Is the weather warming up at your house? Beat the heat with a cold drink from McDonald’s! Right now you can print a coupon that will save you $1.00 on any size McCafé Cherry Berry Chiller, Frappé, Real Fruit Smoothie or Frozen Strawberry Lemonade.

  • Just go here to print your coupon.
  • Coupon expires 6/15.
  • Limit one coupon per person per visit.

You may need to temporarily turn off a pop-up blocker or try different browsers if you have trouble printing.

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23 thoughts on “Save $1.00 on a Smoothie, Lemonade, Frappe or Cherry Berry Chiller at McDonald’s!”

  1. i just printed mine with no issues with the pop up blocker i alway print in black and white so didn’t mind printed it on fast draft to save ink, now to the part of using it. my family is planning a dinner at mcdonalds.

  2. WARNING*** this coupon takes up the whole page and requirs alot of ink. i regreted printing it out as soon as i saw all my ink on one page.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I just took this coupon to my local McDonald’s and they would not take it?! She (the shift manager) said that they take coupons just one’s not printed from the internet? Before that she looked at it and said that she would not take it because it was copied!! I said “No, it is not, I just printed it in black and white!” I showed her and she still would not take it. I have a hard time believing they won’t take coupons from the McDonald’s company! Whatever!! 

    • Anonymous says:

      Similar thing happened to me.  Mine was printed in color and I gave it at the drive thru.  The young man said he would have to check if they accept it.  He went back and talked to another person and then told me they wouldn’t take it.  I said it came from the McDonalds website so I was surprised they wouldn’t take it.  He told me that whoever he talked to told him it was a fake.  They wouldn’t give me the coupon back either.  I called McDonalds when I got home (I felt a little silly over $1, but it made me a little upset that they pretty much accused me of coupon fraud.).  The lady from corporate was really nice and is sending me a coupon for a free smoothie.  Hopefully it is not a printable coupon…  :)

    • Evan Struble says:

       My local McDonalds in Westerville, Ohio would not accept it either, even after a lengthy discussion with management. It was funny though–the young man in the drive-thru said he would have taken it if his boss wasn’t there. Ultimately, it left me with a bad taste in my mouth. I don’t patronize McDonald’s often, but I do love their smoothies.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Mine printed no problem, after allowing for pop-ups from the mcd website.  I HATE coffee, yet find myself drawn to the frappes like a moth to a flame.  Guess I like sugar and ice more than I hate coffee . . .

  5. I typically use Firefox and I got a blank page so I used IE, turned off my pop up blocker and was able to receive the coupon.

  6. My pop up blocker is off and I cant print either. :(

  7. nothing just a blank page ! even my pop blocker is turned off !

  8. Anonymous says:

    if it won’t print make sure you’ve allowed pop ups for mcdonalds website.  you can temporarily turn off your pop up blocker. hope that works for you.

  9. Mine printed fine and has 6-15-12 for the expiration date. I was hoping to print more than 1 though. :(

  10. mine says expires 5/16, just FYI

  11. Heather Peterson says:

    It won’t print. I went thru the steps, and clicked print, then nothing. :-( 

    • Anonymous says:

      You may need to temporarily turn off a pop-up blocker or try different browsers if you have trouble printing.

  12. Anonymous says:

    OK, what am I doing wrong? I can not get this to print after clicking on the $1 off button.

  13. Right now, I know they’re advertising a sale on the Cherry Berry Chillers smalls for a 1.00, so this would be free right? I already tried them though and much rather use the coupon on a frappe or smoothie. 

    • Anonymous says:

      You may need to temporarily turn off a pop-up blocker or try different browsers if you have trouble printing.

  14. Anonymous says:

    At my McDonald’s, a small size Frappe & Smoothie cost $2.49 plus tax.
    The $1 off makes it affordable.  If I had to pay full price, I’d demand that Ronald serve it to me on a gold tray!