Have you tried Pepsi Next yet? There have been a bunch of great deals for it lately, and here’s another one at Walgreens! This week when you buy three Pepsi 12 packs, you’ll receive a $3.00 Register Reward. Many stores have the Pepsi Next 12 packs priced at just $2.99 as a special promotion. (The promotional price may not be marked, so remember to price check to make sure that you have the $2.99 price at your store.) Combine the Register Reward deal, the promotional price and a Walgreens coupon to score three packs for just $0.99 each!

Pepsi Next, 12 pk (Reg. $5.99)$2.99, Special Promotional Price
Buy 3, Receive $3.00 Register Reward, Through 4/21
Use $1.00/1 Pepsi Next, 12 pack from Walgreens April Savings Book (will deduct $3.00)
Pay $5.97, Receive $3.00 Register Reward
Final Price: $0.99 each when you buy 3

Thanks, Passion for Savings

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66 thoughts on “Pepsi Next 12 packs as low as $0.99 at Walgreens!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I didn’t do the Pepsi deal this week since we prefer Coke Zero but did get an awesome deal on Colgate.  My daughter discovered that the Walgreens closest to her had reduced the price of Colgate Sensitive down to $2.50 (the sale this week was $3.99 and $2 RR) and Colgate Total reduced to $2.14 but it was ringing at $1.07.  I couldn’t pass it up.  The Total had an insert of $15 in coupons which included one for each of the two toothpaste.  In short, 8 Colgate Total and 5 Colgate Sensitive, used a total of 11 $1 and 2 $.75 plus $2 RR from the day before and spent $7.42 and ended up with $10 RR left over.  Free toothpaste and $2.58 to boot.  Pretty proud of myself.  The toothpaste will go in my Shoeboxes for Samaritains Purse Ministries @ church in a coupe of months.

  2. I am so happy this deal was posted! Today I went to Walgreens and got 3 12packs of Pepsi Next (no issue with the deal at all), 2 Similasan nasal sprays, 2 Nasal Ease Allergy Relief, and 1 2 pack of Oil of Olay Whimsical soap (clearance) for a total of $.57 after coupons and RR. My husband and I don’t drink soda, but everyone wants soda when they come over for family gatherings!

  3. Kim P says:

    Have i mentioned this week how much i hate Walgreens?   Every time i go in their store i have coupon issues.  It got to one point that in the last 6 months i have only went in 3 times!  Well today i tried it again with the Pepsi deal.  Needless to say i did not get the $3RR.  It did not print.  They manager said it was a “like paying $9 since i only paid 2.99 for them”…  Getting ready to call customer service again!

  4. i went to walgreens to get the 20oz bottle that is free, and me and my son were drinking it and my husband asked me if it had aspartame.  so some websites say its just like drinking poison and some say its not….just incase i threw it away.

    i know that they recently said that alot of the sodas and coffees have a certain type of syrup or sweetener that causes cancer and that they are planning to remove that ingredient from their drinks.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Did this deal today with no problem, RR printed as well! They had several left, but I did not want to be greedy. Going back tomorrow to get some more. We drink way too much soda at our house!

  6. I went to Walgreens and the bought 3 12 pks of Pepsi next for 2.99 each and used the $1 off each one coupon in the Walgreens book, but my Register Rewards did not print. So the cashier called the manager over and she stated that Pepsi Next is not part of the 3 for $12 register reward thing,,(even though it states “any pepsi product”) and told me that I got a better deal anyway. And I explained that I did not get a better deal because it would have been .99 for each 12pk instead of 1.99 per 12pk.  She looked at me like I was crazy and basically ignored me and was not going to give the Register Rewards.

  7. Manager at my local Walgreens tried this deal to see if the RR printed out and it did. He has   (2) $3 RR waiting for me since I had a terrible experience with a cashier – she didn’t give me the RR yesterday. So I purchased 3 packs of Pepsi Next and 3 Mentos gum yesterday. Paid $6.99 plus tax – getting reimbursed about $0.70 for the gum because it rang up wrong. So $6.29 plus tax and I get $6 RR  - that is like only paying $0.29 plus tax!!! 

    I am thankful my Walgreens store manager resolved my issues! 

  8. Wanted to let everyone know In Pa my walgreens had a big sign saying 3/2.97 after in store coupon and RR last night when I ran in with a huge display. It printed just fine:)

  9. Anonymous says:

    I did not get the 3.00 RR at my Walgreens!

  10. Ashley Bergh says:

    I just used this deal in SW Washington! The cashier was so excited about this promotion that she was telling everyone who was coming in. I was thrilled that she was so excited about it… it makes it much more enjoyable to coupon.

    • I went Last evening and My favorite Walgreens was as well excited. They had a huge display and sign saying WOW 3/2.97 after coupon and rr! And there was plenty for everyone! Since several of us who coupon frequent this store they have become so coupon friendly. Last night I actually noticed they had the In-store coupons and the breakdown if it included anything else to get “the deal” like RR or another coupon spelling it out posted right in front of the products. 

