BOGO – Buy Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice, Get Ocean Spray Cherry Juice FREE, up to $4.00 – ( No longer available
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If your CVS carries Ocean Spray Cherry Juice, then you could score two free drinks, starting 5/20! All Ocean Spray, 64 oz drinks are Buy One Get One Free next week, and when you combine that with a printable Buy One Get One Free coupon, you can grab two of these drinks for free! Keep in mind that the coupon has a maximum price of $4.00, so if your region has this priced over that amount, then you can still grab two, but for a low cost.

Buy 2 Ocean Spray Juice, 64 oz, Price Unknown
Buy One Get One Free, 5/20-5/26
Use BOGO – Buy Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice, Get Ocean Spray Cherry Juice FREE, up to $4.00 – ( No longer available
Final Price: Free

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123 thoughts on “No Longer Available: Free Ocean Spray at CVS”

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  2. Anonymous says:

     One of the CVS’s near me does carry the cherry, but not the other 2 near me do, so not everyone is committing fraud!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    one of my CVS’s does carry the cherry, but the other 2 near me don’t, so not everyone is committing fraud!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I have a bogo coupon for the ocean spray juice that says redeem @ walmart. Will cvs accept this?

    • they should, mine did.  It is NOT a store coupon, so you should be able to use it anywhere.  I did read somewhere that CVS has a policy to not take a coupon that has another store’s logo on it.  I think this may be up to the store.  After using mine at CVS today and having a great coupon conversation with the cashier, I learned that the manager of that store gives the cashiers a great deal of power in deciding what coupons they will accept.  She said sometimes when they don’t have a product like say, coke that you have a coupon for, they can give you the money off a similar product.  That surprised me.  She also said that the other CVS in town will take coupons that are expired up to one month, but her store does not. 
      If you are going to CVS anyway, see if they will take it.

  5. had my coupons and went to CVS yesterday.  Both the cashier and the manager didn’t seem to get that I could use this coupon with their B1G1.  I didn’t have my policy with me (lesson learned).  First off, the computer took it, but since she had to put in the amount it triggered a question to her.  Then she told me it was a Walmart coupon.  I had to explain that to her (and later to the manager).  I told her that the coupon was like cash paying for the one I had to pay for.  The manager was going to give me half off the paid one.  Like that makes any sort of sense!  I left without the juice.  Went home found their “clear as day” policy that I COULD use the coupon.  I was going to go back and show her, but I actually didn’t want to piss her off since she typically is working when I go there.  Another thing that annoyed me about her is that she told me “you know you can hand me ALL your coupons at once”.  I got interrupted, but I was about to tell her that the reason I never hand over all my coupons to any cashier is that SHE once missed a pretty big coupon on me that I realized later when I got home.
    Fast forward to today, I went to another CVS in town (I am lucky that there are three CVS stores very close to me).  And I had my policy in my binder ready to go.  This cashier took it with NO problem.  I thanked her and mentioned what happened to me in the other CVS and she explained how the coupon worked, she was newish (as I found out in our conversation) but was very well trained.  I am totally going to use this CVS as my primary CVS from now on!
    Got me some free juice!!!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I tried using the coupon for ocean spray today and they refused me, saying the sale is already buy one, get one free, so I can’t use the coupon.  I looked at the policy and couldn’t find anything to the tune of this type of scenario.  Has anyone had a problem?  or were you able to use both?

  7. Anonymous says:

    my CVS would not take the BOGO coupon, no free juice for me, bummer

  8. Anonymous says:

    My CVS would not take the bogo coupon, bummer, no free juice for me

  9. Rose Spice says:

    Does this coupon scan at the registers? My cvs has the cherry drinks and I really want to do this deal. However, my cvs only take coupons that scan. That is why I want to know if it scan or not?

  10. NIKI HATTINGH says:

    my CVS store refused to take the coupon because it says redeem at Walmart.I called their corporate office and was told they will not accept the coupon? very frustrating

  11. I tried to use these coupons at safeway and they said they wil not accept it because it says redeemable at walmart on them

  12. fucccck says:

    The drinks were 4.89 at my cvs!

