I used to be one of those girls blessed with tons of hair. So much hair that I would often complain about how heavy it made my head feel. I actually got headaches from my long, thick hair!

Somewhere between adolescence and pregnancy, I noticed that my ponytail holder was able to twist around my hair 4 or 5 times where before it barely made it around twice! I was seeing my scalp through my hair around my crown and hairline and was, honestly, freaking out! In a culture where hair is revered as a sign of overall health and beauty, I was spending most of my time in distress over my quickly vanishing tresses.

So, I did what any educated American would do, I turned to Google. I read many blogs and posting boards about people’s struggles with hair loss and their devastating stories. However, my attention was caught by a woman claiming that Coconut Oil not only saved her hair, it made it grow back!

After spending hundreds of dollars on supposed “miracle” products that were full of chemicals, I knew that this natural approach was something I had to try. Through some research I came up with the following regime that I now use up to three times a week.

First, it is imperative that you use only Organic Virgin Coconut Oil for your hair, as it contains no additives and is in the most natural, refined form. I suggest using Spectrum Organic Coconut Oil, which you can find at any health food store (even Whole Foods if you’re one of the lucky ones to live near one!)

  • Coconut Oil comes in a solid form, but melts into oil when in contact with heat. Do not microwave this oil. Instead, place the jar in hot water until it turns to a liquid.
  • Dampen hair with warm water.
  • Spoon Coconut Oil from the jar into your hands and apply directly to your roots covering your scalp. Use two tablespoons of oil for shoulder length hair and three to four tablespoons for longer hair.
  • Massage the oil into your scalp for at least two to three minutes. It is possible that you may see hair fall from the massage, but do not fret–your scalp is adjusting to the stimulation. If it bothers you, skip this step.
  • If you desire, you may cover the length of your hair with the oil as well for an overall conditioning treatment.
  • Put your oiled hair in a shower cap to let the treatment set.
  • Leave the oil treatment on your hair for no less than 20 minutes. It is optimal if you leave it in overnight, but 20 minutes is enough for a treatment if you’re short on time.
  • After your desired length of treatment, wash the oil out with a sulfate free shampoo. You will not feel the need to condition your hair, as silky softness is an immediate benefit of this treatment.

After one to two weeks, you will see an improvement in your overall hair quality and possibly some new growth! I have been using Coconut Oil treatments for almost three months and have had four inches of new growth on my scalp in that amount of time! While results will most likely vary, science has proven it effective in case studies thus far and have even dubbed Coconut Oil a REAL miracle product! (You’re welcome to Google the evidence for yourself!)

This has been a guest post by Hillary from Lansing, MI
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37 thoughts on “Stop Hair Loss and Improve Hair Health with this Cheap, All-Natural Ingredient”

  1. Mumbai has safely offered latest techniques of hair replacement in which FUE is one of them to deliver painless results.

  2. Anonymous says:

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  3. Coconut oil is a miracle.  I slather it on all over my body and face.  It absorbs well and makes my skin feel soft and smooth.   I haven’t tried it on my hair yet, but I will.  Thanks for the tip.  Coconut oil is very inexpensive also. I buy it at Trader Joe’s or Walmart.  My daughter buys it on line.

  4. Cynthia says:

    Thanks for this info! My hair has thinned around the very front and sides, my hairdresser and doctor both said the same things, massage the scalp to stimulate hair growth, eat more protein and refrain from things that constantly rub against the head like headbands, sunglasses etc. I went to my local vitamin shop and just bought some organic extra virgin coconut oil, excited to try the treatment and see if I notice some long-term differences. Also for those looking for sulfate free products, a great drug-store one is Loreal’s EverPure line, and if you are willing to spend more, Moraccan Oil is amazing, I use Loreal shampoo/conditioner and have the Moroccan oil deep conditioning masque that I use once or twice a week. I use coupons to get the Loreal cheap, and the leftover money goes to the Moraccan oil as a special hair-treat. Win win!

  5. How many times a week should you use it for?

  6. A says:

    If your thinning hair is due to over styling, and breakage as a result of dryness and damage then coconut oil could very well help, not necessarily by causing regrowth but rather by preventing further thinning due to breakage. If you are rough on your hair delicate new growth can easily be broken off, by adding a layer of oil as a protective barrier the coconut oil might help prevent this thereby making it seem like hair is regrowing when actually it has been there all along just not being allowed the chance to grow to noticeable lengths. As someone who has noticeably thinning hair due to pcos I can assure you most topical “natural” treatments will not regrow hair, if the hair loss comes from internal problems, stree, medical issues etc it will only resolve itself when and if the underlying cause it remedied. Sometimes even with treatment hair will not regrow but the thinning can be slowed or stopped. If home remedies for hair loss truly worked then there would be no bald people in the world lol.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Sorry to say this but I started using the organic virgin coconut oil about 3 months ago and it makes my hair dry and brittle and more hair was breaking off. :(

  8. brittany s says:

    Coconut oil is good nourishment for the hair but not for hair loss or regrowth.  I went to cosmetology and learned about the process of hair growth. If your scalp is bald in certain areas it is because the bulb which is located in the root inside your scalp died. There is no way that coconut oil can revive a dead bulb and make it start growing hair again.

