KidsLiveSafe is a great online tool for keeping our kids safe. It provides detailed access of registered sex offenders and predators, plus it gives parents and guardians proactive tools to help keep kids safe whether online or in the community. Right now, you can sign up for a Trial Membership to KidsLiveSafe for just $1.00!

To sign up:

  • Click Here.
  • Enter in your zip code and email address.
  • A page will then load that will tell you how many registered sex offenders are living within the zip code you entered.
  • Next, enter in your first and last name, email, and zip code. Click the red Access Now button.
  • You will then activate your protection. It will cost $1.00 for activation.
  • The $1.00 fee is for a 7-day trial.
  • After you have paid your $1.00 fee you will be given the option to purchase a yearly membership for $59.98.
  • Otherwise, simply cancel before the trial expires, and they guarantee that you will not be charged any more.
  • If you choose to not to cancel, your membership will renew for $29.97 per month.
  • Your subscriptions will continue until you cancel.
  • You may cancel anytime by calling 1-800-301-5905.

What will you find with your membership?

  • Unlimited Sex Offender search of any U.S. location.
  • Complete Offender Profile including pictures, full name, physical description, detail on offenses, home address and more.
  • Instant email alerts when a Registered Sex Offender moves into your neighborhood or designated monitoring area. You may monitor up to 4 areas at a time.
  • Emergency response profiles to recover your children in case they are lost or abducted.
  • Online protection to protect your children while surfing the web or chatting with friends.
  • Real-time AMBER alerts when a child goes missing in your community.

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2 thoughts on “KidsLiveSafe Trial only $1.00!”

  1. Stacey L says:

    This is a matter of public information, I am almost certain you can get it for free on any county government website.  That is why they are required to register.  If you suspect anyone doing that type of activity and they are not convicted of it, you owe it to your children to keep that person away from them no matter what, regardless of the circumstances or offending someone’s feelings.  And, you can always do a background check on them just to see what it is they have been in trouble for, that may give you clues.  Sorry to ramble, I am an advocate for our childrens safety and am glad there are others politically taking steps in human trafficking also.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Why on earth would anyone pay for this service?? All of this information and resources are already available free! I’m pretty sure every state is required to have this.