  13. It might sound silly but I dont understand, do I pay for two and get two free, or do I get both for free, I have the coupon, just dont know how the transactions has to be made. Thank you.

  14. Anonymous says:

    My CVS accepted the q’s with no questions asked.  I asked the cashier as soon as I walked in the store, she was very nice and said as long as it’s a m/c they will accept them even if it has another retailer listed.  It was a great coupooning day. =)

  15. Anonymous says:

    The juice at my store was BOGO @ $4.79 and no cherry :(. One of the CVS’s I go to wont even take a coupon with another stores logo but another CVS will as long as it doesnt say “redeemable ONLY at ____.” 

    • Anonymous says:

      Supposedly, if the coupon has another store’s logo on it, the store that redeemed it will not get reimbursed for it.  That’s what I was told by one store but I don’t know if it’s true or not.  Maybe that just applies to Catalinas???

  16. Anonymous says:

    Its seems there’s a lot of discussion regarding the “redeemable at” & “redeemable only at”.  It the q states “redeemable only at” does that mean it’s a store q and you can stake it with a m/c?  All the one’s I’ve seen that say “redeemable only at” still says at the top “manufacturer coupon”.

    Its seems to me if its a manufacturers coupon, then that’s what it is a manufacturers coupon. If a company decides to pay to have their logo stamped on it with the words “redeemable at/only at”, well that’s just paid advertising. We should still be able to use it at any store we wish.  Or am I missing something?  I am pretty new at this.  Is there an official site for m/c’s, do’s & don’ts?


  17. Anonymous says:

    Well, I used mine at our local County Market tonight…and left the store a nervous wreck and almost in tears :/  I am new at this, and hate causing conflict over my coupons…but I did it, and I was nice.  My error-I didn’t realize the limit was 1/transaction, so that messed me up. Had to separate, checker removed wrong juices, coupon problems like crazy!  Then they saw the crazy Walmart logo, and that’s when management got involved.  But, the supervisor over the supervisor over the checker agreed that I was right…and I got the free juice. Manufacturers Coupons should be redeemable, no matter who paid for their logo to appear.  Paid $1.69 for the OS Cranberry blend, then free juice.  Nice. But the stress was not nice.  I think everyone was ok with me when I left…kept smiling and joking about how stressful, but rewarding couponing can be.  But the stress was no joke tonight!  Good luck to ya’ll. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Hang in there MommaMeeeA. It will only get easier. After you shop a lot and got a good stockpile, you will be more at ease at any curve ball the store throws at you. 2 years into couponing, my heartrate no longer increases, and my face no longer flush. When I’m 100% right and the coupons are perfectly fine but still doesn’t get the deal to work out, I fight my case nicely. If still doesn’t work then I simply abandon the items that doesn’t work out. Sometimes the answer is simply to pick another cashier, another time of the day or another store.

      • Anonymous says:

         Thanks for the encouragement!  I laughed when I read your reply…cause that is exactly the way I feel when it happens.  Will try to follow your advice=)

    • Anonymous says:

      I would almost copy and paste what SSSJ typed…. After trial and error I finally got the hang of how to organize a trip for each store and what cashiers to try for….. My best advice is planning a trip around/for the cashier. Make it as easy as posslible for them and you are golden!

      • Anonymous says:

         Thanks=)  I really did have a nice cashier…she just messed up.  The service manager now, she could have used an attitude adjustment=)  Appreciate your advice!

  18. Anonymous says:

    I just did the deal at my cvs and the only problem I had was that they rang up 4.79 here and the coupon automatically did 4.00 but I thought .79 for 2 bottles was still a great deal. Happy shopping.

  19. Anonymous says:

    HONESTLY I don’t know why this deal is posted again. Back on 3/18/2012 when this was posted (just do a search on CVS Ocean Spray on this blog), no one could find a CVS that carries Cherry Ocean Spray. Nothing has changed. The deal is still a no go.

