Each week, Target does markdowns, and many products get “clearanced out.” Clearance prices are often the same across different Target stores, but not always. Here are the clearance deals I found this week at Target.

Remember, clearance pricing and availability will vary by store. Not all clearance items are correctly marked, so be sure to check prices with the scanner!

Seventh Generation Natural x4 Laundry Detergent, 50 oz. (Reg. $13.99) $9.78, Clearance Price
Use $1.50/1 – Seventh Generation 4x Laundry Detergent – (seventhgeneration.com)
Final Price: $8.28

Del Monte Canned Cream Style Corn (Reg. $1.39) $0.61, Clearance Price

Method Laundry Detergent, 8 loads (Reg. $2.99) $2.54, Clearance Price
Use $2.00/1 – Method Laundry Detergent – (facebook.com)
Final Price: $0.54

Market Pantry Frozen Chicken Wings (Reg. $6.49) $4.54, Clearance Price
Use $1.50/2 – Market Pantry Frozen Chicken Items, Target Coupon – (target.com)
Final Price: $3.79 each when you buy 2 

V8 V-Fusion Tea, 46 oz. (Reg. $2.94) $2.49, Clearance Price
Use $1.00/2 – V8 V-Fusion Tea Beverages, 46oz – (v8juice.com)
Final Price: $1.99 each when you buy 2

Smuckers Snack’n Waffles (Reg. $2.99) $2.54, Clearance Price

Weight Watchers Smart Ones Entrees (Reg. $1.99) $1.68, Clearance Price
Use  $4.00/10 – Weight Watchers Smart Ones Products – (eatyourbest.com)
And use $3.00/10 – Weight Watchers Smart Ones Frozen Entrées , Target Coupon – (target.com)
Final Price: $0.98 each when you buy 10

Be sure to read last week’s clearance post to see if any of those goodies are still available at your store, possibly marked down further!

What clearance deals did you find this week at Target?

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27 thoughts on “Target Clearance: Seventh Generation, Smucker’s, and More!”

  1. Esmeralda says:

    Tried to print Seventh Generation coupons but non available, any suggestions?

  2. at my local target they had tide, gain, olay bar soaps and much more P&G products on clearance..not at a great price but maybe now with the new P&G coupons that came out it would make for a good deal!!!!

  3. Those Method laundry detergents were marked down to $2.08 here, so with my coupons I got them for 8 cents each! And I love reading about all the other deals, after finding all the coupons you have here, and the double coupons at Target, I save so much per week! But things are more expensive here in Alaska, so the prices don’t match up with the blog, unfortunately… 

  4. ~~ says:

    I’ve never really shopped at Target before so just wondering where can you find the clearance stuff? I went to Target today and only went through the beauty isle but didn’t see any clearance and Target is HUGE so I did not have time to run through the whole entire store. But please comment :)

    • I typically find most clearance on the endcaps that are hidden and facing a wall or something. not facing a main aisle . so next time you look in the beauty section. look at the endcaps. 

    • Anonymous says:

       Check the backs of the aisles – I find most clearance items on end caps at the back-end of the laundry area as well as the toothpaste area. It will be different at every store, but those are the general areas. They will also just tag items right in their original spots, so look in the regular aisles as well!

  5. Anonymous says:

    I found an 8oz size of Purell with a purse-sized bottle along with it for .56 on clearance. There was a complete shelf full so I loaded up with the $1/1 coupons that came in an insert (sorry forgot which one) as well as $1/3 insert. Then I came home, searched the internet to see if a printable was available which there were the same printables as the inserts, so I went back the next day and got some more. All togehter I got 15 8oz bottles and 15 purse sized bottles for free!! No shelf clearing, and I left a coupon for the next person!

  6. Wouldn’t the weight watchers be $1.28 ea. not $0.98ea. ?
    10 X 1.68 = $16.80 Retail
    16.80 – 4.00 Q = $12.80
    12.80 / 10 = $1.28 ea

    • Anonymous says:

      The $3/10 is a target coupons which you can stack with the $4/10 manufacter coupon. So it’s 10 x 1.68=16.80 16.80-4.00=12.80 12.80-3.00=9.80 which is .98 a piece! hth

  7. Jessica says:

    The ky date night was on clearance for 12.76 and used a $5 off coupon printable from their website.  There was a $10 gift code to fandango for movie tickets….which the hubby and i used….making it free in my mind!

  8. Cynthia says:

    The Tyson frozen chicken wings in the Asian Zing flavor were on clearance for $2.54 a bag at my Target. And the method 8 load laundry soap was $2.08 on clearance, so only $0.08 after the $2Q.

    • Cynthia says:

      **The Tyson chicken wings were reg. $7.99 a bag! Pretty good deal because I had (2) $5 gc’s from the nivea deal, so I bought 4 bags, and pretty much got them for next to nothing.

    • Anonymous says:

      Awesome Cynthia!

    • i wasnt able to find any tyson’s on clearance..thats too bad because my mom and brother love them!!! would have loved to have gotten them some.. and she buys these things at full price :/ (mad face)

  9. Cara Rutland says:

    The Del Monte corn is on clearance at our Target for .41 a can. We loaded up.

  10. I found Haribo gummi bears on clearance for 85 cents a bag.  Used the 30-cents off coupon – paid 55 cents.  My kids were thrilled!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Shopkicks has a $2 coupon off market pantry chicken item

  12. queponer says:

    I found some Clairol hair color with Pantene attached to it on clearance for $3.48. I bought 2 and used (2) $2/1 TQ from 4/29 and (1) $5/2 MQ P&G 4/29 insert = making the 2 boxes FREE and $2 Money Maker. Overage went to some sandals that I bought.

  13. Anonymous says:

    In New Mexico we the Neosporin eczema lotion is on clearance for 8.00. If you still have the 3.00 off coupon that’s not a bad deal.