Now is your chance to apply for NCP Homescan. But you need to hurry—space on the panel is limited. If you have applied to the NCP panel before and were rejected, you can apply again. Once you are a panel member you will receive a hand-held scanner. Every time you or a person in your household goes shopping, you will scan the bar code on your purchases.

NCP will reward you for your time. The more you scan, the more points you earn—points that can be redeemed for jewelry, household items, toys, electronics, and more. Also, the more you scan the more entries you will receive for NCP’s sweepstakes for items such as a $20,000 cash prize, a vacation valued at $25,000, and a new car!

Here’s how you can apply to become an NCP panel member:

  • Click Here.
  • In the designated boxes, enter your name, email address, phone number, address and date of birth. Then click on the green “submit” button. Registration is quick and easy!
  • Wait to hear whether or not NCP has accepted you onto their panel. If you have applied before and were rejected, try again!

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12 thoughts on “NCP Homescan is Accepting Applications! Start Earning!”

  1. Got my scanner yesterday! This is awesome!

  2. I just got my scanner today :D!

  3. Chasity Leon says:

    Woo hoo got my Scanner today! So excited to start this and hopefully win some cool stuff!!

  4. What, exactly, are people scanning with this?

  5. Same for me as usual

  6. Woot Got in awaiting my emails!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Finally i was able to filled up the form, it just said “i will be contact thru mail” my zip was 95843

  8. Anonymous says:

    tells me the same also

  9. Anonymous says:

    No matter how many times I complete this, it always says it is not accepting households in my area at this time.. NO MORE

    • Taryn Palo says:

      From what I understand, if you were “not accepted” at the time you applied, that was due to the fact that at that time, they “currently” had enough “members” in your “zip code”. I have been a member with NCP since August last year. After 5 months (December 2011), I was a $500 “Super Scanner Winner”. I do enjoy this program. I myself, have never had any problems or complaints with it. Keep trying!