$2.00/2 – Degree Men’s Deodorant or Antiperspirant – (target.com) 
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We saw this coupon at the beginning of the week, but it had size restrictions. Now it’s available with no size restrictions which is going to mean cheap trial size deodorant at Target!

Degree Men’s Deodorant, Trial Size $1.07
$2.00/2 – Degree Men’s Deodorant or Antiperspirant – (target.com) 
Final Price: $0.07 each 

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66 thoughts on “Men’s Degree Deodorant (Trial Size) Only $0.07 at Target!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I got 3 of the coupons before the size restriction was placed so I got 6 total yesterday and they were originally priced .97ea. I had no problem using the coupon. It seemed to scan right in. I just check reciept and it looks like it automatically adjusted down to $1.94
    These are great for my boys to have to just throw in their sports bags/PE lockers.

  2. i just printed the coupon and now it excludes travel size

  3. Anonymous says:

    The target that I went to would not accept my coupons that would make the deoderant free or the sunscreen, she said not good on trial sizes and I told her it did not say excludes trial sizes and she said she would not accept them.  I am going to try another target before I give up.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I just printed mine but the size restriction is on them aahhh!

  5. lee says:

    I just printed the coupon and it actual says “excludes trials/travel size” so that means that we wouldn’t be able to use it to buy the trial size.

    • rose d says:

      I printed two of these; Originally  there was not a “excludes no trial size” on them. I think they changed that. My cashier scanned it and it went through didn’t beep or anything…

  6. Anonymous says:

    i am noticing lately that my target register automatically recalculates the coupon amount…no more adjusting down and grumpy cashiers!! the coupon gods are smiling down on us-finally! :)  

  7. Misty Bright says:

    I just printed this coupon it says Excludes Trial / Travel Sizes

  8. Melissa Oler says:

    Will the coupon policy allow them to adjust the price down? They told me they could not because in the fine print of the coupon it says coupon can’t be used it it exceeds the value of the items purchased (which mine does since they are .97)

  9. mine has size restrictions too

  10. Paper Flower says:

    i just got back from target. same thing happen—i’m printing out their coupon policy and i’m bringing it with me every time i shop there. i walked out with nothing b/c i’m not paying for it when i can get it for FREE!!!

  11. Ivette says:

    In the coupon says one coupon or offer per guest. Does it means that I can only use one coupon per trip?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Just printed mine but they have size restrictions:(

  13. Anonymous says:

    Ok, just tried it using Internet Explorer…it worked! Yippppeee! :D

  14. Amy Schmidt says:

    It’s still acting up.  I had to use explorer.  Firefox froze. 

  15. So I was able to use two of these $2 of 2 coupons, and get 4 Trial size Degree for free BUT the coupons would not scan and the cashier had to call a manager over. They both told me I couldn’t use it on trial size but I politely told them there was no limitation stated and they gave it to me. Pays to be nice, literally :)

  16. has anyone had problems withthis coupon my target wont take couponsfor trial size :(

  17. i cant find it on target!!!

  18. Anonymous says:

    These are only $.97 at my Target!

  19. Faith Hemingway says:

    my target won’t accept because they are $.97 normally and they won’t price adjust. Have to find a target that sells them for at least a dollar!

  20. Candice Veloz says:

    Was only .97 cents for the travel size at my Target, so it ended up being a .12 cents money maker for me :)  This deal with the Nivea, toothpaste, and Sobe is awesome this week :)

  21. Anonymous says:

    My Target stores will not let me use the store coupons on trial size items.  I even spoke to a manager about and they still would not do it.  My Target store are really tightening up on it’s coupon policy.  They are not only letting me use one Target coupon per item per customer.  The coupons do say this but I’ve never had any problems using more then one in a transaction.  I am really starting to get a little frustrated at my Target stores and are starting to shop there less.  Is anyone else having this problem?