  20. I’ve never had a problem using coupons that say “use at walmart” or “use at safeway” at any other store as long as they are manuf coupons. I use catalinas at other stores, as long as they are manuf coupons. If the checker pitches a fit, ask to speak to a manager. Manuf coupons can be used wherever manuf coupons are accepted.

  21. Anonymous says:

    ughhh I miss watching for coupons 3 days and I missed this great deal wahhhhhhhhh

  22. My local stores wont accept the coupons when they say walmart on them :( No matter how much I argue its a Manufacturer  Q and does not say only anywhere on it :(

  23. Iam Nayrb says:

    coupon is NLA. I can’t find it with any of the zip codes that were given

  24. When do the coupons reset? I printed these off about 6 weeks ago. I wish I had held on to them longer! My store had them on sale this week 2 for $4 and if you bought 2 you get a pack of Sparkling Cranberry juice for free! 

  25. Paige Lawor says:

    I have used 5 of these coupons so far and you do not have to buy the Cherry in order to use the coupon. I bought all Cran-Raspberry at Walmart and the coupons scanned Ok. I specifically asked the cashier if I needed to by the Cherry and she said no. My store doesn’t carry any of the cherry varieties.

  26. Anonymous says:

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  27. Angie Groff says:

    Mine doesnt show me this coupon at all :(

  28. Anonymous says:

    can’t find it either!!!

  29. Amanda Lawn says:

    when i go to the website it does not show a coupon for the ocean spray juice.. was there a limit for how many

  30. Anonymous says:

    is the coupon gone? i can’t seem to find it…

    • The coupon isn’t there anymore.  I was able to print it off on a couple computers last night and when I came over today looking for it on my laptop, poof!

      Next time though, just keep checking daily :)

  31. I have  2 coupons that I previously printed and that state “redeemable at WalMart” so I don’t think I would have any luck redeeming them at another store as I’m sure I would be given a hard time because they mention WalMart on them. I have looked in the 2 WalMarts that are each within 11 miles of me and neither one had the plain Cherry Juice Drink. A few wks. ago, I had a coup. just like this one but it did not have “WalMart” anywhere on it and I found the Cherry Juice Drink at my local ShopRite here in SJersey. Ocean Spray Drinks were on sale $2. ea. so ea. bottle cost $1.

  32. MonaM says:

    Last night I called about 9 CVS stores in my driving distance and NONE carried the Cherry. So, am I just out of luck? I don’t think I can substitute, right? Since the coupon states CHERRY JUICE. Just want to be sure. Thanks. :D

    • Anonymous says:

      Out of luck for now but I would hang on for the next sale and hope they start carrying cherry or go to another store.

  33. What does “We also accept original third party manufacturer coupons that contain a barcode
    and must not be a reproduction or a rebate.” mean?  Isn’t that a competitor’s coupon?  I’m confused…..

  34. I picked up 20 of these coupons on eBay tonight for $2.53, and when I’ve used them before at Publix, they didn’t enforce the Cherry thing.

  35. My safeway this week has Ocean spray cranberry 3/$5… not as good as free.  But 5 (with the 2 free) for $5 aint too bad either.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Can’t find this coupon…what zip code is it under?

  37. Anonymous says:

    We should all start calling cvs corporate to complain no cherry. Does anyone know the number?

  38. Anonymous says:

    Sorry = register

  39. Anonymous says:

    Found it… but when I hit print… it tells me the coupons printed but they didn’t !!

  40. MonaM says:

    I called my CVS here in Nor Cal and they don’t carry the Cherry Juice Drink. :(

    • Anonymous says:

      I took several different varietys to the redister and any of the juices worked here in Galveston, TX. Good Luck!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        It might of worked, or scanned but they will probably not get reimbursed for it. Have to use the coupon as it states. I used mine at Tops when they had a BOGO sale.

        • Leah Campbell says:

          Sorry, I went to 8 different stores throughout the Houston/Galveston area and there was no “Cherry” Ocean Spray on the shelves, there was not even a place for a price tag on the shelf.