  11. I just got back from Walgreens where I purchased 3 12 packs of Pepsi on the 3/$12, then got back the $3.00 RR. The $3.00 RR  DOES NOT apply to the Pepsi Next, only the regular Pepsi, Mountain Dew and the Lemon-Lime drink.  And the $1.00 Walgreens coupon only works on the Pepsi Next. So I paid $9.00 for the 3 12 packs, which ain’t too bad. Averages out to only 25 cents a can.

    • Marissa Asis says:

      At the Walgreens I go to they even have a big sign of their pepsi next that says 2 for 98 cents with the break down of 2.99 each less $2 walgreens coupon with $3 RR for 2 pack. Their coupon is very clear for pepsi next 12 pack. All I paid was $0.98 for 2 pack plus tax and &0.60 deposit for each.

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually, yes it does apply to the Pepsi Next, though maybe not in your area.  Myself and many others have had it print out just fine with no problems.

    • It applies in the Central Valley area of California.  I have done it 3x in 3 different walgreens in my area and all three have printed just fine.  :)  sorry your area is not participating, but even at 1.99 a 12 pack isn’t bad, you rarely even get generic soda for that price. 

  12. Lovin Summer says:

    Thats wayyy too much soda….have to buy 3??? no thanks, we’ll pass on this one. We rarely even drink soda, might as well just gug some sugar! even in moderation this isn’t good for you. like incognito said…”read the ingredients”

  13. I tried this yesterday at a Walgreen’s in Northern California (Bay Area to be exact) and it worked like a charm, that I did it 2 times for a total of 6 12packs. And they’re was still plenty leftover. Thank you KCL

  14. Marissa Asis says:

    I bought only 2 pack of this for $2.99, less $2 W. coupon and got $3 reward. So, I got it for 2 for $0.98 

  15. West Family Coupons says:

    I live in the SF Bay area and the $3 RR DID NOT print. I talked to the manager about it and he explained that it does not include the Pepsi Next even though the add says all Pepsi products. He scanned 3 packs of regular Pepsi to see if it came out for those & it did, so he just gave me the RR even though it did not print during my transaction.

    • Vivian Hu says:

      Where did you get it at? I’m trying to make this purchase but I can’t seem to find where it says on the ad that we get $3 RR for buying 3 packs of Pepsi Next

      • Anonymous says:

        The ad doesn’t specifically say Pepsi Next. But the info about Pepsi products is on the front page of the ad.

  16. Incognito says:

    Read the ingredients on these before you buy if you’re at all health-conscious. This has not only the typical high fructose corn syrup, but it includes THREE artificial sweeteners- aspartame, acesulfame potassium , and sucralose. Yechhh.

    • Anonymous says:

      oh my goodness…..thanks for the warning!  I am allergic to sucralose!  That would have given me aweful tummy troubles…marking this one off my shopping list right now!!

    • Thanks for info, I tried it last night and I could taste that nasty after taste you get with diet.  I assumed some other form of sweetner was in it. YUK.  My 10 yr old said there is a taste that stays on the back of his tounge and wont go away. lol, my thoughts exactly. :)

  17. Vivian Hu says:

    It was hidden in the back. I asked why they didn’t have it for sale and the cashier didn’t know why. (I called in advance because I went to a couple of places and they didn’t have it. Thought it would be smarter to call and ask.) Anyways when he rang me up (including the -$3.00 from the coupon) my total was about $8. something? I asked about the RR and he said he doesn’t know until I make the purchase and see if it prints out. It didn’t print out. So I ended up returning it. I live in San Francisco, CA. 

    Someone mentioned earlier that it stated that we would receive $3 RR but I tried looking though a bunch of weekly ads. I couldn’t find it. Where did you find it at? 

    • Hi, I am looking at the ad right now.  on the front page it has a pepsi 12 pack with a can of dr pepper too.  it says register rewards 4.49 each or 3/12 sale price Plus $3.00 Register Rewards.  12 Pack Pepsi Products or Dr. Pepper +CRV It doesn’t include it specifically but it doesn’t exclude it either, I did it today, and the register rewards printed.  But specifically it’s on the front page under the purex next to the pistachio’s and arrow head water.

      • Vivian Hu says:

        The SF weekly ads did not have the promotion. I looked up the one in Daily City and they had the $3 Register Rewards. Thanks! (somehow walgreens in SF doesn’t have it. Or at least the ones in my area)

  18. Anonymous says:

    So excited! Went to do this deal today and they rang up at 1.99 originally. The cashier reminded me of the Q in the book (which i had ready). Total was $3.15 for 3 12 packs, and i got back a $3 RR. 5 cents a 12 pack. Yipee!

  19. Jason says:

    I have seen deals posted on here before about using a Walgreen’s coupons from the month’s savings book. I don’t understand how it would take $3.00 off when the coupon is good for $1.00/1 12pk and states “Limit one coupon per customer per offer”. Can someone explain please.

