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5 thoughts on “Printable Coupon Roundup: Clorox 2, SeaPak and More!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I had a bad experience today at my local Walmart! I had 2 coupons for Kikkoman Marinade 1.00/1 and had 2 of the marinades at the counter. I actually had a cashier read the barcode and tell me that I had made a copy of the one coupon since the barcode was the same, and he could not accept the second coupon. I absolutely did not make a copy! The manager came up and said they can only accept one of the coupons if the barcode is identical! I let them know I simply printed them off the internet as I do my other coupons! I thought this was a bit ridiculous! Neither of them tried to even scan the second coupon to see if it would come off, because I know it would’ve!! I only had TWO coupons! It wasn’t like I had ten, twenty, or fifty! I’m sure he wouldn’t have checked the barcodes if I had brought fifty! I’ve never heard of this before. Has anyone else ever had this problem?? And has anyone else ever noticed a barcode being the same if you print the same coupon twice?? WOW…..

    • If you print out coupons (no matter what kind and from what computer) the bar code that should be scanned is ALWAYS the same. What should be different is the bar code looking thing on the top right hand corner of the coupon. Also, if you notice the coupons in Sunday’s paper, products, advertised coupons, ect. they are all the same. 

      If you could, you could even use the same scanned coupon an infinite number of times (which explains the reason why cashiers/stores take them from you).I really hope that helps, because you should have been allowed to use those 2 coupons.

    • Anonymous says:

      Your experience is not uncommon and we are all saddened to learn of the unpleasant situation that you encountered.  However, this is a thrilling moment in your development as a Krazy Couponer.  You are about to lose your ‘coupon virginity’!
      You see, Mom_RN_Couponer, to the ‘coupon virgin’ and the untrained eye, 2 coupons printed at the same time appear identical.  Yet, to those who have ‘been’ with coupons and that have had multiple encounters, it is easy to discern when the couponer is ‘faking’.
      Although it is true that both coupons may have the same barcodes, an ‘experienced’ couponer would have known to point out that the numbers which appear on the dot-scan box just below the expiration date actually have different numbers, proving that the 2 coupons are not duplicates!
      It is hoped that this explanation was delivered ‘gently’ and ‘tenderly’ in accord with your needs.  Please excuse me now as I take a cold shower! :-)  

      • Ha ha…your toooo funny…yes (mom rn) i had a older women at Rite-Aid starring for-ever at one of my coupons…after a min…or so seemed like five i asked what the problem was and she said we are on the look out for copied coupons…but then scanned it with out another word and of course it scanned…whats up with this crap!!!