Here are a few of the best deals at CVS for the week of 5/20 – 5/26.

Buy 4 Suave Naturals Body Lotion, 18 oz $3.00
Spend $12.00, Receive $4.00 Extra Bucks, Limit 1
Use 2 B1G1 Free Suave Body Lotion, excludes trial size, up to $3.00 from RP 5/20 (exp 6/17)
Pay $6.00, Receive $4.00 Extra Bucks
Final Price: $0.50 each when you buy 4

Salonpas-Hot Capsicum Patch, 1 ct $1.87
Buy 1, Receive $1.87 Extra Bucks, Limit 1
Pay $1.87, Receive $1.87 Extra Bucks
Final Price: Free

Ocean Spray Juice, 64 oz, Price Unknown
Buy One Get One Free
Use Buy Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice, Get Ocean Spray Cherry Juice FREE, up to $4.00 – ( No longer available
Final Price: Free

V05 Shampoo or Conditioner, 15 oz $0.89
Use $1.00/3 Alberto V05 Shampoos or Conditioners from SS 5/13 (exp 6/1)
Final Price: $0.56 each when you buy 3

Irish Spring Antiperspirant/Deodorant, 2.7-3 oz, Body Wash, 15 oz or Bar Soap, 6 pk $3.50
Buy 2, Receive $4.00 Extra Bucks, Limit 1
Use 2 $0.50/1 Irish Spring Multi-Bar, 3 pk or larger or Body Wash, excludes 2.5 oz from SS 5/20 (exp 6/9)
or $0.50/1 Irish Spring Deodorant from SS 5/20 (exp 6/9)
Pay $6.00, Receive $4.00 Extra Bucks
Final Price: $1.00 each when you buy 2

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49 thoughts on “Cheap Suave, Free Salonpas Patch, & more at CVS!”

  1. Gina Rendon says:

    I got a rain check for the 4 suave lotions. When I went back to get them I used one B2G1 coupon and spent $9 but I didn’t get my $4 extra bucks. Did I have to spend the $12? 

  2. Anonymous says:

    I did this deal with the $1/2 coupons so it wasnt that good of deal but whatever haha it happens!! I’m wondering if it will let me do the deal again.. has anyone confirmed that it does print the ECB twice?

  3. sully says:

    i wanted to do the suave deal but i got the B2G1 coupon. well next time 

  4. OH YES !!!   I got 4 of them..I used 2 B1G1 free coupons..paid 6 bucks got 4 bucks ecb rewards so technically i paid 50 cents a piece…So happy I was wanting this suave lotion all my life…now I got 4 of them..I tried every single lotion ( nivea, jergens, vaseline ) and they r all bad..SUAVE IS the best got them at  CVS here in ST. LOuis MO in Olive blvd they hav nice cashiers….

    • Anonymous says:

      Awesome, I’m glad you were able to get a bunch of a product you wanted for a great price!

  5. My CVS wouldn’t let me do the Ocean Spray deal, they said it was already buy one get one free so I couldn’t use a BOGO on them too :-(

  6. Anonymous says:

    can please someone explain for me,im new in this saving things since i was laid off from work i started doin this:)
    about the suave lotion:) i have (2)buy 2 get one free can i just use one coupon for 4lotions?
    so if im buying 4 lotion (3d each)
    ****3+3+3+3=12 – 3(free)=9.00 plus tax and the 4d extrabuck RIGHT? or
    I can use two coupons of BUY2 GET ONE FREE
    ****3+3+3(free)+3+3+3(free)=(so im just paying for 4lotions) 12 plus tax and 4d extrabuck.
    IS THAT RIGHT? thanks:) – long beach ca 90712

    • Chelle J. says:

      Both scenarios are right :) I did the 1st scenario today.

      • Miya Lee says:

         sorry I just noticed you already responded to her question.  I forgot my computer was on snooze and that I hadn’t refreshed the page since last night XD

        • Chelle J. says:

           no worries :)

          I did another transaction today, I mixed it up…
          I bought:
          (Spend $12.00, Receive $4.00 Extra Bucks)
          3 Suave Lotions at $3 each = $9
          3 Suave Naturals products 2/$3 = $4.50
          Total before coupons: $13.50

          *Used B2G1 Suave Lotion -$3.00
          *Used B2G1 Suave Natural products -$1.50
          *Used $4 Extra Bucks from previous transaction

          Total after coupons: $5.00
          I got lucky and received another $4 extra bucks
          which never happens since there is a limit…

          so all in all $1.00 for 6 items or .16 each!! oh yeah!! :)

    • Miya Lee says:

       You are correct! If you buy 4 you can only use one of the b2g1f (buy 2 get one free) coupons. then you’ll be paying for 3 of them at $9.  But if you buy 6 you’ll pay for 4 of them and get two free!  And if you have any cvs redbox machine or e-mailed coupons from cvs for money off your total i.e. $3 off a $15 purchase you can maximize your savings.  Just make sure that if you have a save $4/$20 purchase that you throw in something to make the subtotal at least $20.

