$2.00/1 – Method Laundry Detergent – (facebook.com)

Don’t wait to print this high-value coupon good on any Method Laundry Detergent! Head to the Method Facebook page and “like” them to print yours. Then take the coupon to Target to grab a mini bottle of Method Laundry Detergent for just $0.99! (Not all stores will carry this product. Be sure to check the endcaps around the cleaning aisles. If you don’t spot it at your store, the 25 load bottle is price cut to $6.99 through 5/5, so only $4.99 after the coupon!)

Method Laundry Detergent, 8 load $2.99, Regular Price
Use $2.00/1 – Method Laundry Detergent – (facebook.com)
Final Price: $0.99

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72 thoughts on “Save $2.00 on Method Laundry Detergent, As low as $0.99 at Target!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I’m starting to not like shopping at target. They make you feel like a criminal for using coupons.. They act as if I’m stealing by using coupons. I found these yesterday for $2.08 and tried using my $2 target Q but they wouldn’t let me they said its considered trial size. Every item was looked at twice to make sure I wasn’t trying to scam them. Shopping shouldn’t make u feel bad or ashamed. I might just have to quit target embarrassment isn’t worth it. They act like couponing is like stealing.

  2. My target had these on an endcap on clearance for $2.34 so with the coupon they were only 34 cents!  I got 4…hope I like them. 

  3. Big O says:

    is this size considered the trail size?

  4. 25 loads of method detergent is on clearance at my CVS for$2.25, use the $2 MQ & it makes it ONLY $0.25!!!! thats a penny a load!!

  5. 25 loads of method detergent is on clearance at my CVS for$2.25, use the $2 MQ & it makes it ONLY $0.25!!!! thats a penny a load!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    these little babies were on clearance at my SoCal Target, ONLY  $0.54 cents +tax for 8 loads!

  7. Anonymous says:

    scored two this weekend in So Cal for .58 each after the coupon! 

  8. Anonymous says:

    I’m out of ink so I wasn’t able to print any. :( However, I did find 2 bottles of the 25 loads on clearance at CVS that I got for $1.79 each!

  9. Holly Keney says:

    Target had some of the 8 load on clearance for 2.54 so I bought 2 and paid .54 each using the coupons. You might want to check the end caps to see if they have any at your Target.

  10. Kristin Lee says:

    My target had them on Clearance for $2.54, so I paid $0.54 only!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Usually, when some items are on sale or clearance at Target, they are a little bit more than what is posted here. But, much to my surprise this week when I went to get the laundry soap, not only did my Target have it, but it was on clearance for $2.54…so it was just $.54 per bottle!

  12. Went to my Target in Michigan…they dont have that small one..is Target the only store that has that brand????   Anyone please!!!

  13. Iam Nayrb says:

    they don’t sell this size at my store…so disappointed. =(
    Happy for those who managed to get it though!

  14. Sanjay Shetty says:

    I went to Target yesterday and I found them on the clearance shelf for $2.08. I bought two and with the coupons & tax, I paid a total of $0.48 [the two bottles were $0.16 & the tax (which was more) was $0.36]

  15. Anonymous says:

    In my area (Nor-Cal), its $2.54. I was planning on buying it, but when i calculated it at its size/volume, its not worth it. I got the Purex 18ct at my nearby Kmart for $0.50, while the Purex liquid, 50oz, i got it for $1. I think i’ll pass with this one. :)

  16. Emily Piper says:

    The target where I shop actually has them on clearance for $2.08 so I got them each for only 8 cents!! :)

  17. Jessica says:

    I went to my target n they had the 8 oz bottle on clearance for 2.58…so it was .58 for each bottle…i got two!!!

  18. Anonymous says:

    I ran to a Target while I was out of town today (of course I only printed 2 coupons grrrrr) at first I didnt see the 8 load size then I found them on clearence for 2.08 woot woot got them for 8 cents….(that will teach me not to print more!)

  19. Island Time says:

    Just picked up mine and at my Target it was on clearance for $2.54!!

  20. beipooful says:

    Yah, just printed 7 coupons…will have to stock up on these items since there’s so many of us.

