Extreme Couponing Tip: Use Coupons with Rain Checks

When sale items are out of stock, rain checks allow you to cash in on a sale later at your convenience. But did you know you can make the deal even better by using coupons? Just as you can use coupons on sale items originally, you can cash in coupons when you redeem rain checks. When redeeming rain checks, alert your cashier before the items are rung up since he will need to manually enter the old sale price.

Another great benefit of redeeming rain checks is waiting until a matching coupon comes out or you get more coupons. This can make a good sale a GREAT one later on! Just make sure that those coupons you had for the original sale still have valid expiration dates. Most stores do not accept expired coupons.

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6 thoughts on “Extreme Couponing Tip: Use Coupons with Rain Checks”

Yesterday at Albertsons I picked up 44 bottles of Lawry’s marinade (that I had a rain check for and I had special ordered) They were buy 2 get one 1 free during the sale, so essentially .99ea and I used 44 $1/1. It was my first really “extreme” purchase but it was such a thrill!! I am going to give some to friends and donate some to food bank.  I also had a rain check for the aquafresh kids toothpaste at walgreens and picked up 5 of those yesterday for FREE also. I can’t tell you how much fun I had shopping and not spending yesterday!!!  I am almost deciding it is easier to just get the rain check if I don’t need it right away.

My CVS will even let me use expired coupons with a rain check. They tell me that it wasn’t my fault that they were out of an item, and they honor my expired coupon too. Pretty awesome!

Well I had a pleasant surprise today,  Was in Stop and Shop and needed a couple of rain checks, and to my surprise they don’t’ expire   I guess I must have been living under a rock all my life

My local Ingles Supermarket will allow you to use a rain check OR a coupon, not both.  Yet another reason I will drive an hour to go to Publix!  (and the Ingles is only a couple of blocks from my house!)

 Ah, well the nearest rite aid walgreens or walmart is a half hour from my house, and target is an hour! I haven’t tried using a rain check with a coupon yet though. Is publix your only nearby shop that would do it?

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