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4 thoughts on “New Glade Coupons—Scented Oil Warmer FREE at Dollar General!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I had problems with them an hour ago. I had 3. They didn’t scan. The cashier didn’t know how to punch them in so she punched in all the number codes. My Dollar General coupon for something else scanned, though. Manager comes over. Cashier said that a previous customer came in with the same coupons and they scanned. Manager said that they won’t scan because it’s not the item as pictured on the coupon, which is the warmer and oil set which is $4. I didn’t know what to do so I left. I think I was right in that it doesn’t have to be the picture because it says ANY warmer. Am I right?? How can I explain to someone who does not know their own policy about that? I had the policy with me, but it didn’t say anything about if a coupon doesn’t scan and didn’t say anything about that the product being purchased HAS to match the photo on the coupon…

  2. That was very hard to find the second time.

  3. It’s gone. I printed one, went back for one more and it was gone.

    • Jasmine says:

       It isn’t gone. I just printed mine. It’s under the Household section on the first time printed then it will appear close to the very end of all of the coupons available when you go to print a second time. Hope that helps! :)