These coupons are back and available to print!

$1.00/1 – Diet Pepsi, 12 oz 12 pk – (
$1.00/1 – Pepsi Max, 12 oz 12 pk – (
$1.00/1 – Pepsi Next, 12 oz 12 pk – (

Soda lovers, rejoice! There are three new Pepsi coupons available today! Head over to and sign up to print your coupons. Then hold on to them for a sale, or take them to Walmart for the following deal:

Diet Pepsi, 12 pk $4.69, Regular Price
Use $1.00/1 – Diet Pepsi, 12 oz 12 pk – (
Final Price: $3.69

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36 thoughts on “They’re Back! Three New Pepsi Coupons—Diet Pepsi $3.69 at Walmart!”

  1. Pepsi and Pepsi Next Coupons are gone again. 

  2. they are back!!!! I just got mine!!!

  3. None of the pepsi coupons are available now.

  4. Jen Marshall says:

    Diet pepsi coupons gone as well

  5. Lily U Yu says:

    no more coupons for pepsi next :-(

  6. it does look funny and it doesnt say manufacturers coupon like regular ones do.

    • Anonymous says:

      I have contacted the makers of these coupons and they replied that they were not fake coupons.  I expressed my concerns with the bar codes not any like I had seen on some of the coupons.  They are looking into the barcodes but I did tell them someone had used them on the cheese and they worked. 
      They do say manufacture in the uppper left corner.  Just thought someone may want to know this.

  7. Was anyone able to print more then 1? I printed 1 went back to print a 2nd and it told me no more then 1 per 180 days!

  8. It wouldnt let me print them, something about invalid script.

  9. Coupons are real and not fake.  I used the Cabot’s cheese one last week at ShopRite.

    • Jenny Cassada says:

      Thanks Carol.  I’m always a little afraid to use a new kind of coupon.  Especially when it seems you can print an endless supply…even for a pepsi product!  :)

  10. CVS has a pepsi sale right now, I wonder if you could use these there?

  11. for some reason they are not printing right now

  12. Carrie Timme says:

    Strange, I do not see a print button. I can see it on all the other tabs. The first coupon tab doesn’t give the option to print. Urgh!

    • Jenny Cassada says:

      I had a hard time finding it too.  At the very bottom of the page, after you click on the “clip” coupon box, there is a yellow bar that runs the width of the page that says “click here to print your coupons”.

      On a different note, has anyone used these coupons before?  I’m concerned b/c they look different and I can choose the amount to print?


  14. You can get Pepsi Next then for .99 at walgreens when you stach coupons.

  15. Amber Schaefer says:

    These look VERY fake.  I’m afraid to even try to use them…

  16. Lisa Mcnally says:

    how do you print the coupons?

    • Ashley Fiskvik says:

      At the very bottom of the page there should be a tan tab that says something like “print selected coupons”. Took me a minute to find it too =)

  17. I’m wondering if Walgreens still has their pepsi next deal going on. would be super cheap 12 packs!

  18. Ashley Fiskvik says:

    Has anyone ever used these coupons from this site? They look strange and kind of fake! I hope they work though!! I love Diet Pepsi!! =)