    • sully says:

      yes but to tell u the truth the b2g1 its not such a great deal. i wish i had the b1g1 coupon if you really need them get them, but if you dont i will say wait a little cause its like getting them at 1.25 a piece taking in to account the reward but if you are like me that count the actual cost of the item you paid 9 bucks thats 2.25 each

  7. I did the Ocean Spray at my CVS.  I did not pick up no Cherry I picked up cranapple and it worked.  I payed $.15 in total.

  8. Jennifer S says:

    The Q in RedPlum for the Suave Lotions is B2G1.  At least that is the only 1 I have found. Am I missing something or am I looking at the wrong RP insert?

  9. Anonymous says:

    The Suave deal, I think the Limit is more than 1.  I looked at my receipt, it says I need $6 more to get the $4ECB.  I bought $18 worth of the body wash today.  Also when you buy the body wash, the B2G1 Free coupon will take off $3 automatically. 

  10. Erin Watkins says:

    Darn, my Suave lotion coupon is for $1/2, not bogo.  The only bogo coupon I got is for Buy 2 get 1 body wash products. 

    • Anonymous says:

      My lotion coupon was buy two get one :(

    • Anonymous says:

      The body wash is a great coupon!  The body wash is $2 each.  I got 6, which totaled $12.  I gave them two fo the B2G1 coupon and it took off $3 each.  So pay $6, get $4ECB.  I got the Suave body washes free since I rolled my ECBs.

      • Erin Watkins says:

        That is a great deal, I think I’ve done that deal in the past when this coupon was available.  I always have to avoid the one cashier who always puts BOGO coupons in manually, since he knows the coupon will deduct the full value instead of the sale price. Lol! I just really wanted the lotion, since I have absolutely no room left in my cupboards for any more body wash!!

        • Anonymous says:

          I wanted the lotion, but I’ve got enough.  I need the body wash for a baby shower.  I got 9 total.  I did 6 in one transaction and 3 in another.  I think the deal you can do more than once because it says I need $6 for the ECB.  I already got a $4ECB from one of the transactions.

  11. For anyone that has a Family Dollar today is the last day But the vo5 is on sale through today for $0.75 makes it $0.42 each after buying 3 and using the Q.

  12.  It probably reached it’s max number of prints right after you printed the first 1 I have had this happen to me.

  13. Edith Chaves says:

    hmmm i get my coupons early, & i dont any of those :( .. must be bc i get the “hoy” paper not the real sunday one lol

  14. Nicole says:

    For the Suave lotion deal, will the B1G1 coupon work for the “Naturals” Suave lotion ?

  15. there were also Irish spring coupons from our colgate booklets that were attached to toothpaste a while back.

  16. Anonymous says:

    There was a Q from the machine last week, $1.50 off Irish Spring deodorant exp 5/21

  17. sully says:

    there is a coupon for irish spring in the reinventing magazine $1/2 for any body wash and bar soap. if you have 2 you will pay 5 bucks get 4 rewards so .50C each

  18. Anonymous says:

    I hope I can find the Ocean Spray cherry juice at one of the three stores in my area, but I have a feeling they won’t carry it.  I’ve only found it at one grocery store near me and it’s the most expensive store around.  :(

    • Anonymous says:

      i also have checked multiple stores for the cherry flavor juice, and can’t find it either.  bummer

      •  Me 3 I have not found it anywhere, Hoping I can ask at cvs and maybe they will order b4 the end of the week.

        • Anonymous says:

          my coupon for the b1g1 free had an amount of up to $4.00. the juice at my store was anywhere from $4.79 to $5.29.  of course they only had two left of the cheaper price, but i got 4 juices for about $2. 

  19. Anonymous says:

    Anybody have a working zip for the Ocean Spray coupon? I can’t find it. :(

  20. Anonymous says:

    There’s a $1/1 Q for Irish Spring Body Wash or Bar Soap in the Reinventing Beauty Mag. Would make this deal $.50 each when you buy 2.

  21. Anonymous says:

    I didnt get the Salonpas Q (central Florida) :(

  22. Umm… if the MQ for the Salponas specifically says “excludes 1 ct”, we can’t use it on this deal. It’s just free, not a moneymaker.