1 NatuRelief Product from SS 1/15 (exp 7/31)
or $1.00/1 NatuRelief Product from SS 3/11 (exp 9/30)
or $1.00/1 – NatuRelief Product – (
Pay $7.59, Receive $8.49 Extra Bucks
Final Price: $1.00 Moneymaker

Colgate Total, 4-4.2 oz, MaxFresh, MaxClean, 6 oz or 2-in-1, 4.6 oz $2.99
Buy 1, Receive $2.00 Extra Bucks, Limit 2
Use $1.00/1 Colgate Total Advanced, Optic White or Sensitive Pro-Relief, 4 oz or larger from SS 4/15 (exp 5/5)
Pay $1.99, Receive $2.00 Extra Bucks
Final Price: Free

Depend Silhouette or Real Fit, 3 ct $3.99
Buy 1, Receive $2.00 Extra Bucks, Limit 1
Use $2.00/1 – Depend Absorbent Product – ( (Sign Up Required)
and use $2.00/1 – Depend Real Fit for Men or Depend Silhouette for Women, CVS Coupon – (
Pay $0.00, Receive $2.00 Extra Bucks
Final Price: $2.00 Moneymaker


Bodiheat Heat Therapy Patch, 4 ct. $2.99
Pay $2.99, Submit for $2.99 Single Check Rebate
Final Price: Free


Aquafresh Extreme Clean, 0.8oz Travel Size $0.97, Regular Price
Use $1.00/1 – Aquafresh Extreme Clean, any – (
Final Price: Free

Carefree Pantiliners $0.94
Use $1.00/1 Carefree Product, limit 1 coupon per transaction from SS 3/18
Final Price: Free

Aquafresh Kids Toothpaste $1.89
Use $1.00/1  Select Aquafresh Product – ( under beauty
And use $1.00/1 Aquafresh Coupon from  RP  4/15
Final Price: Free

Tums Freshers, 25 ct $2.49, Regular Price
Use $1.50/1 Tums Cool Mint Freshers, 25 ct or 50 ct. from SS 4/1
And use $0.75/1 – Tums Cool Mint Freshers, 25 ct or 50 ct, Target Coupon – (
Final Price: $0.24

Ortega Taco Low Sodium Seasoning Mix, 1.25 oz. $0.58, Price Cut through 4/28
Use $1.00/2 – Ortega Food Product – (
Final Price: $0.08 each when you buy 2

Life Savers Candy, 6.25 oz. $1.89, Regular Price
Use $1.00/1 – Life Savers Mints, Hard Candy, Gummies, 2.75-13 oz, or limited edition 6-pack storybook – ( 
And use $0.75/1 – Life Savers Candy, 6.25oz or Larger, Target Coupon – (
Final Price: $0.14

GE Ultra Soft White Light Bulb, 60W 4-pack (and select others) $2.39, Price Cut
Use $2.00/1 – GE Light Bulb, one per guest, Target Coupon – (
Final Price: $0.39


Reach Floss, 55 yds $0.97
Use $1.00/1 Reach Floss product, no more than 4 coupons (of any kind) for the same product in the same transaction from RP 3/4 (exp 5/31)
Final Price: Free

Aquafresh Extreme Clean, 0.8oz Travel Size $0.97, Regular Price
Use $1.00/1 – Aquafresh Extreme Clean, any – (
Final Price: Free

Renuzit Fresh Accents Air Freshener $1.99, Regular Price
Pay $1.99, Submit for Mail in Rebate
Final Price: Free

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52 thoughts on “Learn to Shop for Free with Coupons”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have a question and I was hoping someone could answer this for me. I am a newbie so I may have been in the wrong. Yesterday, I went to walgreens for some really good deals. While I was looking through the clearance I found Clairol Hair Color for $2 each. I was so excited because I thought I could combine this with the $5/2 boxes of Clairol Hair color. When the cashier scanned my coupon the computer beeped. The manager told me that I could not use the coupon because it took off more than the products were worth. He also said that if I wanted to use a coupon on a product, it could not be a clearance item. Could anyone please give me some advice on this!!

    • Tina Megesi says:

      You can use coupons for clearance priced items. Also, he should have manually adjusted the amount of the coupon to make the items free. Call customer service and tell them they need to educate the manager at that particular Walgreens.

  2. Lisa Moore says:

    I’m not seeing the Target coupon for Aquafresh! Is it gone already? 

