Here is a list of the coupons printing from the “Magic Coupon Machine”  this week. They vary by customer, so this is only a list of what you may receive. Keep scanning your card until you get the “No coupons available, check back tomorrow” message to be sure you have received all coupons available to you.  Good luck!  These coupons are considered CVS store coupons and can be stacked with a manufacturer coupon.  Hopefully, you’ll be able to stack them with some of this week’s deals!  Please feel free to let us know in Comments what coupons the machine is printing out for you.

The following expire 2 weeks from the day they print:

$3.00/1 L’Oreal Cosmetics, Any
$2.00/1 Advil PM, Excludes 4 ct
$1.00/1 CVS Brand Spectravite Vitamin, Any
$0.50/1 Hershey Air Delight Bar
$2.00/2 Secret, Old Spice or Gillette Deodorant
$3.00/1 Almay Color Cosmetics, Any

The following expire 1 month from the day they print:

$2.00 off $10.00 Photo Processing

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43 thoughts on “CVS Coupon Machine: Week of 4/15”

I got 5/2 Revlon, $10/2 Zyrtec it’s will match up with my $7 coupon exp’ 4/22  and tomorrow cvs have Zyrtec 2/$30 and I will be able to get them both for $6 and I get $3 L’Oreal also $3 Almay very happy!!!

wow I feel dumb, I had no idea what that was! The lady at CVS told me it was just a price scanner! What would I do without this website?

two weeks of no coupons

I got a great coupon for $10 off purchase of 2 Zyrtec 30ct or higher…this week they are $18.99, I used 2 $7/1 from Sundays SS, and the $10 off CVS coupon from they machine and got 2 30ct.s for $6.99 each.

I live in NYC. THere has been a problem for last two weeks in that the coupon machines will not print ANY coupons at all. Had store manager call and they said they are aware of problem, but no word on when/if it will be fixed.

IN the meantime, we are getting no coupons. I don’t understand how it seems to be affecting only certain areas and is not CVS ExtraCare systemwide.

We need to execbomb emails to the folks at CVS to get this fix. They don’t seem to care and if it’s two weeks and still NOTHING, well, clearly they have a problem of one sort or the other. (What could take two weeks to fix? IT’s not like they are United airlines with the March switchover of an entire reservation system…or is it?)

Nothing.  Then Nothing.  Then the Almay only.  sigh.  It does not like me.

i got 2$ off huggies swimmers thats about it! gonna try my other cvs store!

On Sunday I got a $5 off 2 Revlon items from the coupon machine. 
Combined with 2 manu coupons for $1 off Revlon lip butter (balm + color), and CVS sale of buy 1 get one 50% off for Revlon items, you can get 2 lip butters, usually 7.50 each, for 2.12 each.

Nothing out of the coupon machine for over a week now… :(

 Me too.  I thought it might be my machine . . .

Manager at my CVS said that no one has gotten coupons in days 

is the machine still giving out the $15 physician formuala coupons? has anyone gotten any today?

My machine said there werent any coupons available again boohoo

Today at CVS I got a $3 off of $15 baby products from the “magic coupon machine”

I tried today, and like last week it said none were available

Cool, thanks!

No coupons available today.  Again :(

I got a two dollars of any thermacare item (excluding 1ct.) gonna stack it with the three dollars off manufacturers coupon thermacare has on their website 

for three days i’ve gotten no coupons :o(

That’s so odd, I get them EVERY time I go in…even if I go to two different stores in the same day, I still get coupons. I shop CVS quite often too….And I scan my card usually two to three times because it keeps spitting out coupons?? I guess I consider myself lucky. Keep trying…good luck

i always keep scanning my card until it says no coupons available. Sometimes this is 2-3 times. That may be why you get them at multiple stores in the same day. Im sure if you scanned it until it said no more coupons available and then went to another store it will again say no coupons available. At least this is how it has worked for me.

I always scan my card until it says “no more cpns, try back tomorrow” and I will sometimes get cpns at another cvs, same day.

Hmmmm, well I’m not that lucky :(

I’m on day 3 too with no coupons, I can’t believe it!

I am like many others who aren’t getting any coupons out of the “not-so-magic” coupon machine lately.  However, they are printing at the bottom of my receipts instead, so I don’t feel like I’m missing out.  It’s just back to their old way.  I loved the coupon machine.  Maybe CVS is phasing this out, or maybe it is another “test” to see how it goes?  Anyone with CVS that may have any greater insight?

Me too!  I went 4 different days last week and Sunday this week and I got nothing :( I emailed CVS to see what the deal was…still waiting on a response

I did too!!!! And they are on sale, so I bought 2 eyeshadows and stacked with manufacturers coupons…got them for free!!

i got thermacare, diaper and best of all $1.50 off depend sillhoute which was already a MM :)

i got 4 off pronutrients..scanned twice..same coupons..:)

I scanned my card this morning and got a $5 off any allergy purchase, which I paired with the $4 Zyrtec coupon.  I purchased the 5 count that was around $6, so this made for great surprise overage.

Wow – free plus overage on allergy medicine, can’t beat that!

 my friend and i got the same coupon and used it with the $7 claritin to get the 40 count for $10 plus the free 10ct

I only got a $2 off any ThermaCare

I also got the $2 off thermaCare.  When I got to the shelf where they were, there was a peelie on some of them for $2 off.  Was able to stack them since one was a manufacturer Q and the other a store Q. I got a 3 pack thermacare for your neck for $2.49!

I received $2 off any Biore Cleanser or Towelettes (exp 5/15) and $4 off CVS Loratadine 30 ct or larger (exp 5/15).

Going on five days of no coupons from the CRT machine I havent been able to get coupons also. I also sent a 20% to my card and the CRT stated I had no coupons it should have printed a summary of the 20% off. Called CVS no really helpful I am in the Dearborn area anyone else having issues I have 5 friends that also are

Got $2 of biore cleanser or towellettes. Last week got $3/$15 baby purchase. I have gotten that one A LOT.

I received my $5 beauty ECB reward. Check the CVS website to see if you have one to print online or in store!

Twice last week no coupons were being printed out…

Is anyone experiencing a virus on the KCL website? I have a very good anti- virus program and there is something wrong on this site. I have been using this website for a year and nothing was ever wrong until a week ago. KCL, could you please look into this? I really do enjoy your site! But because of this…. I no longer can!

I got a $2 off of 2 Tressemme item.  I am giong to use today!!
The shampoo is 2/$7.  I also have .50 cents off mfg coupon.  When I stack the coupons I will get them for $2 each.  Yeepee!!!

I got a $1 off any Glade Sense & Spray Refill that expires in one month. Hopefully, they will be on sale soon.

Hope i get some today! Last week the machine said there isnt any available!