Extreme Couponing Tip: Know That Coupons Vary by Region

One of the first quirks a Krazy Couponer encounters is the variation in coupons from region to region, both in brand and value. Read below to find out more.

Coupon inserts
Coupon inserts in the Sunday newspapers vary across the nation. For example, areas which have stores that double coupons under $0.99 will often have $1.00/2 coupons, while a non-doubling area may instead have a $0.55/1.  Also, areas where competition between brands is more intense tend to have higher-value coupons. Other variations will appear in brands, especially ones that go by different names in different locales (e.g. Dreyer’s or Edy’s ice cream, Hellmann’s or Best Foods mayonnaise, etc).

If you would like a variety of coupons, consider exchanging with friends in different areas or subscribing to two or three different newspapers.

Printable coupons
On sites like Coupons.com, the coupons offered may differ slightly depending on the zip code you enter. The majority of coupons will be the same, but again, there may be some that are different or have different values. While you can print from other zip codes, do watch out for restrictions (such as “Only valid on cheese purchases in Utah and Idaho”) and make sure the brand shown is sold in your area before you print.

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8 thoughts on “Extreme Couponing Tip: Know That Coupons Vary by Region”

I live in the Seattle/Bellevue area, and I’m having a tough time getting started w/ newspaper coupons. The Seattle Times has SmartSource and P&G, but Red Plum is mailed out (so you can only get one copy). The Tacoma News Tribune has all 3, but I’m outside of their circulation area. I looked at the websites that KCL has links to for buying coupon inserts, but these websites no longer sell complete inserts. Any tips?

Tigerlil45 where do you get your Shreveport paper? I get my papers in Marshall also but can never find a Shreveport one, nor can I get it delivered on Sunday.  Whats up with that?  Frustrated!!!!!

Although I live near Colorado Springs, I get the Denver paper as the coupons are better. I’m surprised at the difference between the two cities in coupon inserts. 

I am new at this… I’ve learned the hard way, talk about wasting an ink cartridge and ream of paper!

I had that problem when I first started too. Now I don’t print them unless I know for a fact I will be using them.

I find it hard to “know for a fact” whether or not I will be using them. I have had it happen where I didn’t print a coupon and then a couple of days later I see a great sale on the item and then I go to print the coupon and it’s not available anymore. I didn’t print it when I saw it because I didn’t want to waste ink if I didn’t use it. I’m not concerned about wasting paper as I have a huge stock of that due to the many great rebates that Staples has had. A ream of paper has never ended up costing me more than $1. plus tax or less.

I 2 do what Tigerlil45 does, unless I am going to use it or I am trading I won’t print.  such a waste of ink and paper, I agree.  But I am looking to start a coupon page with ppl from different parts of the US.  It’s amazing what other coupons are out there.

I buy Marshall TX, the Dallas paper, & the Shreveport paper. Even as close as they are, the coupons are very different. the Marshall paper is very skimpy on their Red Plum coupons. But their Smart Source has some that are not available in the other 2 papers.