Vistaprint is at it again, bringing us more of the free products that we love! You can choose one or choose them all. Items available are: 250 Business Cards, Rubber Stamp, T-Shirt, Sticky Notes, 4″ x 6″ Photo Flip Book, and a Tote Bag. All of these items are free; you will just have to pay shipping. The best news is the more items you order with Vistaprint, the cheaper shipping will be per item. I added the business cards, personalized sticky notes and the stamp and only paid $6.34 for all three! If you choose to purchase a single item, shipping ranges from $4.50 – $6.00. (It’s definitely a better value to purchase more than 1 item.)

Here is how to snag your six FREE Vistaprint products!

  • Head over to Vistaprint today.
  • Browse the selection.
  • Design one or all! Add your finished product to your cart.
  • I found that the easiest way to add multiple items was to add one and go all the way through checkout and then come click this link again and add your next item.  It will save all your items in your cart until you are ready to check out with all your items.
  • Please remember, you will have to click through several pages of “offers” to get to the final pages of checkout.  Do not click any of these offers as you will be changed full price for them.
  • Go to checkout. No coupon codes are needed to take advantage of this deal!

Rarely do you find companies offering something for FREE, so take advantage of this generous offer while you can as it could change at any time. Having ordered from Vistaprint in the past, I can tell you the product quality is great, shipping is fast, and the customization process is a cinch.

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18 thoughts on “More Free Products From Vistaprint!”

  1. OMG!! Thanks for posting this. I am creating an album for my husband for Father’s Day. You can put up to 20 pictures in it. He is going to love this and the savings for me are fantastic!!

  2. its back up and i got four more free items. wish it would not have glitched when i ordered the first time… wouldnt of had to pay shipping twice but oh well.

  3. mine also went from free to 25 % off…. had 8 items and only 4 were free when i went to my cart

  4. Anonymous says:

    I ordered the personalized stamper, post-its, tote, and 4×6 photo book. I paid $8.87 for shipping. I was very excited to get these 4 cool items for free, but feel that shipping may be a bit too high. The four items probably do not weigh a whole pound, but still think it ends up being a good deal. :) thanks kcl

  5. melissa says:

    i just tried ordering some free stuff and all was good until I tried to check out then everything changed from being free to 25% off I”m not happy I wanted my free stickers, labels and coffee mug for my son’s Teacher  So i didn’t order I wasn’t gonna pay 18 for something that is suppose to be free

    • Anonymous says:

      Did you follow the directions we posted above? If you did, it should all be free except shipping.

  6. Rachel Cabrera says:

    Just made my orde….got 250 Business cards (after checking out was offered another set for $3.74 & free shipping), Sticky Notes, a custom pen, small rubber stamp, reusable tote and photo book (even if including border is only 4X6).  I did notice on many items if you wanted a custom design they charge extra so I stayed withing the guidelines for free.  Shipping on all six items was $11.91….so in total I paid $15.65 it really does pay to get as many items as possible.

  7. Simran Silva says:

    Apparently it’s only free if you order a blank tote bag with absolutely nothing on it, which you can’t do either. >:-(

  8. Simran Silva says:

    If it is FREE then why is it coming up as $6.99 plus S&H for a tote bag?

  9. Traci Logan says:

    It will only let me add one of each item for free, is the special or is there a way to order 2 seperate photo books for instance?

    • Kathryn Webb says:

      There is a limit of one of each item for free per order.  So you can order as many free items as you want, as long as there are no duplicates in the same order.  I.e. the lowest amount of business cards, lowest amount of address labels, one rubber stamp, one set of sticky notes, etc, but NOT 2 free pens or 5 free pens in the same order.  I’ve done two orders before, one right after the other, with one rubber stamp in each, and although they did not combine my shipping cost, they did put them in the same box when they mailed it!  Obviously we are not really getting the items for free, they merely figure the cost into the “handling” part of shipping and handling.  But it’s still fun! :-)

  10. Anonymous says:

    This posting is to provide an idea of how much S&H will run.  I ordered 250 business cards, an address stamp, a sticky note pad, a t-shirt, a shopping bag and a 4″x6″ 20 photo flip book (added two pics for $1) for $13.80.  Not too shabby for several gifts.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I just received the free 4′x6′ photobook last night in the mail and I’m not impressed.  The pictures in the picture book is very tiny and this is something I could have printed at home myself.  The shipping was almost $6 which is very expensive.  I’ve gotten very nice 10′x10′ photobooks from Shutterfly before for $8 shipping. 

  12. I was told if you get the free business cards (or other free items) you must re-orders ever so often or you get charged for the free ones is this true?

    • Anonymous says:

      I took advantage of all the items and read nothing like that before check-out.  Who told you that?

    • Kathryn Webb says:

      I’ve never been charged later on for anything I bought or did not buy (’cause it was free).  Hope you have a good experience with them.  I’ve been using them for years maybe once or twice a year, sometimes 10 times in a year, all depending on what I need, and other than one pen not working all that well (the others I’ve ordered worked fine) I haven’t had any issues with them!

    • Candace Kowalla says:

      Nichole nope not true!!!! I have gotten free items and never had been charged for not re-ordering :)