Rite Aid Extreme Couponing (Week of 4/29): $5.00 or less

Welcome to this post where we will lay out some extreme couponing deals that will cost you about $5.00 out of pocket each week! First, here’s everything you need to know about shopping at Rite Aid:

Before shopping at RiteAid you should sign up for a Wellness card or get one in your store.  The best deals at Rite Aid utilize the +Up Rewards and the Single Check Rebate (SCR) system.   In addition to the +Up Rewards, which are coupons that print with your receipt (similar to CVS), Rite Aid sends you a monthly check for the total of all your rebates purchased during that month with the SCR program.  You can cash the check as you would any other check.  In addition to the +Up Rewards and the SCR program, you can watch videos on products and receive Video Value coupons.  These coupons can be printed from your computer after you watch the corresponding videos. You can use each coupon once per Wellness card.   Go here for RiteAid’s updated coupon policy and here to watch the video on shopping at Rite Aid.


Buy 2  Sucrets Throat Lozenges $1.50
Buy 2, Receive $1.00 +Up Reward, Limit 4
Use  2 $1.00/1 – Sucrets Product – (sucrets.com)
Pay $1.00, Receive $1.00 +Up Rewards

Carmex Lip Balm, St. Joseph Aspirin, Salonpas Hot Patch $1.00
Buy 2, Receive $1.00 +Up Reward, Limit 4
Pay $2.00, Receive $1.00 +Up Reward

Airwick Aerosol Spray $0.95
Use $1.00/1 Airwick Product – (adperk.com) must watch by 4/28

Buy 4 Mike and Ike or Hot Tamales Theater Box $1.00
Buy 2, Receive $2.00 +Up Reward, Limit 4
Pay $4.00, Receive  2 $2.00 +Up Rewards

Skinny Cow Chocolate $2.99
Buy 1, Receive $1.00 +Up Reward, Limit 4
Use $1.00/1 Skinny Cow multi-pack chocolate candy from SS 4/29 (exp 7/31)
Pay $1.99, Receive $1.00 +Up Reward

Buy 2 Dove Chocolate Bars $0.50, On Sale 4/29 – 5/5
Use $0.50/2 – Dove Chocolate Bars – (coupons.com)
Pay $0.50

Oreo Cookies, single serve $0.50
Use $1.00/2 -Oreo Cookies, any – (adperk.com) available to watch through 4/28

Total: Pay $9.49, Receive 3 $1.00 and 2 $2.00 +Up Rewards. So $2.49 plus tax for $15.00 worth of product!  (Lots of sweet treats this week!)

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7 thoughts on “Rite Aid Extreme Couponing (Week of 4/29): $5.00 or less”

  1. I have a question about the rite aid deal for the Oreos that are $.50, Did anyone else try to use the adperk coupon and have it get denied? The cashier said I couldn’t use it on them because it was single serve, and I asked to speak to the manager and he he said the same thing. I fought with them about it because the coupon never said that you couldn’t- they seemed to be making up rules as I was talking to them. They also did this to me with a Revlon beauty tool coupon too. I have never had a problem with them about coupons before and I am in there a few times a week. Did rite aid change their coupon policy??

  2. Did anyone else notice that the ups they received from Sunday 4/29 expire today, before the next sale?! Mine do, in fact the one I received for buying the toothpaste expired yeterday.

  3. Angela White says:

    Yes, unlike CVS ExtraBucks Rite Aid +Up Rewards are not attached to one particular card.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Can my husband my +UP rewards with his card?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Also if you watched the adperks most of the candy bars (hersheys air delight, reese’s and skittles) were anywhere from .25 each to free!!

  6. Casey says:

    I have a question about Rite Aids Gold discount, if they have items in their ad for Buy one Get one Free but no sale price, does the Gold discount apply for the items you pay for? I am looking ahead at the arm & hammer cat litter B1G1 starting 5/6. Thanks for the help!

    • Angela White says:

      You generally do not get an additional discount with the Gold discount. So you’d pay full price for the first item, and get the second for free. It an item is just sale priced, you will only get an additional discount if the sale price is less than 20% off the original price. If that’s the case, you get the 20% discount instead – the better option of the two.