    On the other hand hair can fall out and grow back in thin. This could be caused be various reasons like stress or serious medical issues. If you hair is thinning or you notice baldness you need to visit a doctor ASAP. Coconut oil is not going to resolve your medical conditions. I think this article is doing more harm then good because it is giving the perception that baldness and hair loss is no big deal when it actually is. There is ALWAYS an underlying medical issue and to try and fix it with coconut oil can be seriously detrimental to someone’s health who is following this advice instead of seeking medical attention.

    Another thing, when hair is damaged and you have split ends the only way to get rid of them is to get a hair cut. No matter what magic hair potions claim split ends can not be mended. Certain styling products may smooth the cuticle so it appears softer but the split end does not go away. Get regular trims, don’t put your hair in tight ponytails (especially for long periods of time which can lead to hair loss), stop using heat products on your hair without a protectant and try avoiding heat when possible. I stopped dying, blow drying and straightening my hair and my hair is super long and silky smooth.

  9. Sandy Weinstein says:

    i have never heard of this, but i know that coconut oil is supposed to be the latest new craze. i tried the milk, taste terrible. i will have to try this. i have been using nioxin for many yrs. i used to have such thick, long hair when i was younger that hair dressers tried to get me to thin it, they kept breaking their combs. i used to go have hot oil treatments 2-3 times a wk, when my mother went to get her hair done. my 1st big haircut was in 8th grade, it was past my butt. i still have the braid, many, many yrs later. sometimes medicine, surgery can cause hair loss, as well as stress, your diet. it was surgery w/ me, i got a bald spot, this hair replacement dr told me abt nioxin and i have been using it since.

    • brittany s says:

       Hot oil treatments are bad for your hair. Think about it like this if the hot oil would burn your skin then it isn’t good for your hair. It actually damages your hair and causes rough flyaway cuticles. Use a natural treatment like the coconut oil or a smoothing hair mask for soft silky hair.

  10. Maggie Human says:

    I am willing to try, hope it works.

  11. Lisa Lam says:

    I love the Spectrum brand of Organic Coconut Oil.  I use it to moisturize my skin when I remember.  I have sensitive skin and especially my scalp will break out with a lot of these oils available, however, not with this OCO.  I’m going to start being more diligent with my hair/scalp treatments and of consumption since people have touted that they’ve seen better skin and weight loss since ingesting it.  Thanks for sharing!

  12. Anonymous says:

    I really must disagree. Most female hair loss, especially from the scalp like she is describing can’t be corrected from any kind of topical. Natural or not. Generally it is due to a hormonal imbalance caused by issues with your thyroid or by insulin resistance and too much testerone in your system related to PCOS. The earlier you determine what the issue is the better. Some hair loss is permanent!
    This really is bad information, same on your contributor.

    • Crystal says:

      I was just informed that i might have PCOS. I had blood work done and came back everything was normal other then having a little bit higher testerone and i have cysts in both ovaries. I have been off bc for over a year and my cycles have been normal, It been three months and i just got it. Iv’e noticed my hair has become alot thinner and not as curly as the full curly head of hair i was born with. Do you have any suggestions for this?

      • Anonymous says:

        I have higher testerone and if i am not on bcp i lose TONS hair.Had this problem for at least 9 years…been to many doctors and after MUCH trail and error this is what helps me. 5% rogain…yes the mens..every night,unless im lazy:)…….aldactone 100mg 2x day…its rx from doctor and if you are on bcp..make sure its one low on testosteron..I have done MUCH research and cried many nights over how thin my hair has gotten…..but this combo has made a HUGE difference with me. 5% rogain(i use store brand) was okayed for me by numerous dermos….but i do get peach fuze on my cheeks from it! Make sure you do not use either if your trying to or are pregnant.This combo only works if the hair loss is androgenic….which means testosterone based. Please take the time to read about the aldactone…..generic form is spironolactone….for hairloss…i have not had any side effects…….wish to god someone told me years ago.

      • Anonymous says:

        I don’t know about the “might”, elevated T, lose of scalp hair, cyst on the ovaries, and irregular periods are all part of condition. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Androgenic Alopecia also results in hair loss that cannot be fixed. I would think if there was a miracle solution out there to regrow hair someone better bottle it and sell it to become rich. Also celebrities would never have thinning hair if there was a miracle solution. I’m sure coconut oil has many great benefits for hair but I’m just not too sure I believe it can restore hair loss.

  13. Christine Lee says:

    I know most couponers won’t want to hear this…(because of all the great beauty products we score for next to nothing!)…but I started noticing the same problem many years ago. Since then I’ve stopped dying my hair, excessively using hair products, and started shampooing with products that do not contain SLS (which is in probably 99.99% of store shampoos). IMO, many of the products we buy at grocery/drug/super stores are junk, filled with chemicals, and contain very little substance….. I’m not saying they directly lead to hair loss, but not using them can’t hurt! Something to think about.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think you’re right. I started using cheaper shampoos/conditioners last summer and last fall I started to notice that my hair was thinning. I’m going to try this and go back to a better shampoo.

