It’s hard to believe, but sometimes we can get excellent deals even without coupons! Here’s a great price on a higher-end product at Target. No coupons needed, just cash in on the gift card reward for this one! If it isn’t marked at your store, be sure to have the cashier scan two items through to see if the gift card is prompted, before you finalize and pay.

Fekkai Glossing Cream, 2 oz. $6.30
Buy 2, Receive a $10.00 Target Gift Card, through 5/26
Pay $12.60, Receive a $10.00 Target Gift Card
Final Price: $1.30 each when you buy 2

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22 thoughts on “Fekkai Glossing Cream, Only $1.30 at Target Without Coupons!”

They had them on clearance at my target but only two left. Not sure it’s the same size though.

will Target do a raincheck for this if it is not in stock?

Got two of these tonight thats all they had. I actually use this stuff so I am very very greatful. Love you guys!


Yay! thanks for the post. Just back from Target and found 2 of these on the clearance shelf. What a great deal!

That’s exciting! They still prompted the GC?

Yes, it prompted the $10 GC. I was super excited! I’m on a budget right now but this was a deal I couldn’t pass. Thank you for the post.    

So I just went to Target for the deal, the 2oz wasn’t in stock and it was marked 9.00 but they had the 4oz marked 11.00. Since thats still a good deal I went up and it didn’t prompt the gift card, and it rang up 22.00. I called a manager, and they gave me the 2 for 11.00 each and 5.00 additonal off of each one since they can’t make it give you a 10.00 gift card. So I got 2   4 oz glossing creams for 12.00 instead of 44.00!  

 I love when Target does good deeds! :)

Thank you, thank you for posting this deal  :)

 You’re so welcome :)

Is there a limit on how many you can purchase at one time and get the gift card? Should I do multiple trips?

 Multiple trips aren’t necessary, you can do them all in one transaction. You may be limited by the number of products on the shelf though :)

Love this stuff! Stoked out of my mind :)

 Ha ha! Great to hear :)

I LOVE THIS PRODUCT, highly reccommend! I am so excited!!

I’m so glad!

can you roll the target $10 giftcard to buy the same item, Fekkai in this case, or will it depend on the store?

 You can definitely roll Gift Cards on these deals since they are just a form of payment! The only restriction they have is using them on the same transaction. Great plan!

 okay, thank you for letting me know. I am definitely going to add this to my stockpile. :)

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