  21. They were on clearance for $2.08 at my Target, so I scored 2 for only $0.08 each!!!  WOOOT!

  22. My Target had them on clearance for $2.54, so with the $2 MQ & $1 Target Q, I got it for free! (And my Target allowed the overage to be used toward the rest of my items)

  23. My Target had it on clearance for 2.54! They were on an end cap :) Happy Couponing!

  24. sully says:

    im very low on ink and this coupon prints with the largest print ad

  25. Could it be used with High efficiency washers?

  26. Whitney says:

    My Target had them on clearance for $2.54 so I got one for $0.54! When I got home method posted another $2 coupon on their facebook page so I’ll be going back for another one! YAY!

  27. Anonymous says:

    Just printed more coupons.  They are on clearance at my Target for 2.54 so going to get more. Woo Hoo!

  28. jason says:

    coupon is back up!

    “{deal back on} we’re so excited about how many of you want to SAY NO TO
    JUGS that we’ve added more coupons for $2 off method laundry detergent.
    hurry, hurry, before they disappear! click the ‘perks’ tab on our FB
    page to get yours while supplies last.”

  29. Joan Smith says:

    these are on clearance at my store for $2.59

  30. Anonymous says:

    At my Target the small bottles (8 loads) was on clearance for $2, making them free!

  31. Keli Kucera says:

    method coupon is gone!!

  32. Anonymous says:

    They are on clearance at my target for 2.5o, so they were only $.50 yah

  33. Anonymous says:

    These were on clearance at my target….. cant remember the price maybe 2.68? I missed the coupon……. but has anyone tried method laundry products? I’ve tried the floor cleaner and it smells sooooo good!!

  34. Coupon already gone!

  35. Jessie Gregath says:

    Look for bottles with a TRY ME FREE necktag to get this product for free after mail in rebate!

  36. Heather Lee says:

     I hope so, I am going to try today :)

  37. Rose Deacon says:

    coupons are gone already. My sister went to print them and couldn’t…..

  38. Anonymous says:

    The coupon’s gone now.

  39. April Mrtwo says:

    These are on clearance at Wolfchase Target in Memphis for $2.54.  I picked up 4 bottles for $0.54 each!   They are so cute!

  40. Anonymous says:

    I just got 2 at my store they were on clearance for 2.08! So I paid .16 for both!

  41. Rose Deacon says:

    I am happy I printed and held on to the target printable s that were out. They are still good for 2 more days too. Can’t wait to get to target WOO.

  42. Anonymous says:

    I tried to do this already with my coupon I got in earth day and they said it was considered a trial size and wouldn’t let me

  43. Jennifer says:

    i try to print coupons on the internet but you have to dwn load  printers or something and i can never get them!  Help!  Need and love coupons and save as much as i can!  What can I do?

  44. Anonymous says:

    I also have a Target coupon for $2 off Method detergent from Earth Day givaways so maybe I can snag some for Free!

  45. Anonymous says:

    Anyone know if they make this in a fragrance free/allergen free version?

  46. Anonymous says:

    what is a good stock up price for laundry soap…per load?  This would end up being .12 cents a load.  Does anyone know?

    • Anonymous says:

      I usually get the 25-32 ounce tide ($3-5 cheapest) or wisk($1.99 – 3 cheapest)
      so i bought 20 wisk a few months back at 1.99 each = 44.58 after taxes and that was 29 loads per bottle or 580 loads … 44.58/580 = about 7.7 cents per load

      My aunt makes her own detergent, about 500 loads for less than 10.00 …. if she adds scented oil its closer to 14 …. im just not sure i could do it or like it lol

    • Anonymous says:

      An ideal stock-up price is at or less than $0.99 for a bottle with 32+ loads. That works out to around $0.03 a load. Remember though, that’s an ideal price and you may not always be able to grab laundry detergent for so little.

      • Anonymous says:

        wow!  That would be an amazing price to find!  I stock up if it’s 2.50 or less, but I rarely find it for less than 2.50.  I thought that was a good price LOL!

    • Anonymous says:

      I calculate mine base on its volume/weight (in this case per oz.). Every laundry product differ from its “per load” thing. Sometimes i put more than what they recommend. When i started using coupons, i compare my price per ounce to the Woolite product in Costco after store coupon since we used to buy ours at that store. I switch to different brands as of which one is the cheapest with coupons as long as i get the “clear detergent” :)

      Hope that helps :)

  47. GSD Science says:

    awesome, I got my coupon and I know that my store carries this size since I just saw it this last weekend.

  48. Cant wait to go get some today. 

  49. Anonymous says: