$1.50/1 – Avent Pacifier Pack – (couponnetwork.com)

If you haven’t already, hurry to print your $1.50 coupon for any Avent Pacifier Pack! Then hold on to it until Sunday, when you’ll be able to stack it with a new coupon from the Walgreens May Coupon Booklet and score a two-pack of pacifiers for just $0.79!

Avent Soothie Pacifiers, 2 pk $4.29, Regular Price
Use $1.50/1 – Avent Pacifier Pack – (couponnetwork.com)
And use $2.00/1 Avent 2 pk Pacifiers, Nipples or Baby Bottles, 2 pk or single 9 oz Bottles from Walgreens May Coupon Booklet
Final Price: $0.79

Thanks, Wild for Wags 

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18 thoughts on “Avent Pacifiers Only $0.79 at Walgreens, Starting 4/29!”

I tried to take advantage of this deal at my local Walgreens and the clerk would not take both of my coupons, the in store and the manufacture coupon.  He kept saying it would not scan them both.  I even tried to tell him that they accept in store and manufacture coupons in 1 transaction, he would not put my coupon through.  :(  Disappointed in the store.

make sure you take the store coupon policy with you, it will help you in this situations.

 I went today with both coupons. Both worked, however I used them on different Avent pacis (ones that are for 6 months +). Total price ended up being $2.49 for the pack. Not the .79 cents I was hoping for, but not a bad deal IMO.

I have another walgreens I can try this at, but my local walgreens wouldn’t take both coupons. . .I’m also wondering if the mfr. coupon isn’t for the pacifiers that are pictures. . .opposed to the soothies 
that are on a better sale. . .

My transaction went okay.  I got 4 of these.  The Walgreens coupon took off $8 ($2 per pack).  My manufacturer coupon beeped.  The cashier said the register wouldn’t take it because the Walgreens coupon took off $8.  I politely asked for the manager.  The manager asked if I had more coupons than items.  I had 2 items that I did not have coupons for, so I had more items than coupons.  She manually entered the coupons, the cashier was unaware that she could do that.

or walmart priced @ $2 so makes them 50c each, booyah :) that way i don’t have to deal with RR, gives me a HEADACHE

It isn’t a RR deal. It’s a Walgreen’s coupon plus manufacturer coupon. No headache :)

true =P scratch that… on the plus side, walmart still cheaper hehe

What a pain. Got 2 today but after a 15 minute multiple transaction ordeal, I finally got it. My cousin is having a baby soon so these are great. However, the coupon beeps so they have to manually enter it, and you will need a filler item because Walgreens does not take more coupons than items. 

There is also a $3/1 Avent Multi-pack BPA free baby bottle manufacturer coupon on the Target site as well.  So we can stack it with the Wags coupon if I’m not mistaken.

i couldnt print on couponnetwork  its says that i reach my limit..but there is also a $1.50 avent coupons on the target site, its a manufacture coupons.

Printed mine from Target!  Someone posted on here on how to tell if it’s a Target coupon or Manufacturer coupon.

thanks, a friend is  having twins!..have to stock up on presents

i did this deal last time and it wont let me print the coupon again … bummer

Me too bummer.

Ok, yeah, just printed off target…great tip!

I want to get this deal ,my friend will have her baby next month:)

awesome for babyshower gifts ! thanks :]