Here are this week’s coupon deals for HEB. Prices valid through 5/8.

Healthy Savings

Buy these 4 items below, Receive $4.00 off Instantly, with in-store coupon

  • Beef for Stir Fry
  • Hill Country Fare Canola Oil, 24 oz
  • Uncle Ben’s Whole Grain Boil In Bag Brown Rice, 14 oz
  • HEB Broccoli Stir Fry, 16 oz

Meal Deal

Buy Oscar Mayer Deli Fresh or Oscar Mayer Cooked Ham, 16 oz AND Kraft American Singels, 12 oz
Buy Both, Receive Following Items Free, with in-store coupon

  • Kraft Snadwich Shop Mayo, 12 oz
  • Kraft Velveeta or Easy Mac Cups, 2.05-2.44 oz
  • Kool Aid 5 pk

Texas Showdown

Chex Mix, 8.75 oz
Buy 1, Receive HEB SnaX Mix, 8.75 oz Free, with in-store coupon

Combo Loco

Curly’s Sauceless Pulled Pork, Pulled Chicken or Beef Steak, 10-12 oz
Buy 1, Receive Eckrich Smoked Sausage, 13-14 oz Free, with in-store coupon

HEB Fully COoked Chicken Thighs Seasoned for Fajitas, 16 oz
Buy 1, Receive HEB Fully Cooked Sliced Chicken Breasts Seasoned for Fajitas, 12 oz Free, with in-store coupon

Kingsford Mesquite Charcoal, 15.7 lb
Buy 1, Receive Eckrich Smoked Sausage Rope or Link, 13-16 oz and KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce, 17-18 oz Free, with in-store coupon

Gatorade G or G2 8 pk
Buy 2, Receive Aquafina Water, 32 pk Free, with in-store coupon

HEB Classic Selections Self Rising Pizza, 28.2-32.7 oz
Buy 1, Receive HEB Creamy Creations Fruit Bars, 6 ct and Hill Country Fare Garlic Bread, 8 oz or Cheese Bread, 7 oz Free, with in-store coupon

NEstle Nesquik Powder, 10.9 oz
Buy 1, Reveive Pepperidfe Farm Milano Cookies, 5-7.5 oz Free, with in-store coupon

Single Layer Oreo Cake, 8″
Buy 1, Receive Nabisco Oreo Cookies, 9.6-18 oz Free, with in-store coupon

Gerber Nature Select 100% Fruit Juice, 4 pk
Buy 1, Receive Gerer Graduates Grabbers, 4.23 oz Free, with in-store coupon

Degress Clinical Protection Deodorant, 1.7 oz
Buy 1, Receive Degree Men’s Deodorant Stick, 2.7-3 oz or WOmens Deodorant Stick or Body Mist, 2.6-3 oz Free, with in-store coupon

Head & Shoulders Shampoo or Conditioner or 2 in 1 , 13.5-33.9 oz
Buy 1, Recieve HEB Dandruff Shampoo, Condtioner or 2 in 1, 14.2 oz Free, with in-store coupon
Use $1.00/2 Head 7 Shoulders Shampoo ot Conditioner from RP 5/6
Final Price: Unkonwn

Nature Made heart Healthy Cholest Off, Fish Oil, CoQ10 or Flaxseed, 40-300 ct
Buy 1, Receive Nature Made Vitamin D 400 IU Tablets, 100 ct Free, with in-store coupon
Use $2.00/1 – Nature Made CoQ10 Supplement – (
or $1.00/1 – Nature Made Fish Oil – (
or $1.00/1 – Nature’s Bounty Vitamin or Supplements – (
or $1.10/1 – Nature’s Bounty Vitamin or Supplement – (
Final Price: Unkonwn

Strawberries, 2 lb
Buy 1, Receive Beaver Chunky Board Book Free, with in-store coupon

Strawberries, 1 lb $1.77

Red Radishes or Green Onions $0.50

Extra Large Vine Ripe Tomatoes $0.77 lb

Blackberries, 5.6 oz $1.77

Anjou Pears $0.98 lb

Navel Oranges $0.98 lb

Texas Grown Corn $0.25

Dole Spring Mix with Veggies or Caesar Cmoplete Kits, 8-10 oz $2.50

Jalapeno Peppers $0.58 lb

Hill Country Fare Chicken Drumsticks or Thighs $1.00 lb

JOhnson’s Baby Shampoo Wash or Lotion, 15 oz $2.98
Use $1.00/1 Johnsons Products, 15-28 oz – In Store coupon
or $0.50/1 – Johnson’s Baby Product, Excludes Sizes 1oz-3oz – (
or $1.00/1 – Johnson’s Baby Lotion, 9oz or 15oz – (
Final Price: $1.98

