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Udder Covers and Seven Everyday Slings, Just Pay $11.95 Shipping Each!

Udder Covers and Seven Everyday Baby Slings are two products that can make life with a new baby a little bit easier. They both can provide you with protection and comfort.  They are both made from 100% breathable cotton in a variety of prints. You can purchase one of each item at the promotional price of FREE. You will just need to do a separate transaction for each one.

Udder Covers are specially designed to allow you to make eye contact with your baby when nursing while still keeping them covered and secure. Each nursing cover has an adjustable neckline for maximum comfort and is machine washable. They’re normally priced at $32.00, but by using code FREE at checkout you will only pay $11.50 shipping.

Seven Everyday Slings allow you to hold baby close while freeing up your hands. Infants up to small toddlers can be worn in a sling; you just have to make sure to have the correct size. The site provides instructions for measuring yourself to determine the correct size. The slings are not adjustable, so if you are unsure of a size it is better to order the next size up. They’re normally priced at $39.00, but by using code FREE at checkout, you’ll only have to pay $11.95 shipping.

I purchased both of these to make sure the deal was legit before sharing it with all of you, and I was pleasantly surprised!  They are both well-made and perfect for my next baby shower gift!  Baby gear can be so expensive, so take advantage of this FREE offer from Udder Covers and Seven Everyday Slings today!

Note on the sling: “Return Insurance” will be automatically added into your total for $3.50, giving you the option of returning the sling if it does not fit. You will need to click on the “remove from cart” button to take this off your total if you do not want to purchase it. Use the sizing chart to simply pick the size that will suit your needs and insure a proper fit.

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13 thoughts on “Udder Covers and Seven Everyday Slings, Just Pay $11.95 Shipping Each!”

  1. kleindesign37 says:

    I got the free code for the sling in my Family Fun magazine yesterday – when I ordered one for a baby shower – it directed me to a site that you can get a free car seat cover for only the shipping as well!!  So it was a bonus!  And now I can get the udder cover as well!  This is going to be one equiped little mama!!!

  2. has anyone gotten the carseat cover kit? I’m wondering what the replacement umbrella is and if anyone has found any problems?

  3. Karina Koji says:

    ordered one for myself months ago and love it. just ordered another one for my husband last week! 

  4. Christine says:

    thanks for this link!  I just got all three (breastfeeding cover, carseat cover, and sling) for my sister who just had her first baby!

  5. If you buy from Udder Covers, it also directs you to carseat canopy, where you can use “ucovers” to get one of those free!

  6. Francis says:

    I bought two of these when I had my baby a year ago, I love them! I haven’t seen any other brand that is as breathable and comfortable as these!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Do they make Udder Covers with any sayings on them like- 

    “If breastfeeding offends you, put a blanket over YOUR head”?

  8. Erin Charles says:

    Im at the Udder Covers web… Do I have to enter a code?