    • The computer automatically takes off that $ amount per item in a single transaction.  That is what my walgreens told me.  So say you buy 3 of the pepsi’s you give the cashier one coupon and it automatically takes off the $1.00 per item in that transaction = $3.00 savings.  And as for one per customer per offer, depends on your store,  they don’t have a way of tracking what you purchase/purchased unless they see you or remember you.  You could have hubby, sister, brother, mother, kids do transactions in a row if you wanted to.  Hope that helps.  :)

      • Jason says:

        Thank you very much Stephanie, that did help. : )  I will speak with my store before trying this so I don’t walk out spending more than I planned.

        • Stephanie Maciel says:

          You dont even have to cut out the coupon from the booklet, you just let the cashier scan it right off the book :)

  20. My walgreen’s got very snotty about this product.  I’ve never had a problem with doing multiple transactions to be able to get the RR.  But this time the manager said I could only get 3 of the 12 packs, and one of the 20oz’s and even on the goody scrunchi’s they gave me a fuss about it, but I showed them there was tons more, I was only getting four!  Hope this is a one time thing and not a trend.  That would stink.  I will be sending hubby in to get another 3 12 packs because he drinks a ton of soda and you can’t even get the generics 99 cents for a 12 pack.  :)

  21. Amber Schaefer says:

    so has anyone done this with the Pepsi Next 12 packs and got the $3 RR??  Just want to know before I go!

  22. Jodi Miranda says:

    two of my walgreens stores still had the 1.99 price up… :o) 

  23. Anonymous says:

    I bought three Pepsi Next but the $3 reward did not print. My ad states buy any three Pepsi products and get $3 reward. When it didn’t print I asked the cashier why it did not print. She called manager and she said it won’t print on Pepsi Next. Has anyone had this problem? If you have what can I do to get my reward?

    • Jody McGill says:

      The add says 3-Pepsi Products, it does not specify type
      they should have given you the 3.00 RR

      • Anonymous says:

        Thats what I thought to but how would they make it print a reward if it didn’t print out when it was suppose to?
        Has this happened to anyone else before?

        • I had that happen a couple weeks ago on toothpaste.  The manager came in looked and made sure it was ok on the coupon and ad, and just gave me cash back.  for the RR.  

          • Anonymous says:

            I did this at a Wags and after reaizing I didn’t get my reward I called and spoke to a manager and she said come in and she would give it to me. When I went in another manager told me they were already rung up at an extra $3 off so I shouldn’t get it. I was furious!

        • It happened to me once and the cashier called the manager and he manually gave me the RR (made it print out)… ask them next time.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, that happened to me today as well. I was bummed out. They said I would’ve had to spend at least $12 to get the reward. I had a 2 year old running around so I just let it go.

    • yeah it would not print for me either!!

    • Anonymous says:

      If the store manager won’t help you out, definitely contact customer service.

  24. I don’t understand the register rewards?  Is it like an “instant rebate”?

    • Marta Lopez says:

      Its like cash u can use towards you next perchase :)

      • So…if that’s the case…how are they coming up with .99 each?  Shouldn’t the price remain the same and just give you a 2$ credit?  I’m so new to couponing…I’m having a hard time understanding these deals.

        • Anonymous says:

          Some people count the RR as the price. I don’t because I do my budget on what I spend, my out of pocket.

        • Anonymous says:

          Congrats on your new couponing lifestyle! There’s a lot to learn at first. Definitely check our our beginner’s section for some great tips. As for the Register Rewards, we factor them into the final price, because it’s like Walgreens just gave you $3.00 to spend at their store. But you’re right–you’ll pay $5.97 out of pocket with this deal.

        • Angie,The good thing about the Register rewards, Extra Care bucks, and + Up rewards is that sometimes you can ride them forever. I once used A total of $20.00 gotten back in the form of Extra care bucks at Cvs for something like 6 months. I am sure there are others on here who have done it even longer. Meaning my Initial purchase I may have paid for, but each week I turned around and used the Extra bucks from previous week to purchase things with more Extra care bucks and so on and so on. Thus really only paying for what I initially purchased. Hope I didn’t just confuse you.

    • Chelsea says:

      its a print out good for your next purchase. so 3 dollars off any purchase at walgreens except you have to pay sales tax and it can’t be on the same item you got it from. 

    • But don’t try to use it on the same product because you won’t get another register reward for the same amount.  :)   I’ve made that mistake.

  25. I bought one of this a few weeks ago and my stomach could not handle it.  I ended up donating it to the food bank.

  26. Bethany Ross says:

    Also, Dont forget that some states charge deposit. Michigan requires deposit so each 12 pack would be $4.19 without any discounts used.

    Buy (3) 12 packs = $12.57
    Use Walgreens Coupon – $3.00
    Pay $9.57, Get Back $3.00 RR = $6.57

    • Anonymous says:

      I know the deposit does change the price.  But, it is refundable after you fininshed drinking the cans you get the ten cent per can back.

  27. If you have not tried this it is delicious, Kinda reminds me of the old old RC cola. Yummy! And that Babies break dancing commercial cracks me up. Gotta love a good marketing trick!

    • Anonymous says:

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