Hill Coutnry Fare Canned Vegetabels, Corn, 15.25 oz, Green Beans, 14.5 oz $0.50

EconoMax Long Grain White Rice, 4 lb $1.99

HEB Thin Potato Chips, 4 oz $0.88

EconoMax Ice Cream, 4 qt $3.88

Hill Country Fare Freezer POps, 36 ct $2.50

Sun Liquid Laundry Detergent, 98-120 load $4.98

Hill Country Fare Tomato Ketchup, 36 oz $1.00

Red Diamond Fresh Brewed Tea, 128 oz $2.00

Ranch Style Beans, 15 oz $0.80

EconoMax Homestyle or Blueberry Waffles, 8 ct $0.98

Hill Country Fare Thin Sliced White Sandwich Bread, 24 oz $0.88

Hil Country Fare 100% Pure Vegetable Oil, 48 oz $2.58

HEB Iced Tea Mix, 74.2 oz $4.79

HEB POwdered Drink Mix to Go, 10 ct $1.49

Hill Country Fare Fruit Falvoed Drinks, 128 oz

Cel-De-Sac, 750 ml $2.98

Amour LunchMakers, 2.6-3.3 oz $0.97

Hill Coutnry Fare Chorizo, 8 oz $0.77

Rath Black Hawk Hot Dogs, 12 oz $0.88

Ranch Country Smoked Sausage, 48 oz $4.50

Weaver Chicken Nuggets, 14 oz $1.50

Hill Country Fare Boneless Chicken Breast $1.98 lb

Hill COutnry Fare Talapia Fillets, 4 lb $2.74

Hill Coutnry Fare Deli Style Cooked Ham $2.48

Cinnamon Rolls, 8 ct $2.50

Propane Cylinder Exchange $16.99

El Arriero mesquite 100% Natural Wood Charcoal, 6.6 lb $2.97

Grill Time Charcoal Lighter Fluid, 32 oz $2.50

Pampers Baby Dry Economy Pack Diapers $30.52
Use $1.50/1 – Pampers Cruisers or Baby Dry Diapers, Excludes Trial/Travel Size – (
or $1.50/1 – Pampers Swaddlers or Swaddlers Sensitive Diapers, Excludes Trial/Travel Size – (
or $1.00/2 Pampers Bags or (1) Pampers Box of Diapers or Pants, excludes trial/travel size limit 4 like coupons in same shopping trip from PG 4/29 (exp 5/31)
Final Price: Unknown

Clairol Balsam Haircolor $2.48
Use $5.00/2 Clariol Hair Color from SS 4/15 (exp 5/31)
or $2.00/1 Clairol Hair Color Box from PG 4/29 (exp 5/31)
or $1.00/1 Clariol Hair COlor from SS 4/15 (exp 5/31)
Final Price: As low as Free

HEB Pain Relief Extra Strength Caplets, 24 ct $0.88

Buy One Get One Deals

V & V Brand Smoked Sausage Links
Buy 1, Jennie-O Turkey Store Jumbo Turkey Franks, 16 oz and Studds BBQ Sauce, 18 oz Free, with in-store coupon

Orchid Professional Nail Lacquer
Buy 1, Receive Hill Country Essentials Nail Polish Remover, 6 oz and HEB Cotton Balls, 70 ct Free, with in-store coupon

HEB Baby Formula, 23.2-25.7
Buy 1, Receive HEB Baby Distilled Water, 1 Gallon Free, with in-store coupon

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6 thoughts on “HEB Coupon Deals: Week of 5/2”

  1. I went to HEB last night. While I was struggling to decide if it was worth it to pay $4.50/lb for skirt steak, I noticed a coupon hanging right above it. The coupon was for $3 off Beef when you purchase ANY Bolner’s Fiesta brand spices. Well, good news! These spices also come in little 1 oz packages. You can get anice for $.68 or for $.78 you can get whole black pepper. So, I bought a pound of skirt steak for fajitas at $4.50 and the little packet of pepper. By purchasing both I only paid $2.28 total! Keep on the lookout for these coupons.

  2. Maria Michel says:

    Hello, I wasn’t sure where to post this but I wanted to share this.
    HEB right now has a coupon for 10.00 off a 20.00 purchase. I purchased 3 moisturizers for about 1.67 each (+tax) by using the 10.00 coupon+ 3 of the 2.00 off of one moisturizer coupons. This is even better than getting them at Target for 2.98!!   Hope this helps!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Just got back from HEB, picked up (6) bottle of Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom cleaner for $0.63ea and (3) J&J Baby Wash at $1.48ea! Super happy to have found such a good deal!