  41. Anonymous says:

    how does walmarts coupon policy work? can I price match to cvs and get both free at walmart? thanks!

    • Jen Moses says:

      They only price match BOGOs if the price is listed: Like – Buy one for $x.xx, Get one free.  The CVS ad only says Buy One, Get One Free without a price, so I don’t think Walmart will take it.

    • Anonymous says:

       Jen is correct, a price needs to be stated in order to price match, sorry!

      • Anonymous says:

        Thanks! I hadn’t seen the ad yet so wasn’t sure if there was a price or not. Subject: [krazycouponlady] Re: Free Ocean Spray at CVS, Starting 5/20!

  42. Becky Porter says:

    Can I start a petition that they open a store where I live? lol.  I always see such great deals but have never had one near me to get them… lol

  43. Anonymous says:

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  44. Anonymous says:

    I hope I find a CVS that carries cherry Ocean Spray

  45. No luck for me on any zip code

  46. I printed this coupon before so no more for me but I used it at Walmart a few days ago and had an unusual exerience with it.
    The cashier scanned it. The register said “Valid coupon amount? $4.00. The cashier didn’t know how to change the amount to be the $1.88 I was price comparing for and said she could only take off $4.00 and did so. I tried to give her ideas as to how to change the amount to $1.88 but she refused to do so. Who am I to argue. I tried!! Two juices for free for me plus overage!!!

    • That’s awesome!!!  Has anyone else been able to confirm this?  I think I’m going to brave the attempt at my local Walmart when I go on my next freebie run and if it doesn’t work, there’s always the 20th at my CVS :)

      Does the promo start on the 20th at CVS or end on the 20th?  It seems like people are posting that they can get it now so I’m unsure.  Thanks again!

  47. Anonymous says:

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  48. Krista says:

    I’ve tried all the zip codes listed here, my current zip code, the zip code where I grew up, etc. etc. etc. and no bogo. :’( I am soooooo sad! I drink a bottle every week or so. :’(

  49. Thanks KCL we always need juice:)

  50. This coupon did not reset, so no juice for me :o( since I printed it last time. I cannot even find it…

  51. Anonymous says:

    this was in reply to 1Mari, I’m not sure why it posted at the top. It’s hard to find the Cherry Ocean Spray.

  52. Anonymous says:

    I know!!!…it reminds me of the dark chocolate carmel bliss $1 coupons I printed a while back and the aquafresh fresh and fruity coupons…I might buy these items, if I could find them! but many times they have expired before the stores carry them. Also, kelloggs drives me nuts with their coupons for “frosted mini wheat little bites” I can find the “frosted mini wheats bite size” all the time and come on, do you have to be so specific AND name things so stinking close to the same thing? (okay vent over).

    • Anonymous says:

       look all the way on the last page – I thought this too, because when I went to beverages it was gone – scrolled all the way to the last page (took a while) and it was there, bam, 2 coupons!  HTH!

  53. Anonymous says:

    Good luck finding a CVS that carries Cherry! I looked at my store the last time and they didn’t. Also, Rite Aid doesn’t either. Why can’t the coupon just say BOGO instead of Cherry!?

  54. Ashley says:

    can u use this coupon BOGO coupon in conjunction with the BOGO sale? is it stated in their policy?

  55. Anonymous says:

     Link should be working now, sorry about that!

  56. Andrea Marie says:

    What zip code is this under? I’ve looked 3 times and cannot find it.

  57. Marta Lopez says:

    As long as it says manufracture coupon on the top you can use it anywhere

  58. Anonymous says:

    I could not find it. Is it on a specific zip code?

  59. Anonymous says:

    loidz, I see you beat me in asking the question by 3 minutes, lol

  60. Anonymous says:

    this coupon, that I printed awhile ago,   actually says “redeemable at Walmart”  OR is there another one that I missed seeing ??

  61. Anonymous says:

    i saw the coupon and it is redeemable only at walmart, do you have any q that you can take at cvs? thanks kcl!

  62. Link doesn’t work but I was able to find it on Bad news is I already printed and used those at wal-mart. =(