    • I have noticed this too, but not at my Regular Target store. Bless her heart the little old lady working actually (very nice, but no clue with coupons) said you know if these are in black and white they are copied, I took the time to explain to her that no, that usually means they are just changing their printer settings to save on ink because black ink is cheaper. ,and most coupon policies will allow black and white prints, I then showed her several from different stores pointing that portion out. Poor thing was shocked. But she did thank me for teaching her. Thank goodness mine were in color that day:)

    • I have the same problem and the cashier that help me didnt take any of my manufacture coupons and she didnt even scan them.. all is making me do is not shop at target.. since is far from where i live

    • sue says:

      I was as at target they refused to do Degree also. I said coupon didn’t give a size. She said sorry. Then I tried to purcase 2 Nivea tins and bottle of lotion. They also refused to give $5.00 GC for that. I am going to call corporate today. Let you know what they say..I know today was a bad target trip :(

      • Iam Nayrb says:

        I just purchased these items at Target today and had no problem. Sorry to hear that you went through that. For the Nivea deal I purchased 2 tins @ $ .87 ea. and a lotion @ $5.34 …after coupons the total came out to $4.13 and I was still able to get the gift card. If you purchased the correct items for the promotion the register will automatically inform the cashier to scan a giftcard.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Oh my goodness I finally got this coupon this morning.  I tried another browser, explorer and had to reinstall the coupon printer and push the button 4 times because it kept saying it did not take…..but BINGO on the fifth go, sweet success.  She works hard for da money.  

  23. Lina says:

    I tried printing this coupon with the nivea body wash and the right guard coupon…and for some odddddd reason a blank page came out..thats all.

  24. I was able to get it to print but only with Internet Explorer. Firefox and chrome would not work. HTH!

  25. well i hope this q will still be avalible when im next to my printer agian!! busy celebrating cinco de mayo, but ya know i had to check the blog.lol

  26. Anonymous says:

    Found it but can’t get it to print.  This is the first time I’ve had a problem printing on this site and I’m able to print coupons from other sites.  Maybe there’s a problem with the Target site.

  27. Anonymous says:

    I printed two just fine…..

  28. Anonymous says:

     Can someone tell me how to get free razors? All these videos and post tout we should never pay for razors but I have yet to see or get a deal where they are free.  Am I doing something wrong?

    • the cheapest i have paid for razors is 1.50 for the nice ones that are regular priced 10 bucks. maybe on clearence w/ a coupon or dissposible?i would love to know as well

    • Watch for postings about Clearance or a bogo at Cvs that is when I have gotten them for free:)

    • Anonymous says:

      It really depends.  I started couponing last summer and I noticed that the nice razors ($10+) were available for $0.50 or even free because they had better sales and RR or ECB offers.  Now the same razors are usually $2+ because the ECB and RR offers are not as great and the coupon values have decreased for those razors.  for example last summer the proglide razor was often on sale for $9.99 with $5RR and the coupons available at the time were $5 off.  Now the coupons for the razor are for $5 off when you purchase both the razor and the cartridge.  So the deals are not as great as they used to be.  The idea is when you do find a razor deal that you like you should purchase enough to hold you up until the next good sale.  $1.99 for the good razors is still not a bad price.  HTH

  29. what the heck, its saying i need to make my printer my default. this is annoying i was so excited about this coupon

  30. Nic S says:

    I am able to print the coupon. I have two computers at home but each one printed out the same bar code. Aren’t they supposed to be different? I don’t want anyone to think I photo copied these….can someone confirm if theirs is also printing the same bar code?

    • Judy Thao says:

      target coupons have all the same bar codes. manufacturers coupons that you print online do not. so yes, you actually can copy them if you wanted to.

  31. Jay Resser says:

    Thanks, I finally found it, but it won’t print for me either :( Boo!

  32. Jay Resser says:

    I can’t find this coupon! Looked through all of the target coupons online and don’t see it anywhere :(

  33. Is anyone else having issues with Target site not printing Q’s or is it just me? I usually have none with their page.???????