  3. Lisa Moore says:

    but the one in the insert is only for energy efficient, so I don’t think you can combine them on the 4-pack that’s $2.39

  4. gildaferry says:

    Coupons using the website Printapons are visible on every page so that you don’t miss an opportunity to save!

  5. my target have the GE Ultra Soft White Light Bulb, 60W 6-pack (1.75) Price Cut i got them free i was sooo happy don’t forget to use the target coupon 2.00 off

  6. I’m not able to locate the Aquafresh Kids toothpaste coupon through Target…even searched through all the items…was anyone else able to find it?

  7. Laura Daluz says:

    A great couponing weekend!  It was a money maker for me. . . I think I made over $20 this weekend “shopping” at CVS and Walgreens.

    I actually had a similason coupon that was for 2.50 from the paper!

    We won’t need toothpaste for a while (adults or kids!).

    • What $2.50 off! SCHWEET! Pls tell me which one it was in?  And I was sorting threw rearranging my stockpile the other day, as I do this I make note of what we are running low on and try to take things out I didn’t like or just plain have to much off. Every time my hubby helps he yells out “getting low on toothpaste hun you might better get on that .” Then laughs like he is center stage at the Improv. Uh huh riiiiiight…

  8. Anonymous says:

    Can someone remind me wags policy….If I want to buy multiple aquafresh toothpaste will I have to do seperate trasactions. will scanning 1 wags coupons take $1 off of all that I buy or just the first one in each transaction.

    • As long as the ad or tag on the item doesn’t have a limit it shouldn’t matter how many you buy.  The Wags coupon will take off $1 for all you buy not just the first one.  Hope that helps.

    • Sara Pemberton says:

       It automatically calculates how many items you have for that coupon and takes it off.  So if you are buying 5 toothpastes it will take $5 off your transaction. The only time you have to do separate transactions is when you have register rewards.

  9. Chelsea says:

    My printer is running our of color ink, but I really want to print some coupons tonight! I can’t find it anywhere in Target’s policy, but does anyone know if they’ll accept printed Target coupons in black and white?

  10. Amanda Griffin says:

    I found that the Ortega was $0.67 at my Target in Birmingham, AL, but I’m not going to complain for $0.17 taco seasoning!

  11. Anonymous says:

    ya where is it that you find the coupon for similasan, i dont see it in any of my coupons?

  12. Anonymous says:

     I noticed the peelie’s on some of the Similisan also.  Not all of them had it.  I grabbed the first one I saw (which didn’t have a peelie), but the one behind it had a $2/1.  Honestly, I didn’t check the expiration date.  The manager scanned it and it went through so I’m guessing it wasn’t expired.

  13. ~~ says:

    If I use an adperk coupon on an item in Rite Aid, can I use another mfc in conjunction with the adperk coupon on the same item?

  14. Anonymous says:

    There is a $1 off GE light bulbs in todays insert, makes them free.  I picked up 2 today and got the overage!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Anyone know where teh coupon for NatuRelief is on the site? I keep searching…nothing!!

  16. Anonymous says:

    i didn’t get the aquafresh either, maybe a regional coupon, my wags also did not even stock the pepsi next yet, won’t get it until tomorrow ( i asked the pepsi delivery man in walmart and showed him the ad, lol.)  may all be safe the rest of this weekend. 

  17. Anonymous says:

    Can someone tell me what RP and SS stands for? And where do I go to find these other coupons? Thanks!

  18. i did NOT get the aquafresh coupon !!!

  19. Anonymous says:

    And also when I clicked on the link for the Ortega coupon I got this message: “The link you clicked to print this coupon in no longer valid. Please reference our Get Help section to further diagnose your issue.” Not sure if anyone else is having this problem or if it’s just me :(

  20. Anonymous says:

    I had a $1.50/1 Similasan coupon in my 4/1 SS, and also in the April issue of All You :)

  21. Anonymous says:

    There are a few peelies on the Similasan Nasal Allergy Relief Spray so be on the lookout for that to be a mm as well!

    • Anonymous says:

       Sadly I didn’t look at the peelies till I was ready to buy and….expired peelies on the boxes. Expired 11/11. What????!!!

      • I did t he same thing on the Similasan…… was happy to see the peelies and then they were expired, but the product doesn’t expire until next year..go figure. Anyway, I had the $1.50 from the 4/1 SS.