  14. The coconut oil really does work.  I use the brand Vatika and you can get that in any Indian store.  I am african american and the only thing I do not do is rinse it out.  I use it as a grease base in hair every other day.

    • Has Coupons says:

      Hi Alicia. You are right.I am from India and my grandma used to apply coconut hair oil on my scalp every otherday. In India, women with longer hair are considered to bring good luck to the family, They are considered to be the most beautiful ones too. I have always had a long and thick hair because of the use of coconut oil. But I stopped it after I came to USA. Looks like I need to continue it to stop my hair loss.
      Like you said..Vatika is a good brand.

  15. Rach Merritt says:

    THis is a big problem I have-think I’ll try it. Can you recommend a few “sulfate free shampoos”??? I don’t want to ruin the whole treatment by using a wrong shampoo. This looks like a cheaper option than my current one. Redken has been working-but pricey.

    • Anonymous says:

      Burts Bees makes nice sulfate free shampoos, as well as Yes to Carrots. If your grocery store has a natural / organic aisle or section, you can usually find shampoos without sulfates. Loreal also has EverPure or something along those lines which dont contain sulfates. The thing is, you wont notice tons of bubbles or lather when you use sulfate free products; the sulfur chemical produces all the lather, so just keep that in mind.

    • Hi Rach! Currently, I use Nature’s Gate Volumizing Shampoo after a treatment. But if you are looking for a way cheaper option, you can make your own completley chemical free shampoo out of baking sode and organic apple cider vinegar. Your hair will LOVE you! KCL should post my article about that soon :)

  16. Anonymous says:

    I would love to try this because my hair is getting thinner & drier too, but I’m afraid of an allergic reaction. When suntan lotions first came out in tropical scents, I tried one and broke out in hives (especially on my hands from applyig the lotion – I couldn’t even hold a pen). A dermatologist told me it was probably an allergic reaction to the coconut oil they were adding to these lotions. I couldn’t even share a towel with someone using the lotions! Do you have any other suggestions? I can eat coconut with no problem (strange, huh?!)

    • Anonymous says:

      if you can eat coconut it probably wasn’t the coconut oil you were allergic to.  I would say buy some of the pure organic oil, put a small dab on the inside of your elbow and let it sit and see what happens, if all is well try a larger area, like the inside of your forearm or whatever, if still nothing happens then go ahead and use it. if you do break out it will be in a small area and you will at least know for sure if that is what it was,

    • Anonymous says:

      If you can eat coconut, it’s highly unlikely you’re allergic to coconut oil as the oil is in the coconut. Those lotions are also laden with all kinds of other ingredients as well. Try rubbing a little coconut oil in a small area the size of a quarter & see if you get a reaction. If so, then you are allergic to coconut oil, but if you can eat it & you only get a reaction when it touches you skin, that’s really amazing.
      Coconut oil taken internally is good for many things. I put a tablespoon in my coffee every morning. Great energy booster. Just read an article that studies show that it is very beneficial to the thyroid. I use it on my skin instead of moisturizer. It really works great !!

      • I put it in my coffee too! It is the only thing that worked to help stop my addiction to sugary and fattening creamers lol. It gives a nice creamy taste- with lots of healthy benefits :)

    • I would try the coconut oil skin test- make sure its organic virgin coconut oil that you use. For a dry hair treatment, I would really reccommend rinsing your hair with 1 part organic apple cider vinegar and 1 part water (about a cup of each depending on your hair length) and leaving it in after shampooing. The smell is not awesome, but it fades when your hair dries. If you absolutley cannot stand it, mix in essential oils like citrus or lavender to lessen the harsh smell. You will be so impressed with the conditioning right from the first rinse! You can even use this is a daily treatment, and in place of regular conditioner. It is weightless, and will add volume to your hair as well :) HTH!

    • Jackie Moore says:

       You need to get unrefined, virgin organic Coconut oil.  You really don;t know the quality you are getting in a sun tan lotion..   Also nothing from China.  See if that works. Still try it on a part of your body to see if you have a break out.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks everyone for your suggestions to my allergy problem! I’m going to give them a try!

  17. Anonymous says:

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  18. F Taylor says:

    I don’t understand how she measured scalp hair growth. Does she mean it grew in length?

    • Sorry that was rather vague. By “scalp growth” I meant new hairs growing on my scalp, little baby hairs sticking out all over my hairline and part. HTH!

  19. Krista says:

    Not saying that you’re wrong or that Dr. Google is a bad thing to use (we ALL do it!), hair loss can be serious. It’s a side effect of lupus, hypothyroidism, etc. If in doubt (or home remedies don’t seem to work), see your Dr.

  20. Wendee says:

    How often do you do the treatment?

  21. Rose Ladd says:

    This is really great to hear. I love conditioning my hair with coconut oil and other natural tropical oils but I have never heard anyone talk about organic virgin coconut oil, that sounds lucious. I have always wandered about the best kind of shampoo to use after conditioning with tropical oils, thanks for sharing about using a sulfate free shampoo.