Don’t miss out on this awesome freebie! Right now you can get a free Papa Burger from A&W when you join the A&W text club by texting the word BURGER to 70626. You will receive a text back with a code to give to your cashier to redeem your free burger between May 4th-May 10th. Take the family to A&W tonight and enjoy a cheap dinner!

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13 thoughts on “Free Papa Burger from A&W!”

  1. Apparently here in CA it’s only good at the A&W with KFC locations.  It totally sucks.

  2. The text says it is only good in UT, CA, CO, & WA

  3. Anonymous says:

    Is it valid in Oregon?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Their coupon flyer was mailed at the beginning of the month with a coupon for a free root beer float to celebrate their anniversary.  What a nice treat to wash down our free burger!

  5. o.k. what’s the secret to be able to receive the free A&W papa burger or how to join the A&W text club??? —i’ve tried everything and get nothing

  6. it says only valid in UT, CA, CO and WA, hmmmm

  7. Kim Cogle says:

    I’m sooooo lucky to have an A&W only 5 blocks from my house!  :)
    Guess what I’m having for lunch tomorrow….

  8. closest one from here is 48 miles. ):

  9. Anonymous says:

    Our A&W closed a few years ago.  My kids miss those root beer floats.  :(